Pound For Pound: The Most Dramatic Celebrity Weight Loss

- By Bossip Staff

Celebrities battle their weight just like the rest of us and a select few have gone head to head with the bulge and won.

From some of your favorite actresses and models, to one of the biggest entertainers of our time, check out who took their weight loss to the extreme for better or for worse. Read more…

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  • Kako

    Whoa! You go girl. You have some curves now and they look nice. πŸ™‚ When did she lose weight? I saw her show the other night and she was still was heavy. I must be late.

    • tommykimon

      She still is heavy but she has lost a ton of weight. I think like fifty pounds or so.

    • Kako

      Yea…sorry I should have elaborated more. Shes still heavy but not as big as she was I meant. I can tell a big difference though. thanx.

    • nywoman23...killuminati

      unfortunately even if she lose more weight. she would need surgery to cut the sagging skin off her arms and other places

    • eetkus

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  • nana

    Gabriel aka precious u reading this? So wat r u goin 2 do bout it?

  • leah

    Mo’nique is my girl and all, but damn she coulda shaved those legs!!!

  • OMG

    She’s still a fat woman.


    congrats to them all Tocarra looks amazing, and Monique still need to shave them legs looking Chewbacca

  • yep, yep!

    Monique, Jennifer hudson, and Khloe look good fat or thin. Beyonce and Tocara look alot better with more meat on their bones. Raven is just not a very attractive girl (sorry) i think its the nose. with big boi doesnt matter fat or thin, really doesnt.

    • yep, yep!

      correction: fitty looks alot better with muscle and meat

  • tommykimon

    Monique– thin
    Jennifer Hudson–thin
    Fifty— please stay muscular

  • deelucious

    So all that talk about “Embrace your body. You’re a beautiful curvy woman, real women have curves. I’m happy with my body” was just a front huh? We knew it all along. No fat chick is truly happy being fat. If it was qucik, cheap and easy to lose the weight they’d lose it in a second. No questions asked.

    I wish more of them would cut the bullsh*t, stop living in denial and just admit that they are not happy being fat

    Anyway they all look much better now. Sidibe better take notes. Real talk.

  • truth Speaker

    Raven Symone doesn’t look good!?!? ok sweetie, its time for u to put the crack pipe down. u obviously on summin..

  • smiley11

    50 kinda look like DMX when he lost that weight
    -raven im glad she lost weight i love raven since she was 3
    -tocarra love u anyway thin or thick
    -janet u have a nice body

    and finally sidibe need to lose weight badly cause all that weight is not healthy

  • Imari

    Why do black folks always think when someone loses weight they are “on the pipe”??!!?! we need to be stop being so close minded!!!!!

    • deelucious

      No I think what @truth speaker was trying to say was that Raven Simone looks good and anyone who thinks otherwise must be on the pipe. As in, “Anyone who can’t see that she looks good is clearly on drugs.” That’s the understanding that I got.
      It’s not a Black people thing

  • HeartBreak

    TOCARRA and BEYONCE have gorgeous figures.

  • truth speaker

    thanks for clearing that up dee πŸ™‚

  • truth speaker

    @deelucious…thats the same thing i was thinking about when looking at Monique’s pic. of course she did it cause of ‘health’ reasons….dont nobody wanna look like that on purpose, especially someone in the entertainment industry…but good for them tho πŸ™‚

  • E.C. from D.C.

    2 fave are Monique and Tocarra.

  • selli

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