BOSSIP Exclusive: Newest “Bad Girl” Is A Skanky Stanky Brokedown Ho Who FAWKS Ballers And Avoids Showers

- By Bossip Staff

The train wreck that is Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club” is rolling into a new season, picking up nastier cast members at every stop. And this one right here is a gem.

BOSSIP has confirmed one of the newest would-be reality tv star is Chicago-born skank Charmaine Warren. We got a look at her audition tape and this broad is straight up trifling. In it, 27-year-old “Char,” as she introduces her self, is doing typical Bad Girls Club hoodrat ISHT: sitting by the pool, taking shots, and riding around with her hoodrat home girls talking nonsense. Then she starts sharing intimate secrets… like the fact that she thinks showers are nasty and her friends have to force her to wash her a$$ before she hits the club.

And she’s not new to doing ho ISHT. At least this time she might see some profit out of it. Two years ago, she was just being trifling for the sake of the trife life.

In October 2007, Warren and her then boyfriend Justin Williams (who played for the Sacramento Kings at the time) were accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman after a Kings party.

Sacramento police served a search warrant at the home of Kings backup center Justin Williams Wednesday in an investigation involving a woman who claimed she was drugged and raped by the player, a source close to the investigation said.

The source told News10 Williams’ girlfriend is also under investigation for alleged involvement in the assault.

The warrant was served on Williams’ home in the 1900 block of Jim Casebolt Way in Sacramento’s Natomas area at approximately 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sacramento police Sgt. Matt Young confirmed.

Young would provide no further details. He said more would come in a news conference scheduled at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, which will be streamed live on

The source close to the investigation told News10 that a woman in her mid-20s reported that she was raped by Williams at his home in the early morning hours of Friday, October 12. The woman told police she believes she was drugged prior to the assault, and that Williams’ girlfriend participated.

A friend drove the woman to the UC Davis Medical Center for treatment on Friday and the alleged victim reported the assault to police after the weekend, according to the source.

Several people associated with the Kings organization, including Williams, were at a party in Williams’ neighborhood following the Kings home loss to Phoenix on Thursday, October 11, according to the source.

Later, a smaller group including the alleged victim went to Williams’ home, the source said.

In a statement issued late Wednesday, Kings spokesman Troy Hanson said, “We recently became aware of a complaint involving Justin Williams that he is apparently is being investigated by the Sacramento Police Department. We are currently in the process of evaluating any additional information that becomes available to us. To our knowledge, no charges have been filed.

The charges were eventually dropped… and so was Williams. He then played for the Houston Rockets for 10 days, played 2 pre-season games with the Golden State Warriors, and was signed to the Charlotte Bobcats for 6 days.

SMH. This dirty ho is out there destroying lives. Check out her full audition clip below.

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  • divalious

    and we care becauuuussee……..this is important becauuuussee……what the point of this nonsense story.

    • me


  • Bossip-lovererrrr

    She kinda resembles Teyana Taylor in a way as far as looks.

  • C.Wilson

    I don’t know where she’s at but that was NOT the city of Chicago!

    • SoChi

      thank you! the fountain was the Chi.. but all dat other was some suburb.. u cant fool me!

    • Mock Roc Star

      Some suburb of Chicago perhaps…geez…I’m from Gary by the way 😆

  • Thicker than sticks

    Wow doesnt look like she even has a looks like shes just shaking ONE LONG BACK…

    • NBSE

      LMAO! That’s what I said!

    • truth

      That was the funniest ish I seen all day……Kudos!!!

    • alexandra

      LmfaO… I was thinking the same!!!

  • MissPerfect

    why are we suprised shes a mess . shes 27 and going on the bad girls show

  • Tah

    Wow well least she let it b kno she a hoe and she stank i dare a niqqa come f wit me damn lol

  • sportstalk23

    Some of these ballers and entertainers have some interesting choices in women and by interesting I mean

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  • NBSE

    Did her friend say you better nost be musty that quick? I can’t be friends with a stanky chick. I. Just. Can’t.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    funky cootchie AND no a$$??? how u gonna be in the club with no drawls on smelling like pepe le peu?? these
    b!tches these days i swear…

    • that damn sh#$ disturber

      and it’s sad because she’s a pretty girl


    B!TCH BYE!!!

  • hoe lee crap...

    Oh u stanky huh???!!! Nails dun, hair did, but u smell like shiddddd…Funk Doc Da Spock( I could go on all day)



  • Rob Wilson


  • baytownbeauty

    She is in last place!!

  • We"Blacks"AreTheREALHebrewIsraelites

    I’m really hoping she has a thing against showers because she prefers taking baths. Please let that be the explanation. smh

  • How come you can't think?

    Since we all have opinions- I hope that we’re all VOTING!

  • molly

    WTF who goes on bad girls club at 27?? Who helps there man drug a girl? What women doesn’t take showers?!? What a LOSER!!!

  • lt

    i don’t know why this show is still on the air.

  • 206 BOI

    Damnnn,Gurl go wash dat Azz!!…Go’on now!!!

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER


  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Pretty girl, but a stanky girl aint cute!

    And, she dnt have no as.s! She flatter than Chelsea Handler

  • kerry

    I don’t understand what everybody’s problem is. What is wrong with her attitude??

  • Shananigans

    ok so let me get this straight, taking showers are disgusting that means not taking showers is not disgusting? 1+1=5 right?

    ok and why is she shaking her non existent butt in the camera

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