Char Warren

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  • http://555 kona

    50 isn’t good

  • Dino

    How do you know if she’s on the new bad girls club?

  • Julia

    I’m a professional woman therefore shouldn’t be on her side but my boss at work in Canada had a date or 2 with her on the show and says she is a very nice person. I’ll take his word for it since he is a clever guy….but I guess he hadn’t seen this yet…wtv… I’ll ask him

  • Poison

    lol shes just some lost sloppy black chick with lots of mental and emotional issues.

  • bethany

    So I can’t stand Char on the bad girls club. She acts hard and tough but when it comes down to it she is a scared little girl. She has truely ruined the bad girls club for me. Hopefully next season they will get some real bad girls on their show.

  • monet

    Char is fake. Point blank. She acts like she is everyones friend but then tries to turn girls against people and when the girls want to squash it, char has all the reasons why she is pissed about it.she always complains and she is so jealous as hell.she always says “I’m mature I’m grown;play wit it rotate!” She really needs counseling.she can never get a man she is a true coward. And to top it off she is ugly

  • dvs

    Char is a disgrace and I hate that she tries to rep Chicago. She should stop reminding us that shes 27. she acts like a ghetto 13 yr old brat. Additionally shes afraid of nikki and wilma…alot of bark n no bite….or substance for that matter

  • Kristin

    she needs to stop saying “thats so immature” when shes the most immature of them all! getting mad when one girl talks to another, thats some elementary school bull sh**

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