South Carolina Ministers Say That Eddie Long “Strokey-Doke” Ain’t Sh*t: So Long Eddie Wrong Campaign In Progress

- By Bossip Staff

Some folks are coming forward who want Eddie Long’s nasty greasy jheri-curl lacefront wearing a$$ gone for good:

A South Carolina minister Sunday demanded that Bishop Eddie Long step down as senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in the wake of allegations that he coerced four young men into sexual relationships. At a rally on the Georgia Capitol steps on Washington Street, Bishop H. “Prophet” Walker from the True Light Pentecost Church in Spartanburg, S.C., said Long “had no right to continue as a leader of the Christian church.”

While Walker conceded he had no authority in dealing with Long, he wanted New Birth members to urge Long to give up his post. “They have to understand that this is their church, not Bishop Long’s,” Walker said. About 75 people attended the rally, though most appeared to be members of Walker’s church and there were several children. The women wore white robes and had their hair covered by lace scarves and the men wore black. Walker was dressed in a beige suit and sported a long gray beard.

Reuben Armstrong, a Dallas radio and TV talk show host and author, said Long should step down, at least until the cases are resolved. He also criticized Long for preaching a prosperity message. “It’s a shame that the church is becoming a corporate entity with the pastor acting as CEO, but the people are the shareholders,” Armstrong said.

Among those in attendance were members of a South Carolina Tea Party group. “We believe that Christians need to stand up for wrong,” said Michael Brady of the Boiling Springs Tea Party. He said the allegations are a “crime against the community, and a crime against humanity, and Christians have to stand up against that.”

Long has been sued by four men: Anthony Flagg, Spencer LeGrande, Maurice Robinson and Jamal Parris, They allege that Long coerced them into sexual relations using his influence, lavish trips, gifts and jobs.

Minister Adisa Franklin, National Association for Religious Accountability founder, asked why there were no other Atlanta pastors at the rally. “There’s got to be someone to take accountability,” he said.

Will Haymon, a Stone Mountain insurance agent, attended New Birth for five years. He left the church in January, but said it had nothing to do with the recent scandal. “It was time for us to move on,” said Haymon. “My wife felt like we were not growing.”

Haymon stopped by the rally to hear what speakers had to say. He has been listening to all sides but has not made up his mind about Long’s innocence or guilt. He is willing to let the matter work its way through the courts. “I think there really should be concrete evidence,” Haymon said.

Kianna Sams, who watched the rally, previously visited New Birth several times and was there when Long first addressed the congregation after the allegations. She wants Long to step down because “this is hurting New Birth’s image now.”

Meanwhile, Walker said he would hold similar anti-Long gatherings in other cities over the next couple of months. “‘We’re not going to stop,” he said.

Good for them. This guy has gotten away with this isht for “Long” enough…SMH.


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  • diane

    I did not like his serman in daddies little girls 🙂

  • Chsris

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  • Amazin Atheist

    Why not say so long to all the pathetic preachers, that is the most useless occupation! They sell you an invisible product! That should be considered fraud and they should all be jailed!

  • Amazin Atheist

    Get rid of the preacher occupation, turn all churches into homeless shelters, you know something useful! Either that or start taxing these criminal organizations! I guess it makes it ok for them to steal your money because they do it in the name of their imaginary friend!!

  • miles davis


  • Who gone check me boo

    Even the people involved in this crusade are wrong, let HIS WILL be done, for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, so I say let he who has not sinned cast the first stone!!!

    • just saying

      yeah we should all lay back and let his will be done.smh.the law is for the lawless.Everyone should be free to get away with wrongs then.The entire law system would become obsolete if we let his will be done…what choas would ensue!
      There is need for law to maintain ORDER FOR THOSE CORRUPT FOLKS IN THIS WORLD.

  • shane

    why is it their business??? they need to rally on more important issues

  • divalious

    @shane i agree, what he did was wrong if he did anything, i was not there so i dont know. But let God deal with Eddie Long. Thats whats wrong with the world today everyone wants to take things in their own hands.

  • Amazin Atheist

    If you sit back and wait for god to take care of things nothing is gonna happen cuz there is no god! I say punish him to the fullest extent of the law and put his A$$ along with all these other preachers out of business! That’s all church is, a business and eternity + an imaginary friend is the product they are selling! If I tried to sell you an invisible car you would think I was nuts! What makes preachers any different from the invisible car salesmen? Now your god already showed it can’t handle the more important issues like world hunger, natural disasters, etc! Tell it and it’s crooked preachers to get a real job!

    • yoh yoh yoh

      ^^^Jay-Z is that you??

  • xo

    Payup and Step Down quietly

  • katina hope

    Let GOD deal with it? Well he did by reminding his followers that GOD helps those who help themseleves.GOD has been dealing with Bishop.Bishop was fighting with it. You don’t think GOD has been telling Bishop to stop what your doing or your going to feel my wrath but Bishop did’nt want to listen so GOD made his ANGELS to start calling him out.Simple.GOD gave Bishop an option,MY WAY OR THE LONG WAY BUT YOU ARE GOING TO FEEL MY WRATH.

  • The Truth

    These ministers hide behind the cloak of God to do this kind of mess… but they think God is some old dude upstairs not paying attention. God is through with Eddie Long. Judgment will be severe, guaranteed.

  • Dangirl4800

    It’s sad because first we’re suppose to stand behind the pastor and pray that the allegations aren’t true.the preachers who are saying step down,what happened to forgiveness or faith?maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not.they already prosecuted him.where are the things they preach about?seems a little hypocritical.

  • katina hope

    The purpose for stepping down is not an open confession but respect for THE PRACTICE OF TEACHINGS OF GOD AND JESUS.I would not keep going to the same Doctor if he had allegations of killing his patients until he was rightfully cleared of the accusations.JUST BECAUSE HE IS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO BE NIEVE ABOUT THE SITUATION.IF YOUR CHILD TOLD YOU BISHOP MALESTED THEM,until proven WOULD YOU SEND YOUR CHILD BACK TO BISHOP?

  • Amazin Atheist

    D@mn people it’s time to let go of these childhood superstitions! Smdh, these folks need a real job! There is no god to keep these people in check!

  • T.D

    I’m amaized at the fools who have the gutts to say there is no God! May God reward them. Peaple should stop accusing and other people and do something for the kingdom of God! There is no verse in the bible where a demon figths another demon so why are Christian figthing one another?

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