Tiny’s Lawyer Says She Wasn’t Holding Or Popping Them Thangs In L.A.

- By Bossip Staff

While Tiny was being the dutiful ride-or-die bride that she is, seeing her man off to prison, her lawyer was in a Beverly Hills courtroom answering to the possessions charges filed against her.

We thought she understood that Tip’s charges getting waved pretty much meant she was taking the charge.

Rapper/actor T.I.’s wife pleaded not guilty today to a misdemeanor drug possession count stemming from the couple’s Sept. 1 arrest in West Hollywood.

Tameka Dianne Cottle, 35, was charged last Friday with a single count of possession of Ecstasy and entered her plea through an attorney.

A pretrial hearing is set Jan. 6 in Beverly Hills Superior Court for Cottle.

So let’s just say she gets sentenced to 11 months in January, and has to turn her self in in February. The kids will be parent-less for six months. That is, if T.I. does all his time… which we all know is highly unlikely. Not that we’re wishing any of this on the Cottle-Harrises.


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  • nana

    Jail time or no jail time they will be fine! Am sure the kids wil b well catered for

  • Mrs. Rance

    She’s not going to get locked up for this little charge. She’ll get probation at the most.

  • It's Me

    No No No.

  • YokoDMV

    well…u can’t say she not down for her man

  • Who gone check me boo

    That picture of Tiny is very unflattering, she looks quite unfortunate in this pic, and let me say this if they lock her up they better go back and get Paris and the rest of them.

    • http://bossip.com try me

      totally agree!

  • ChinaMommy

    iT”LL work out, Money= Power!!! This is America!

  • whatever

    For some reason I like this photo of them. Cute.

  • Professor K

    Well – like my grandmother used to say “a hard head makes for a soft a**” And – I say this with nothing but love for Tiny and TI! However, it is what it is…..a very loud and resounding WAKE UP CALL!!!! My hope and prayer is that they listen and do the right thing from now on. I love their spirits together and am truly praying for their strength and endurance during this challenging time in their lives.

  • .

    she’s fugly as hell & they are both trash

  • haha

    what fugly low life

  • keep it real

    tiny and ti needs rehabilitation not jail. they can keep thinking they are above the law and find out exactly how the real world is. I knew something was weird on the reality show. tiny was always acting off a little bit. Hell!!! she probably was high. I gues some people cant handle fame and all the money. Mostly blacks!!! Where is ti and tiny life coach. its more money to be mad out here and ti is soo talented. come on guys. get it togther for the sake of your kids and family. again they need help to cope the habit. they are oging to get busted again. i hate to see our community destroyed behind stupidness. wake up little wayne generation. wake up we have a black president. do anyone knows that the means…

  • ignoranceisbliss

    Those white folks want to make TI & Tiny the first hip hop family of the US penal system

    Stop talking about Tiny looks its been known since the Escape days…The entire group was ugly except Kandi

  • 206 BOI

    I use to like T.I until he made that DUMB comment”Prison made me a better person” I told my son don’t listen to this dumb shrimp! College makes you better not PRISON!!well i guess T.I didn’t learn.

  • E.C. from D.C.

    Thought the 2 cute ones were the lead singer Tasha and Kandi ….. bye Tiny you and your stupid hubby.

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