Antoine Walker’s Checks Have Officially Stopped Coming In. Should Evelyn Lozada Give Up Some Of Those VH1 Stacks To Upgrade Him?

- By Bossip Staff

While Evelyn Lozada is off selling shoes and reaping the benefits of VH1 Celebreality stardom- including letting OchoCinco blow her back out – her ex-fianceAntoine Walker can’t catch a break.

Back in March, Walker blamed his jacked up finances on gambling and looking out for too many people. A couple of months later, he filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in a Miami court to save the Coconut Grove house he’s been trying to sell. But it didn’t help.

At that time he listed liabilities of $12.7 million including his Coconut Grove home. Mortgage lender SunTrust Bank was granted a relief from stay from a May Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection filing Walker made in Miami so that it could file a foreclosure lawsuit which it did in September.

Walker bought the Florida home for $3.1 million in 2005 and signed the $2.15 million mortgage in March 2007, when he was still playing for the Miami Heat but like many players, he was traded around, first to Minnesota and later to Memphis. He retired in from the NBA in 2008. The five-bedroom home is now listed at an even $3 million with real estate agent Andre Shambley of the ERA Herman Group. The Coconut Grove home has a lap pool, Zen garden, a mother in law suite, separate maids quarters, walk in closets and more.

A Crain’s Chicago Business article from last May says that Walker was hit with a $2.3-million foreclosure lawsuit on a mansion in south suburban Tinley Park that he bought for his mother. That article also goes into Walker’s Chapter 7 filing which lists his other assets including his 2006 NBA championship ring, valued at $6,000 two Range Rovers and a $20,000 designer watch.The article also mentions gambling losses including $770,000 owed to Harrah’s in Las Vegas and $500,000 owed to Ameristar Casino.

So our question is: since Evelyn Lozada would still be a random unknown had she not been Antoine’s glorified jumpoff fiancée of 14 years, shouldn’t he be benefiting from some of the checks she’s got coming in now that his aren’t?


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  • ignoranceisbliss

    Ha Ha 35 million made for his career….Education priceless

    • Wujie

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    • Youstoopid

      Actually it is you that is ignorant. At one time Antoine was supporting 75 family members. He gave most of his money away. Plus you are to stupid to know how much money he really lost

  • white male

    I thought he was playin in puert rico?

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER

    Keep up prayer & feed the needy……

    2 character builders!

  • Carlos H

    Antoine is dammn fool!!! And Evelyn Lozada is doin her. She got another baller ,Ochocinco to trick on her. I doubt she stackn chips like that on that show. But on the real if not for A dub she would be back in the Bronx prob welfare.

  • 7lady

    If I were Evelyn and I “got it like that” I would do the best to my ability to make sure he’s straight. That’s the least I can do. I would be sure he’s in a decent safe home. And that he’s eating. That’s it. She owes him no more. I mean come on that’s the least she can do…the man took care of her and her child.

  • ImaPC

    break him off something…she said he practically raised her daughter, and gave her the world. Im SURE some of the financing for that store came from him too.

    Honestly, when will these athletes a couple basic rules? Choose women of character, not some chick you met in the club. But then again, if you’re not a man of character you won’t be attracted to that kind of woman anyway…never mind.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Oh well. That’s where that flashy lifestyle that everyone admires gets them. In the end their groupies don’t even want them.

  • Cheeky

    While I think Evelyn is a big time groupie/golddigger, she’s obviously smart enough not to p*ss away her money. I don’t know if she necessarily “owes” him. It sounds like his financial troubles are his own damn fault. I mean did his mother really need a two million dollar mansion? A nice condo wouldn’t have been good enough?

  • the_accountant

    I bet Ochocinco is bangin her out real good and not blowing any cash!!

  • seriously!!

    To tell the truth, she don’t owe him sh!t. He never bothered to marry her, so there was no long term commitment. Things just didn’t work out in his favor. Its normal for them to walk away and leave their ex girlfriends broke and penniless. So the fact that he has nothing and she does shouldn’t concern her. He shoulda took a cue from her and kept his self together.

  • Tcity

    She didn’t have a child with him in 14 yrs. she never really cared for him

  • anonymous

    Maybe it’s me. But if you get millions of dollars why not pay off the house?

  • Royal Chocolate

    Hell no! She’s working for hers like he should be working for his.

    And these “stars” and “athletes” are so funny…if I had millions, I WOULD NOT HAVE A MORTGAGE OR CAR NOTE OR ANY MONTHLY PAYMENTS!!! PAY FOR IT UP FRONT OR DON’T BUY IT!!!

    Only an idiot takes care of 20 – 30 peoples finances(what were they doing before this guy started earning millions?) So sad……

  • theworldkeepsonturnin

    He gets nuthin. Charge it to the game man. Charge it to the game.

  • Curious1 aka Flawless Beauty


  • Curious1 aka Flawless Beauty

    In the famous words of Beeeyyyooonnnsssaaaayyyy

    (Evelyn to Antoine)

    If ya liked it then ya shoulda put a ring on it…If ya liked it then ya should have put a ring on…Ut-Ut-Ooohhh…Ohhh..Ohhh…Ut-Ut…

    OOOO….NO!! She owes ’em nuttin…and vice versa

  • Curious1 aka Flawless Beauty

    Dumb Azz Jock

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