Do People Still Care About Marion Jones??? Her ESPN “30 For 30” Special “Press Pause” Directed By John Singleton Airs On Tonight

- By Bossip Staff

ESPN has unrolled some really special programming with their “30 For 30” series and tonight’s episode focuses on one of histories worst sports scandals — Marion Jones’ steroid use at the Olympics and her subsequent admission of using the banned drugs which resulted in her having her medals stripped and being sent to prison.

Watch the clip below:

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Marion’s story is tragic, but we wondered if perhaps she has been judged more harshly than other public figures who have done wrong and been forgiven.

Roman Polanski was convicted of raping a 13-year-old but he escaped serving time and many Hollywood figures have forgiven him publicly and even pressed for the charges against him to be dropped.

Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Chris Brown, T.I., Mike Tyson and Martha Stewart who have broken the law — and again, many of their fans have forgiven them and continued to support them.

Marion Jones’ crime wasn’t victimless, but is she beyond redemption??? Are you interested in seeing her ESPN special? If she wanted to return to sports, do you think she should be allowed to have another chance?

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  • ignoranceisbliss

    Don’t lie to the Feds….They will ruin

    She is still cute…Did she get her grill fixed as yet




  • Heidi's Left breast implant

    She definately isn’t beyond redemption. I will check it out because I’m rooting for her second chance!!!

  • wtfever

    I wish Marion the best!

  • sh

    I was supportive when everyone was saying she was using. But, when she announced it was true – it made me sad for her. I need not to see her downfall on film I know the outcome.

    I wish her well.

  • klippers

    Yes we do thats whats wrong with the world today she did it admit it and did time for it and now shes just telling her story (her family has to eat) unlike some athletes who isnt MAN enough and will go to their grave with the LIES they wont admit to LET HER BE AND MAKE HER MONEY THE HONEST WAY NOW!!!!!

  • E.C. from D.C.

    She juiced a little but so have most of your fave athletes.

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