Warm It Up: Celebrities Looking Incredibly Stupid In Fur

- By Bossip Staff

The weather’s changing, kids. This means it’s time to bust out that fancy jacket you bought for cheap over the summer. It’s also time for our beloved celebrities to look like damned fools in ridiculous fur jackets. Don’t believe us? Just check it out.

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  • http://deleted tessa

    I think most women can pull pff any type of fur and it is the men who look stupid in fur. Brothers why do you all wear fur? Most men from other races think that is gay to wear fur.

    • von

      First off you don’t know Sh*t,and when did a Bro. give a Rat’s Azz what another race think’s. Check out some old Isley Bro’s Album Cover’s, they be Fly!!!!

    • just saying

      i think they look expensive whether its a man or a woman wearing a fur… you people must not know that a full length fur cost around 12 thousand and thats just for a female but i think thugs look stupid in the fur that are colored and obviously not real

  • Mrs. Rance

    I like fur. There was a time when man lived off the land alone and wore fur to keep warm and killed animals to eat just like many animals do and we continue to do to this day. These bleeding heart PETA idiots fail to understand that it is as it should be. If God wanted all animals to be vegetarians then being so wouldn’t deprive us of nutrients that we need. Not to mention the plants are also living beings. And if we weren’t supposed to wear clothes we wouldn’t die from hypothermia when exposed to the cold.

    Like I said I love fur. Its mad warm in the winter. Have you feeling like you are sitting in front of the fire place when your outdoors in 0 degrees weather.

  • mswin


    • Aja

      OH yes he made my morning yum!

    • tommykimon

      I was just about to say the same thing. You beat me to the punch lol

  • PSunny

    Anybody that wears fur is a punk bytch. Animals wernt put on this earth to be worn smh. When I see ppl wearing furs I just want to set a pit bull loose on them then maybe they’ll feel some of the pain that poor animal felt when it was being skinned.

    • Anotherloverholeinyahead

      Please stop crying….are u mad that you cant afford one….you know they do sale rabbit or rat, thats more affordable….just a thought!

  • HeartBreak

    I rock my FUR jacket, my LEATHER bomber, my LEATHER boots and bags too.


    • Pink Friday Nov 22ND

      YESSSS!. I luve u for this.. you’re me new hero 🙂 FUR RULES!!!

  • chiXtra

    I eat meat, I have sable, mink, and rabbit coats and jackets. I look good with or without the fur


    I don’t care what ya’ll say Kanye Fur look official…he prolly got that look on his face cause he thinking he the $#it lol

  • Bumper Stickers You'll Never See

    I love animals…..THEY TASTE GREAT!


  • Psunny

    @ anotherlover. I don’t need to wear fur in order to look great. Don’t make me pull a silence of the lambs on you! I will back trace your comment and find you! U DUN GOOFED!!!!

    • just saying

      if you can afford a fur then what would make someone really believe that you could come after them #yourajoke

  • CUT the BULLSH!T!

    heard on the radio that only 4.7 percent of blacks voted yesterday. If true, how sad is that? Folks put a black man in office and got complacent. Thought the job was finished. Now it just became THAT much harder for our president to lead real change. But, the same people that didn’t show up for our president will be right there when Weezy gets outta jail supporting him. We gotta do better!

  • Angel

    Unfortunately, most of these folks don’t know the first thing about choosing a fur, they just figure it costs a lot and buy it. Probably, fur to them = status or shows people they have money. Whatever.

    PETA will probably come after me for this next statement, but, if GOD didn’t want use to use animals for food/clothing etc. HE would have said something about it a LONG time ago. Man has used animals for food and closthing since Moses’ time, heck, they even sacrificed animals. GOD didn’t have a problem with it then, my guess HE doesn’t have a problem with it now. So, if HE’s good with it, so am I.

  • maru-chan



  • E.C. from D.C.

    As ignorant and ugly as Gucci Mane is I think he looked fly in his fur lol

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