In Swirl News: Kendra “Woe Is Me” Wilkinson Cries A River About Being A “Single Mom”

- By Bossip Staff

Poor Kendra:

Kendra Wilkinson’s life has been turned upside down ever since husband Hank Baskett was dropped by the Philadelphia Eagles and signed to the Minnesota Vikings. Now, Kendra sits down with Life & Style, to discuss her heart breaking decision to take son, 11-month-old Hank, back to LA–alone.

“Not having Hank around hurts,” Kendra tells Life & Style. “Moving across the country by myself makes me think of my own mom who raised me and my brother alone. Hank’s not going to be there forever, but with him not physically here, I’m a single parent now.”

With Hank so far away, Kendra felt most at home on the West Coast. “I fit in well in Philly, and I could relate to all the people, but the West Coast is my home. This is where all my family and friends are.”

Hank’s decision to sign with the Minnesota Vikings — and spend time away from his family– resulted in a screaming match with his exasperated wife. “It hurt a lot,” Kendra tells Life & Style. “When Hank left I felt lonely. He’s my everything. Nobody else can really fill that loneliness.” She admits there’s been a lot of tears throughout this time. “We cry. It’s hard, and we aren’t ashamed to cry.”

But thanks to her family and Hank’s, she has a big support system to turn to for help. Still, there’s no substitute for being together with her husband. “I’m going to go back to the minus-2-degree weather to spend Thanksgiving, baby Hank’s 1st birthday and Christmas in a small one bedroom hotel room with my husband and son. That’s all that matters to me.”

They keep acting like she’s divorcing this dude! They’re just living in separate states…geeze..cry us a fawking river.

On a sidenote: SMH at the “Broke and Homeless” caption under Heidi and Spencer…how the hell did those dumbfawks run through 10 milli like it was water?!?!?


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  • Oh Well

    That’s why you don’t bother with black men. They always let you down.

    • You sound stupid

      White men are not much better, they let you down as well. SMH

    • Stop It!

      STFU, u sound bitter. No man probably wants your a$$.

    • nywoman23...killuminati

      i learned men are men no matter what shade no matter what ethnicity. yes i will admit that men from african descent are worse. but still most men are pieces of sht. but how can u apply that to this thread. we are talking about him moving because of a job.

      secondly i dont know if this is a bad thing or what. that baby is so prettyyyy.i wonder if hes gonna grow up to be a pretty boy. you know her mother is happy that baby didnt come out darker and with nappy hair.or else miss kendra probably wouldnt get the support from her mom.

    • makesmewannaholla

      you’re pathetic with this…smdh

    • spikepine

      How did he let her down? It seems to me she is the disappointment. I hope you are not dumb enough to believe that a man’s actions depends on the color of his skin.

    • Jo

      Is it in the color of his skin?

      Why leaving a woman is letting her down, infirst place?

    • Keisha

      not all black men lett you dwn mii grandma nd grandpa been together for 50 years nd mii grandma had to move a different country evr year so not all bl;ack men do it because their still going strong nd so is mii parents nd mii father iss in thee mariness!.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    that cute baby has the biggest eyes!! adorable…

  • The Real Deal (Allergic to bullsh!t)


  • HeartBreak

    I’m sorry but shes just retarded. Marriage is about sharing sacrifice and compromise. Her PLACE is at her husbands side.

    Who cares that she wasn’t “used to West Coast people”? She knew he was a football player when she met him right? And football players change teams all the time.

    • EXACTLY!!!!

      That’s exactly right.she married him and had a matter where his team ended up she was suppose to be right there with him.i live on the eastcoast also,but if my man had to move to ten buck tu i’m going.that decision should have beeb something Hank B should think different about her.where’s the support?do she know how difficult it is to stay in the league let alone deal by yourself?i’m quite sure he wants to come home to his wifa and when he starts coming home to someone else she better not cry no more me it seems like he couldn’t turn no hoe into a housewife…..

    • BS2010

      Yep I agree! When you get married there are sacrifices and one of those sacrifices that she made was to marry a football player and travel and mover wherever he plays for. That is the most stupid thing, to up and go back to “your home” because you missed everybody. Hell how come she just didn’t move her mom out there with them??? They won’t be together that long. Soon that distance is going to catch up to them and he will be tempted and PROBABLY fall for the temptation. But knowing her, she probably will let him cheat. I guess. Hope it works out, even though it probably won’t.

    • spikepine

      She is lonely for the Playboy Manson.

  • Psi

    Um hello you married a fb player! Not a very good one @ that! What did you expect?! I think Hank is a good man, had to be if he married her kendra is not wife material.

  • Psunny

    Does anybody else see the spiedi pic top left? Lmbo that ish is so funny!!!

  • Oh well

    That didnt make sense to me, she should moved with him.

    • spikepine

      Maybe she wants to be closer to the Playboy Manson where she feels more comfortable and loved. Hank made a big mistake.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Why didn’t Kendra agree to live with him in Minnesota then? that will definitely solve the problem even though she wishes to be in L.A..I mean,once you’re married/parents,one has to make huge sacrifices & adapt!

    So Speidy(Heidi/Spencer) are broke already? WOW LMAO!!
    No laughing matter bt these 2 were like the highest paid from that bs show “The Hills”,plus didn’t they have any other projects/deals that generated a healthy income? OH MY! 0_O
    Another case of when when living beyond your means/lavish spending goes wrong!
    Bet Heidi spent a pretty damn good % of that on plastic surgery..SMDH!


    What in the hell did she expect, thats the life of a ballplayer’s wife. Athletes travel during the season and when you’re a nobody like Hank you get traded a lot. That’s what she gets for rushing into marriage and motherhood so quickly. I new this wouldn’t last.

    And baby Hank looks like a girl wearing lipstick in that picture.

  • Bumper Stickers You'll Never See

    She never loved that man. Their ain’t no way I can just up and move from someone I love with all my heart and soul.

    That baby is her check and if Hank ain’t figured it out yet- he’s her meal ticket.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    LOL @ certain parts of your comment however you do make a great point..I mean,I don’t get it? Kendra’s complaining/whining that her husband actual has a job (despite it being long distance) but trust she would’ve dumped his azz in a nano second if her didn’t have any source of reliable income @ all! SMDH!!

    I like these 2 as a couple but this right here makes me wonder if she or was ever genuinely in love with Hank?..just saying
    She’s coming off as way too selfish/insatiable,not cool.

  • Bumper Stickers You'll Never See

    I hope he realizes that if they decide to divorce- the balls in her court as far as custody is concerned- since he let her leave with the baby.

  • lil sexy

    She left that man because his pockets weren’t fat enough for her and I know he gets a small sallary compared to other atheletes this is why they keep trading him. Las angeles is expensive to place to live. she will regret it or date a another brother with her freaky self, she will be only a playboy bunny.

  • XO

    Cute baby girl!

  • Chi town

    Damn he was able to get another job so shut up and get to packing. You knew it was going to be like that when u married a fb player. He is trying to provide for his family she do love gucci and LV. LOL

  • lt

    whatever. i knew it wasn’t going to last. just like halle berry’s daughter, kendra’s baby aint cute either.

  • WIFEY-06

    DUMB BLACK MAN!!!!!!!!!


    HO GOT TO BE A HO!!!!!


    • AQueenWaits


      But most importantly……why is this even news worthy?

  • -

    Reggie and Hank stop messing around with these golddigging hoes!


    Hank is weak as hell always has been, the way he sniffs behind that h-0 like she’s made of gold makes me sick, he looks sooo stupid. But I’m sure there will be another flock of black fieldhands hanging around the Playboy Plantation for her to choose from.

  • Bne

    Hank Hank Hank did your stupid black father not teach you that you cannot turn a Ho into a housewife.Hank just looks whupped and pathetic in there new show he seems to be turning on her now he sees her for what she is-gold digger for life.

  • tg

    awwwwwwww – their daughter is precious. I so wanted them to work out – just because they seemed so happy together. But Kendra is not one to take care of man (I don’t think). She is used to being tooken care of by men. So I can understand their stress. I bet if he were playing and making money – their relationship wouldn’t be as STRAINED.

    • too many idiots

      The baby is a boy.

    • LaTanya

      That’s a little boy not a girl….his name is Hank Jr. LOL!!!

  • Lady A

    Honestly I am not mad at her. That man is a low grade football player. He gets traded like every couple of months. I don’t blame her for going back to LA. A child should not have to move that much in their first year of life. Then on top of that trying to get that baby to get used to all the different regions, and seasons.

  • Jay

    That baby boy will never remember the regions nor seasons. He will benefit from being with his mother AND FATHER.

    Way to go Hank!!!!

  • Jay

    Single mom!?!?!? She doesn’t know what a single mom really is these days…..ridiculous

  • S.K.

    I really don’t care about the Kendra story. I’m too busy wrapped up in the Heidi and Spencer story at the bottom!

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