WTF??? Woman Throws Roommate’s 3-Year-Old Out Of A 7th Floor Window For Getting In Her Business

- By Bossip Staff

What the hell is wrong with people, man?

The parents of a 3-year-old boy who was tossed to his death off a Queens balcony said they have no idea why a woman who was staying with them flipped out suddenly and killed their son, officials said today.

Cops have been unable to talk to the suspect Xiao Aiu Cai, 53, who was undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. Cai, who had gotten into a dispute with her daughter Tuesday night just before throwing young Jerry Xhou off the ledge, was facing murder charges, said Queens DA Richard Brown.

Sources said Cai and her daughter had been living with Jerry’s family for several months, an arrangement they entered in to lower their living costs.

Cai’s daughter and Jerry’s mother, Yun Xu, worked together as cashiers at a nearby grocery. They are not related.
Xu was apparently trying to intercede during the argument when Cai grabbed the child.

“By the time she turned around the boy was gone,” said Assemblywoman Grace Mang, who spoke with the victim’s parents, immigrants from China’s Fu Jing province.

“All the boy’s mother was trying to do was ask them to stop fighting, but she looked around and couldn’t find her son. And then she looked at the balcony and realized what happened. I’ve never seen something this bad.”

A law enforcement source said Cai had been institutionalized for psychiatric reasons once before.

SMH. That poor baby.


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  • Hannibal


    • jus sayn!

      missed wut was so funny??

  • PSunny

    wtf is going on in this world! ppl’s souls are slowing dying around the world! that bytch is crazy as a loon!

  • Uhhhh yeah ok

    I would have thrown her a$$ out next.. WTF insane..

    • SouthernGal

      No, that would have looked like she killed her baby and the lady…well, I guess there were witnesses…however, I would have reached out and touched her a whole bunch of times because that is just ridiculous…lmao, i really didn’t even understand the article with the foreign names and all, lol

    • Uhhhh yeah ok

      lol true.. She must be fast as lightning to pick him and toss him with no reactions until after the fact with what three people in the room?



  • jus sayn!

    this is horrible!!i can only imagine wut must hav been going thru this little boys head while falling to his death…im so sorry 4 this innocent little boy!

    • London Girl

      My thoughts exactly! That poor ‘baby’ smh 😦


    That B!tch woulda been fried rice that night cuz I woulda chopped the b!tch up!!! There would have been NO investigation.

    • JustVee

      OMG!! LMFAO!! I read the first 8 words in your post and I was hollering!! I have tears in my eyes. Thank you for that. Rest in Peace Little Jerry

  • You Smell Me??


    no words…. just…..

  • mizzunique

    This was so sad I was at the same hospital last night when they rushed him in my Lord… his mother was crying out loud.. my heart goes out to his mom and the rest of there family.. this is crazy a innocent life.. that poor baby.. I’m not even related but this is my first time seeing some get pumped in the hospital like that.. and it has really affected my day..

  • 7lady

    that hannibal b*tch is was one ignorant venom laced f*ck. I bet that b*tch is ugly as f*ck and sit behind that computer breathin hard and can’t move. I guarantee it cause there’s no way a happy and attractive person would say the sh*t he does. He has to be miserable and tries to spew hate and ridiculous comments to make everyone else miserable. I hate that b*tch.

    • Hannibal


    • jus sayn!

      @ 7lady-AGREED!!

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    See, this is y u dnt let ppl move in with u for extended periods

  • nywoman23...killuminati

    i wish i could beat the sht out of this person. who dont know how pissed that has me.hannibal i dont care what reaction u r trying to get u are a piece of sht. may karma get you 7×7

  • Bun Babylon


    Lawda mercy. china gyal loss her marbles. she need the sensi.

    one love

  • G.M.

    damn…once again, another woman killing a child. Y’all women are some cold-blooded child murderers for real, how many more reports of women killing kids will be posted by the end of this month…SMH

  • cinnamontoast

    When ever a non-black person commits a crime, they get psychiatric evaluation. Had it been a black person you would have read “suspect being held with bail”

    • Gemini

      @cinnamontoast – Right!! I agree with the others about beating tha SHYT out that BIA and then tossing her azz right over tha balcony!! Couldn’t have been my kid BET THAT! Now RUN TELL DAT!!

  • Sillez

    SMH thats wild! and fycked up. Throwing a baby out the window..yea she is crazy but she knew better and should get time for that!

  • nana

    Lmaoo @Hannibal u can’t be that heartless.. Come on now

  • MissPerfect

    people are just going crazyy throwing babies out the windows .. shooting kids for egging cars .. hide you kids hide your wife! smh

  • verl

    This is a sad ending to how asians live in the Flushing area. Several families live in a one bedroom apartment after altering the rooms with sheet rock. They pay the landlord & super to look the other way. These places are unhealthy and unsafe for the entire building! Psychologically everyone should have a place where they can go and shut a door for privacy and quiet. They ruin the better buildings.

  • Toy

    I don’t understand who could look at a innocent child and do something so awful. They should beat the mess out her then throw her over!

  • E.C. from D.C.

    I’ll whoop her a*ss for free.

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  • Dr Black

    People like Hannibal, do and say things to get reactions out of bloggers, and they don’t realize that whatever they do and say has consequences. Like someone said in here this Hannibal person(even if he/she is only doing it to get a reaction) cannot possibly be happy with their soul. Only a miserable person can manage to act like a complete evil insensitive person day in and day out. And I’ll also be willing to bet they have no idea how lost they are. We can get upset and pissed, but that only drives his illogical thought process that he feeds off of. And most people like him, think we are taking it too seriously, and should not allow bloggers to get to us. people like Hannibal have no idea that they have mental issues, just because he may not be walking around talking to himself on the street corner. But oh you better trust and believe, he will be dealt with. Unfortunately, we won’t be made privy whjen he does get dealt with.

  • thugthizzle

    Check mate!!

  • shanaeyecandy mills

    omg i feel so bad 4 the family even doe i could not say thay names

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