Weezy’s Free! Expect A New Seed In ________ Months

- By Bossip Staff

A Rikers Island officer tried to hate on the happy Welcome Weezy Home train this morning for absolutely no reason, saying Toya and ’em’s baby daddy would have to spend at least one more day in the clink before seeing the streets.

As previously reported, around 1 a.m., Wayne’s welcome wagon outside of Rikers was informed that due to a “miscalculation,” he could possibly be out tomorrow, but event that wasn’t 100%.

Apparently, that dude didn’t know what he was talking about.

Lil Wayne was reportedly released from the Rikers Island prison facility after serving eight months of a year-long sentence for attempted gun possession. Though a guard told MTV News early Thursday morning that he had to wait another day due to “miscalculated” time, at 8:35 a.m. a spokesperson at Rikers confirmed that Wayne had been discharged.

Wayne was released just before day break, making at least one little girl extremely happy.

Awww! Welcome home Weezy!

And we hear he won’t be sleeping in an empty bed tonight either, even if three of his four baby mamas have moved on. Calm down, Nivea.

As much as he may love the stans that wrote him daily, we hear Wayne’s true comfort in the clink were letters from VH1 Celebreality reject Candace Cabrera, aka “Black” from Season 3 of Flavor of Love… who also happens to have been T.O’s jumpoff at one point.

So Wayne served 8 months of a year-long sentence, sold 366,000 copies in one month of an album he had barely promoted while he was behind bars, and he’s going home to this:

Nice! At least when if she becomes baby moms number 5, the younger kids’ genetic makeup will be somewhat consistent. Speaking of which…

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  • Human Racist

    I give him 2 months before he is back in…

    • nywoman23...killuminati

      na i dont think hes gonna fck up that soon like t.i did . i really dont

    • Chsristi

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    • ssquared

      I agree. It’s not gonna be right away. I say six months.

    • Ms_Sanford2U

      @you’re not too bright: Carrying a baby full term=40 weeks. There are 4 weeks in 1 month. 40 divided by 4 equals 10. It actually takes TEN months to carry a child. Who’s not too bright again???

    • Droppin it like its hot since 1986

      Lmao @the poll..He needs to have a vasectomy cause these girls out here are thirsty as hell! I swear they dying to collect child support than have a job that pays well and an education! instead they running towards dude on the block with the bank! smh..these foolish women will not learn at all! I swear we are in our end of days

    • kalifa

      @you’re not too bright

      clearly you dont have any children. my sister took 42 weeks to have her son. do the math b1tch!

      9mths…LOL you’re an uninformed a$$wipe

  • beautyiz

    Welcome home!!!

  • eews

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  • divalious

    good now he get a chance to see his 800 kids made before he got lock up. Yeaaahhh Wezzy glad u r home.

  • Racheal

    Good to hear, am glad u re back but please keep up a good behaviour in order for u not to go back there.
    conget Lil wayne.

  • MissPerfect


  • YokoDMV

    What is the mall kiosk gonna do with all those Free Weezy shirts now?? …the little goblin is free!!

    • jayluv

      They can underline the word FREE and after the word now, just put home….just saying.

  • http://youtube.com/watch?v=Scr45_TaquQ Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    Good for him…

    I hope he’s learned his lesson and has changed for the better… And that jail hasn’t messed him up too bad, I enjoy his music…

  • MaryJane


  • redondobeach

    he needed the rest praise the gods

  • Jerzziigurl

    WELCOME HOME WEZZZZZZZZZYYYYYY !!! We Missed uuu… muah muah

  • mobemmano

    Rappers cant learn..Look at T.I,back in the slammer.Anyways,welcome hom weezy F.

  • rene

    Praying for You, Wezzy We.

  • MyReason

    I’m happy for him and his family..his daughter’s tweet is very personal and sweet. I hope he’s able to make the most out of his new freedom-puhleeease don’t do a T.I!!!

  • Trisha

    Enlight of T.I.’s stupidity I really hope Wayne doesn’t do the same thing. Young Money is gettin it right now and it would be a crazy to go back to jail, plus I his kids need him he appears to be a wonderful dad. Welcome home WEZZY!

  • bklyn lady

    Not really a fan but good to see a black man released from jail/prison

  • You Smell Me??

    He got caught with a burner in NYC, juet get bodygaurds that are legally allowed to carry in multiple states. Other than that he is good.

    Just dont get caught with Mary Jane being a convicted felon…

  • Who me?!

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…20 babies will be conceived 2nite!

  • Who gone check me Boo


  • !!!!!



    Who cares. Now we get to hear more garbage music.

    • http://perryone779@yahoo.com rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

      Dont listen then… dont your radio have an on and off button,, WTF????

  • truth

    put him back. music was starting to recover. kinda. lol

    • eman

      pleas put him back

  • Kim

    I’m glad Lil Wayne is out, now he can continue to be a father to his babies and continue to make his music!! Good for you Weezy, did your time….. Now move on!!

  • It's Me

    can not wait to hear that music as he has gotten better over the past couple of years…

  • juliemango

    Welcome back home lil wayne now u can listen to all d music u like!!!

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