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Jay-Z Speaks About Willow Smith, Kanye West, & Roc Nation (GO)

Justin Bieber Wants a Private Jet (GO)

Swizz Beatz Named Producer-In-Residence AT NYU (GO)

Kate Hudson And Matt Bellamy Heat Things Up (GO)

Birdman Reveals Lil Wayne’s Plans Over The Next Few Days Since His Release [Video] (GO)

This commercial makes sense (GO)

Man Fights Bouncer At A Club By Using Can Of Beans To Slice His Face [Video] (GO)

Heidi & Spencer Admit Faking Divorce, File Bankruptcy (GO)

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  • dattrini


  • don

    jada and will r trying to buy the world for their kids. this is why negroes with money r dangerous. real talent in the black community will be overlooked while these no talent kids of affirmative action try to buy their way to the top. pathetic.

    • I dislike Simple Mind People


      y r u hating? Did you see the karate kid? No talent? Have you seen Willow’s live performance on Ellen’s day time talk show(check it on you tube)? What do you consider talent? Their parents have the means to make thins happen a little easier for them. What is the problem? SMH

  • I dislike Simple Mind People

    Those Smith kids have talent!!

  • 4sho

    @Don what is wrong with what will and Jada are trying to do for their kids?
    The kids are talented…

  • selli

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