Sweden’s King Carl Was Getting It In! Swirly Affair With Black Beauty, Threesomes And Private Dances At The Gold Room!!!

- By Bossip Staff

The old guy above, King Carl Gustaf was probably best known up until today for being the guy handing out the Nobel Peace Prize and his elk hunting expeditions, but thanks to an unauthorized book the whole world now knows his many freaky secrets, which include wild sex parties, fun times at the strip club and a passionate love affair with the biracial beauty Camilla Henemark!

In a new biography of the King he emerges as an habituee of wild sex parties involving strippers, sometimes hosted by an infamous Mafia boss in a Stockholm club.

As the book, The Reluctant Monarch, sold out its entire 20,000 initial print in Swedish bookshops yesterday, this normally unshockable country was shaken by the startling details amassed by its three investigative authors about the secret life their King has apparently been leading.

What emerges is a monarch who has spent a fortune on sex parties and strip clubs.
At one Stockholm club elaborate dinners were followed by liaisons in a communal whirlpool with scantily clad women, some of them, it seems, aspiring models.
Sometimes, according to the book, the girls would ‘throw off their clothes and sit in the men’s laps’.

We thought Europeans were supposed to be real casual about sex — what’s the big deal?

Several women interviewed for the book claim they had sex with the King. Indeed, after one big dinner celebrating a successful elk hunt, he is said to have enjoyed sex with two women at the same time.

At the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, where the King of Sweden was inevitably a VIP guest, he is said to have spent $10,000 (£7,000) in the Gold Club nightclub, including two hours in a room alone with one of the strippers.

In some instances, Sapo agents have been used to search the homes of women in order to confiscate pictures and negatives taken at the King’s private parties.
‘If the rolls of film and pictures aren’t turned over, some unpleasant things will happen,’ the book startlingly claims.

What? Everybody doesn’t have an orgy after a successful elk hunting expedition?

Here’s the part that must be moving all them books. Back in the late 90’s Sweden’s precious King was carrying on an affair with a BLACK WOMAN! Scandalous!!!

No fewer than 14 pages are given over to an alleged lengthy affair he had with Camilla Henemark, the beautiful Swedish singer and model whose father was Nigerian and mother Swedish.

Her response to the revelations yesterday was not to deny them but merely to say her lawyer had advised her ‘not to give any comments’.

The book claims that Queen Silvia was aware of this affair but was helpless as the King ‘had fallen in love like a teenager and, on one occasion, the King and Henemark were talking about leaving for a distant island, like Marlon Brando in Tetiaroa in French Polynesia, where they planned to live on coconuts’.

We’ve seen lots of pictures of Camilla and we would probably ditch our monarchies to live alone with her coconuts too.

When asked yesterday, after emerging from the woods where he and his friends were shooting elk for sport, the King declined to comment on the scandal, saying only:

‘I have spoken with my family and the Queen and we choose to turn the page … and move forward because, as I understand, these are things that happened a long time ago,’ he said.

We kinda feel him. What King doesn’t enjoy all the spoils that come with the title? Is this a big deal or is the hoopla really all about King Carl Gustaf swirling it up?

Check out more shots of Camilla and some throw back joints of the King below:



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    The girl in the picture used to be in Army of Lovers. They had a great Euro-dance song called Crucified in 1988.

    Don’t be fooled, some white boys are obsessed with black women. Look at Prince Albert of Monaco, Naomi’s man, and that Swedish billionaire that married Diana Ross.

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      not really, google some monarch married a black woman, first bw in europe monarch, history. they are still married and have two kids. Just saying. Obviously not all men of a particular race will like women from another race..black or white or yellow, but some do wife their love up…

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