It’s A Wrap! NBC Pulls The Plug On Boris The Unconvincing Undercover

- By Bossip Staff

After all that writing on the wall, we hope he wasn’t surprised.

NBC is ending the run of what was once one of its most promising new series of the season with the decision that it will not order any more episodes of “Undercovers.” The show had been highly anticipated because it came from the executive producer J. J. Abrams of “Lost” and it had kicked off a bidding war among the networks last year when Mr. Abrams pitched the idea. The show, about two spectacular-looking undercover agents who also happen to be a married couple running a high-end catering business, was also notable because its stars were black. Scheduled on Wednesdays at 8 p.m., the show never took off in the ratings, and the numbers that arrived Thursday for the previous night revealed it had hit a new low. Only about 5.8 million viewers tuned in. NBC said it would probably still broadcast the six remaining episodes that have been produced.

And here Boris was thinking his people had him back. Meanwhile, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” is KILLING in the ratings. You black viewers ain’t sh*t! LOL


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  • leah


  • http://bossip mya

    He ain’t black..where is his biracial crew? Thats who he should have been depending on. At least RHOA are black. Dude ain’t black !

    • bishop

      You sound ignorant and stupid!!

    • James


  • rare_jewel

    I don’t think it took off because the mainstream audience was not ready for two black people in lead roles. The show never really found its niche and needed more development.

  • latreceh

    I set it on my DVR because I really wanted to support. I made it through 1 and 1/2 episodes then I couldn’t take any more. The concept is cool but the show was campy and low budget looking. The plots were also far fetched and forgettable. It would have been more engaging if they were on a long time hunt for 1 villain instead of those ridiculous episodic adventures.

    • Caramel Cat™

      Very good point! They should have followed the same theme as ‘The Event’ or ‘Lost’ and kept the storyline continuing on with each episode…much of it was pretty forgettable…

  • MissPerfect

    hes NICE to look at ! but that show is boring just like him

  • RMEs

    I’m gonna have to agree with the majority. The show was boring, the writing not good. He’s nice to look at but it takes more than eye candy to keep a show on.


    Black people shouldn’t be expected to support things just because other blacks are apart of it. The difference between Boris’ show an RHOA is that the RHOA are entertaining and are a reality show – so good acting is not expected. Boris’ acting was dreadful.

  • Toy

    Anybody knows when that show that lauren london gona be on? Boris is boring but fine!





  • moonbeam

    i would rather see him as a doctor or a lawyer on another show.

  • moonbeam

    or maybe a teacher in a high school

  • gb

    The show had no grit to it, but also wasn’t particularly funny either. I didn’t find the writing to have any nuance. Each show essentially repeated itself, save for a change in whatever country the “action” unfolded in.

    I honestly can’t tell if the actors’ were “bad” in their roles or not, because they were given absolutely nothing to work with in terms of the scripts.

  • MistaO

    Disagree with most of you. I believe the main reason this show lost many views is the first episode.

    The writers MADE SURE to emasculate Boris’ character by having his WIFE having been basically the concubine of a white character before they were married and then had them working with this man and made references to this at least 7, yes 7 different times!

    A total sham. I like Boris and wanted his series to do well, but these white writers just can’t bring themselves to putting out a true, unfiltered, not watered down, otherwise compromised version of a Black man. They just can’t do it. I believe even white folks want to see that, but when fed what we saw in that first episode, well needless to say that was a wrap…

  • coldt7

    Pure GAY!!!

  • Chelsea

    Both lead characters were beautiful, but they looked like siblings to me, and I agree the chemistry was off. Poor acting. Boring plot. Stale concept. Poor promotion. No action. Os there any wonder it didn’t last.

  • thetroot

    They should just bring back Soulfood with all the original cast members. That was the last Black show that was interesting, positive, well written, and HOT!

  • katina hope

    I’m sad I wanted to see the show but kept forgetting to tune in.From the previews I thought it was going to be like a black mr & mrs smith type thing.I thought that would have been cool.

  • Racks

    The musical intro to that song was complete and utter garbage

  • Racks


  • Gymo

    That’s not a nice thing to say about a generation of young people.
    The show was stupid and just speaking a few words of a foreign language does not a good show make, or I’d have a good show just speaking to myself. 🙂

  • prissa

    Luther on the BBC is an EXCELLENT show!

  • Mak

    NBC should have put the show on one of its basic cable channels like USA. I’m gonna miss the show because I actually like it.

  • selli

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  • WTF


    Along with Luther I’d add Jill Scott’s 1st Lady’s Detective Agency on HBO.

  • D.G.F.

    Solid Black people(Black Momma Black Dad) need to represent Black people on film, tv, etc… And be the stars. We need to separate ourselves from these tom’s and tammie’s who have no love for that thought. Who cares how she/he looks I want to see strong, proud, and loving real black people on screen.

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