One Time Pops Kat Stacks Over Immigration Issues?!?!

- By Bossip Staff

It looks as if rappers can now sleep easy at night. According to published reports, super groupie Kat Stacks has been arrested.

Although reasons for her arrest are unknown at this time, multiple sources have confirmed that Kat Stacks, whose real name is Andrea Harrera-Cardena has been arrested and charged with immigration issues surrounding her citizenship status in the United States.

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    • greatelect

      This makes me feel there`s more in the mortar than the pestle, or should i say, like some of the things she said was “true”.

  • purple love

    I thought u couldn’t get deported when ya child was born here

    • blah

      I don’t think she has custody of that child, so that may change things for her.

    • young

      leave and come back!! shh everybody else is doing it! Plus if there’s supporters for Cleveland’s serial killer Anthony Sowell(youtube it) then I’m pretty sure it’ll be an undisclosed entertainer paying money to bring her back. aka sunshine pu$$y lol!

  • I Smell A Ratt

    Joke’s on you, America because there’s no way in he’ll they can fly her back to Pandora with the rest of the Na’vi ..

    • daisy jay





    • eygptianprincess


  • awesome-o

    i didn’t realize she is only 21. smh

  • Denny

    How’s that possible for her to be deported when she has a child in the U.S?

    • purple love

      thank you! lol

    • bklynista718

      u can’t claim ur child as an anchor for ur immigration issues aint like it used to be..if u got kids here they’ll send ur azz hubby wrks for immigration n they deported mad ppl cuz of that ish..they’ll leave the kids wit a fam member u got here or custody or u can take them back wit u till u get that situated..its like when u commit a crime n have to go to jail..same sh*t..USA crackin hard on that sh*t..bout time!

  • blah

    Someone probably sent in an anonymous tip, lol

  • purple love

    sweetie i read books all the time and i simply thought if you had a child who was a U.S. citizen they wouldn’t make you leave because who would take care of your kid??? but i guess i get what you mean lmao

  • Real Black Man

    Having a child doesn’t mean sh!t when your profession in america is being a ho3. The mexicans at least work in resturants and hard labor. She just takes in hard d1ck.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Don’t worry Nada. She can still tweet from Honduras or whatever 3rd world country she ran from. And for those who don’t know, illegals with American children can and do get deported. They can leave the kids or they can take them .

  • Wenzel Dashington

    Gotta admit she had a good run for a foreign chick. No one tramp should have that much power. Lol

    Rappers can rest easier and maybe hip hop can go back to normal.

  • yessir

    “How’s that possible for her to be deported when she has a child in the U.S?”

    You should learn your country’s laws. Having a US child does not make you a citizen nor immune to deportation.

  • bouyant

    having a US born child does not give u legal status. no way!

  • nursedred

    We have a lot of illegals here in Vegas and usually an anchor baby will keep you here unless your a criminal and shes been convicted of like 2 crimes

  • Alexis

    yu guys are ALL DUMB cos shes not even 21 she 20 smh

    • rene

      lol she is 21. She just turned 21 not to long ago


    There are MILLONS upon MILLIONS of illegals in this country. If you live in a CA,AZ OR NM, some of your coworkers probably have forged documents. Interesting how they managed to find the illegal who is half Black with the Black child? Coincidence? Ask the illegal immigrants from Black countries who’s Black azzes are turned right around as soon as they hit shore. Kat’s major mistake was LEARNING ENGLISH. You big dummy!

  • rain

    If the republicans have there way ,even the US born children of illegals will be deported also

  • MissPerfect

    First off shes getting deported even if she had a litter of kids.. it doesnt matter if she has a american kid SHES NOT! She clearly doesnt take care of her child because she busy screwing everyone and getting beat up @ clubs .. and like stated before she was arrested twice so thats not helping .. maybe she can get a JOB out there and stop being a DONKEY

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Just goes to show you,you betta have your sh*t together when u tryin to ruin somebody else life! She wanted the attention,she got it! Somebody probably dropped some serious stacks to get that trouble makin b***h up outta here! Lol

  • Chester

    She be arrested for having HPV and HIV. She has been spreading that sh!t to most dumb black men in the industry that would do anything over non black women. That’s why I won’t date any dude in the industry. Ugh! Magic Johnson isn’t the only one with that stuff, because plenty of other men in the entertainment business has the same stuff. Those men just keeping it on the low, because they’re ashamed to admit it.

  • Chester

    I meant she should be arrested for spreading HPV and HIV.

  • tickle me

    @purple love and them yea somebody should look that because the 14th amendment gives you birth right citizenship and how can you deport a US citizen? Because wherever they deport them to the kid would be illegal there And I can’t imagine they would make an orphan out of every kid whose parents are illegal

  • Yeah, Okay

    @ Chester

    I agree! People act like these celebrities would hold press conferences like Magic, lol. Bet the majority of them don’t even know their status. It’s tragic when such ingnorance is glorified & promiscuity is condoned & encouraged. Well that’s the job of a “Star”, to sell us these behaviours.

  • tee

    She’s interesting…she living how she wanna live leave her alone..these dudes know what they dealing with when they start messin with her

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