Prez Barack And Chelly-O Make It Rain In India… But Not For $200 Mil A Day Like Shady Republicans Are Saying

- By Bossip Staff

President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama landed in India today. Their four day state visit has been the subject of lots of controversy because of an anonymous and, according to the White House, untrue report that the trip would cost close to 200 million per day.

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The trip is expected to help create more US jobs (some 54,000 gigs!!!), with Obama declaring deals worth $15 million and promising to remove restrictions on high tech exports to help international trade.

The trip has drawn criticsm from shady conservative Obama haters like Michelle Bachmann, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and other known unscrupulous characters who have been running rampant with this unconfirmed Indian press story (which used an anonymous source) that Obama’s trip to the far east would cost some $200 million dollars per day, with expenses including an entourage of thousands, military ship detail and more random ridiculousness… The White House press correspondent has already attempted to squash the bull-dookie by denying these reports.

Check out more pictures from the trip below:


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  • Hannibal


    • asdAwf

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    • saltNpepa

      Sorry gurl bit everyone that has been president make those kinda trips when bush did it where was u ? licking his balls for i know why the economy in us took a dump blame the lickers ill say *smiles*

  • Entoon


    AND job creation will bury any garbage hate filled rhetoric the rethuglicans are spewing! This why they tried to put hate out about the President going to India! We can send jobs over there but we can’t bring any back? Time for those countries to start outsourcing to the US for damn change!

  • http://bossip nay

    I know them white folks hate it. I love Michelle Obama image wise. That is what you call a black women. From her skin color, to her degree’s, on to her damn lashes. Barock may be half but with that Real black women behind, no beside him it’s a wrap. It don’t get no blacker/better than that. Look a here, blacks are meeting and greeting and representing for the world. It’s a beautiful thing#

  • Lyoness

    Just goes to show that they (Republicans) know that their followers have no concept of money. The war in Afghanistan costs $190million a day… This makes no sense. Instead of focusing on what the President is trying to do for our country by going overseas, they’re acting like it’s a pleasure trip. Everyone running for 2012 can’t do any foreign policy stuff and they hate that other countries respect us and want to work with us again. We need to support our President again guys and come out IN FORCE in 2012!

    • Bossip will always be blinded

      he’s staying at the Taj Mahal~ no your right~ no pleasure in that trip.

      Ya’ll idiots real f’in stupid~ common sense is not all the common~ OBVIOUSLY!

      Bush hasn’t been in office for 2 years~ STFU!!! Ya’ll sound real uneductated if you have to use BUSH as an example. Bush was a f’up~ fine~ but Obama~ is equally and more expensively a f’up. We are safer when he plays golf, he saves money that way. SMH!!

  • LB

    The first lady is always on her A-game, but I’m not sure I really like this look. It’s way too conservative, almost grandmotherly! Something a little sleeker would have gone much better with her pearls. Either way, I love how close the two of them. Totally agree with @nay

    • How come you can't think?

      They’re on a trip to bring jobs into the US, she’s the first lady of a superpower, and…you’re concerned about her clothing not being sleeker?

      She looks SUPER sleek BTW.

      I know that everyone can’t help their level of thinking, but are you serious?

      If Michelle Obama concerned herself with such base things as ‘outfits’ she wouldn’t be the first lady.

      Michelle Obama dresses with SENSE not CENTS.

  • steve

    Obama is a FRAUD. Your Truly,
    A Democrat

  • HeartBreak

    I can’t stand the racist elitist Republican party! They are forever talking bad about My President. They could care less about the effed up economy!
    I just want Obama to lay the political smack down on somebody JUST to show these fools whose the Head of the M…f… State!

  • white male

    Obama outsourced his weekly vacations I see. Lol

  • white male

    But on a serious note, hopefully Obama went there to say to those Taliban and extremists in Pakistan that yah America is not broke, I”m coming to your ‘hood spending 200 million a day to make sure we are whooping Taliban butt.

  • andy

    Those deals were already in place before his trip learn the facts ge. Harley airbus come on people Obama nut hugers

  • bouyant


  • jayluv


  • jayluv

    DEMOCRATS STAND UP AND COME TOGETHER…WE NEED TO EXPERIENCE THE FRUITS OF PRESIDENT OBAMA’S VISIONS. President Obama stop trying to work with the Republicans and do what you said you came to do. They threw you off your game plan with all those emergencies, from floods, earthquakes, bailouts and other things…I know Michelle ain’t standing for this mess…Gurl they done HOOD WINKED AND BAMBOOZLED YOUR MAN…STAND UP DEMOCRATS!!!

  • selli

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  • Torres

    Man $200mil /day to spend in India?…What happened to Skype?
    Am a democrat but at this point in the economy the gov dont need to spend like that. He could skype. What possibly can India do for us that he cant skype it. Well i blame congress coz they have the countrys check book. Not obama fault. It’s the people representing us in congress.

    • Bossip will always be blinded

      has obama did anything that he has

      1. taken responsibility for

      2. not his fault~ yes the f it is, you are the PRES. If I remember correctly.

  • Ms. T

    Damn you people are so dumb. Yeah go ahead and believe anything these people tell you. Thats why we are in the mess we’re in today. Ugh simpletons.

    • Torres

      This is not TMZ rumor. Congress rights the check for the prez to spend. So there for its a public document since the gov doesnt make money(USPS loses money on postage stamps). The money is from you n I so they ought to tell us how much they wanna spend. It’s like you tell your mom you wanna go on a school trip to england, if she cant afford you dont go. So congress decided he can go. Where is/are the Founding fathers, plz take the wheel

  • Ms. T

    I highly doubt it cost that much for him to travel like that an hes the PRESIDENT. What, do you expect him to go on American Airlines with his wife to these other countries? Geeze

  • Torres

    Ms.T…….He can Skype

  • Torres

    American politics is no where near democracy. It’s more like Aristocracy, we got the old white men and the elite colored men making decisions that affects us, but no one holds them accountable. I wish we could elect 3 senators from we the common people for a civic pay to congress every 4years. That will make it democracy. Just like jury duty is selected, coz these poticians are failing us

  • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

    I like how the guy is getting ready to kiss Michelle in the first picture and Barack has ahold of his arm like he’s thinking “careful there buddy.”

    • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

      I think the kiss on the cheek greeting is a European thing. The guy is trying to take advantage of it in India.

  • Bossip will always be blinded

    learn how to spell president before talking politics!

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