EFF A Thug: Kids In Iran Locked Up For Illegal Rap, Using ‘Improper Grammar’

- By Bossip Staff

Fawk that rap ISHT and all it’s tough talk and ‘street-like words.’ Iran isn’t having it.

Police in Tehran have arrested several members of underground Iranian rap groups, the semi-offical ILNA news agency reported.

Tehran Police Chief Hussain Sajedinia told ILNA that several young boys and girls were discovered using vacant homes to record and videotape illegal rap music for various websites and satellite networks.

Police raided the homes, arrested the young musicians and confiscated “western style musical instruments” and several bottles of liquor, according to ILNA.

The report did not specify when the raids took place, how many rappers were arrested, or how old they were.

“These groups use the most trashy, juvenile and street-like words and phrases that have no place in proper grammar,” the police chief told ILNA. “More importantly, they have no regard for the law, principles, proper behavior and language.”

Police were searching for a girl and several other of the young rappers after identifying them in material found during the search of the vacant homes, ILNA reported.

“A court order has been issued for the arrest of all of the accused and police in Tehran will make their utmost effort to arrest these people,” Sajedinia told ILNA.

In Iran, rap and rock music is not a serious crime but is considered un-Islamic. Ignoring the laws against playing rap and rock music can lead to accusations of Satan worship and sentences of flogging or a night in jail.

“Those who have been arrested are among those who have veered away from proper behavior, who have distanced themselves from all of life’s hardships and are in search of comforts that have no limits,” he said.

Can you imagine a world where they regulate on “trashy, juvenile” rappers? We wouldn’t mind living in a Flocka-free world, would you?


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  • Amazin Atheist

    See what religion does folks, America is slowly but surely turning into Iran unless we can rid the world of superstition! I’m just sayin!!

    • oh my god

      You can kick rocks because america will never be like Iran . I do dislike some of todays rap music but I do have a choice of not listening to it .

  • nwilson

    Maybe if we had some of those kinds of laws here in the U.S. then we would not have all of the violence that we are plagued with!

    • awesome-o

      yeah, good idea i hate having all this freedom.

  • coldt7

    I think thats great what Iran has done.Now if ol”sinful America would do that.Then that would be one way to cut down on the outside population.Because most of the people in this country would be in jail.

  • MissPerfect

    If only we can have that LAW in the US it would slow down these up and coming wack rappers !

    • heaven wings

      u silly,i was thinkn the same thing.

    • mr shiggity

      that would be nice if everybody knew what a wack rapper was just because your new and from the souht doesnt mean your wack songods put out the most trash in way higher volume.

  • You Smell Me??

    Wait wait wait wait wait…

    You ARREST people for improper grammar, yet aid terrorist in the BOMBING OF INNOCENT PEOPLE?!

    Oh Iran, dont worry. Your country will be westernized by the end of WW3.

    Dont fight it.

  • mikiy

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  • ignoranceisbliss

    That is an Islamic country where women have to sit in the back seat and you can’t even spit in public ten lashes for you….Ha Ha Ha that how they should treat people in this country maybe there wouldn’t be so much crime

  • sheena

    im at a loss for words! thats their problem! they knew what it was when they became the age to get outta town… and for yu all who wish we had less or no freedom at all yu wouldnt be able to use this particular site or any other at least not to voice opinions

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