Name The Red Carpet ‘Hot Ticket’

- By Bossip Staff

Guess which celebrity BFF decided to give Halloween another shot at the MTV Europe Awards today?

We think Rihanna put her up to that sh*t. Because technically, Rih Rih’s gown was almost masquerade ball ready too. And she didn’t stand next to Katy once all night, LOL.

More photos from the MTV Europe Music Awards red carpet below.

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    • Bambi

      I dont see what the hell you people see…….she looks like a meerkat!

  • crazyish

    Yea cuz I’m sure went back in grammy pictures archives to see what beyonce had on N said I’m wearin that

  • chaka1


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  • Truth be told

    rihanna has huge hands yikes!!

  • Dee

    Rihanna looks like a barbie doll on the 2nd pic

  • JD

    Rihanna is a 9.99999999999999999 outta 10

  • jayluv

    Katy is known to wear some crap in the beginning stage of stardom, but for her to wear this condom wrapper looking dress now, it’s just not her. Who you been listening to Katy? Your stylist gets a police ticket for this one.

  • jayluv

    Didn’t Rihanna wore that dress before at the USA MTV Awards couple years ago or something like it?

  • that damn sh!t disturber

    i like her style. kind of looks like pebbles from the flintstones…:)

  • !!!!!


  • selli

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  • It's Me

    ugly she needs a better make up and hair stylist…

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