No Babies Coming To MiMiLand Anytime Soon

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Mariah Carey is not pregnant:

Oprah Winfrey has denied reports that Mariah Carey canceled an appearance on her chat show where she was due to announce her alleged pregnancy. According to reports Mimi was booked for an appearance on the show to reveal that she is expecting her first child with husband Nick Cannon. The pair wed in April after a whirlwind romance and rumors have since been rife that the Hero singer is expecting. However, a representative from Oprah’s production company has stated that there are no plans to have Carey or Cannon on the show any time in the near future. A spokesperson for Mariah has also denied that the star is pregnant.

The day these two actually reproduce is going to be quite entertaining though, just imagine what the kid will be like…


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  • lil latte

    i never knew there were rumors of her being pregnant

  • Re ( I am VERY ANGRY today)

    I hope her children don’t wear spandex.

  • Re ( I am VERY ANGRY today)

    She’d make sure they would be as glittery as possible.

  • Re ( I am VERY ANGRY today)

    She’d put butterfly barrettes in her daughters hair.

  • Re ( I am VERY ANGRY today)

    And they’d wear clothes that say “Princess” on it. Even the boys.

  • United States Air Force in this hoe

    lol…..she needs to stop playig, she is already 40

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    buttcheeks for a gravatar WHY ?

  • brea

    She needs to grow the fu#k up! She looks stupid in that picture. She is almost 40 years old and still trying to be 20. Be a real wife and act like you got some since. I still think she wanted the attention Beyonce got when she decided to get married. Nick C is a loser. Look at him in the picture! Is his shirt like to small or something? His pants look tight as hell especially going toward the bottom. He just don’t look smooth enough. If she wanted some attention, she should have hooked up with 50 cent. ha-ha!

  • brea

    Excuse the Mis-spelled words..LOL….

  • as seen on t.v.(my gravie is coming out the closet like Clay Aiken)

    Awww…too bad no little Nickriahs…:(

  • lemonbrown82

    lol @ brea i hope no one actually thinks mariah would actually get pregnant – she doesn’t want to mess up her butterfly figure she would probably pay someone to have it first before she actually does.

  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD (Product of The Swirl and AINT mad about it)

    Im still mad that Nick and Mick and wear the same shoes….

  • Jasboog

    Their babies will probably be very cute.

  • Dame

    I thought they wanted babies they are goofy to me but they are growing on me.

  • Creole Baby

    shut up uncle phil

  • warning:very opinionated

    LMAO AT MICKEY MOUSE POSE. Mickey lookn better than the both of’em.

  • Eden's Garden

    Thank God! We don’t need dumb n dumber to procreate! Like the world needs another good-looking ditz walking around.

  • Oshie (SWF seeks WEBMWP for HCF)

    Mariah Carey smells like corn dogs.

  • Oshie (SWF seeks WEBMWP for HCF)

    I love you Uncle Phil!

  • Re ( I am VERY ANGRY today)

    @warning:very opinionated

    Lol, this is a shot of a real person at the beach, who apparently forgot to tan the rest of his body…

  • dayg715

    whoriah is the last person on earth that should be reproducing.

  • dayg715

    then again, her album flopped, so she may as well get pregnant.

  • lil latte

    Having a baby might actually give her a booty

  • ~n3k@ b()()~

    why he got on em big ass boots

  • Candy Barr

    Yes, n3K@ b00, I keep questioning why she lets him dress like that? But I guess as long as she dresses as if she is 16, he can continue to dress as if he is 14.

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