Weezy Already Has Another F’in Baby???

- By Bossip Staff

We all know Dwayne Carter loves to slang that bare wood. Now his alleged baby-grandmama Brenda Ann Brown wants his sperm too.

TMZ reports, Brown claims there was another random BM between Toya and Lauren: her daughter. We’re not sure why her daughter can’t speak for herself though.

Lil Wayne may have a lil illegitimate kid running around — this according to a Missouri woman who hit Weezy with paternity papers while the rapper was serving time at Rikers Island.

Weezy — who’s already fathered 4 kids that he’s aware of — allegedly sired another child back in 2002 … and now the 8-year-old’s grandmother obtained a court order requiring Wayne to submit to a DNA test.

According to the legal papers, obtained by TMZ, Weezy was supposed to get tested before September 10, 2010 … but since he was behind bars at the time he got the letter (dated August 20), the judge pushed the deadline to December 9.

The woman going after Wayne doesn’t explain why her daughter isn’t pursuing the test herself — in fact, the birth mother’s name isn’t even listed on the documents.

Ladies, we beg you: keep your womb away from Weezy-Wee’s wee wee!

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  • sportstalk23

    Dang I guess I’m out the pool because I picked Weezy next baby mother was Nikki Minaj lol

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      Damn man, strap it up before it falls off.

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    • kalifa

      weezy gonna get cooties one of these days for messing with chicks raw boned 😦

    • thominonose

      He looks like a thuggish grover form Sesame Street with Lil Johns hair! This is what you want your kids to look like… Wow! He Tattooed his face to cover up all the ugly.

  • TheRealThing


  • Ice Harvest

    I’m wondering if these ignorant people know that there’s no “known” cure for A.I.D.S. Wayne doesn’t have Magic money to get the cure and neither does the sorry a** chicks that are allowing this man to slide into home without a glove. I don’t know who’s worse, Lil Wayne or Puffy (or whatever his name is for the moment) 😉

    • Ripschit

      He just might have magic money. “Magic” did and he ain’t got the hiv anymore. . .or if he do he ain’t dropped dead yet!

  • !!!!!


  • hmm_BAPS

    The grandma probably has custody and is raising the child, she needs help and the girl probably don’t know who the father is. Wayne is probably “contestant” #6… Man, if it wasn’t for many grandma’s of the world smh .. Handle your biz grandma!

    • hmm_BAPS

      The child may not be Wayne’s but at least grandma is trying to cut the mother’s BS and get down to the truth to raise the child .. next stop Maury Povich…

  • nana

    Wayne must be packin heavy!

    • jayluv

      Well, the way how Nivea be acting over him, I am sure he knows what he’s doing. It’s kind of sad that all of them found some form of man while he was locked up, including that Shonelle.

  • Louisiana Mami

    Why ? Why do people choose to reproduce with Wayne? The gremilins you see on tv are not the way all louisiana men look. We have some idris elba s and some other fine fellas our way too. Im so ashamed of this dude!

  • jayluv

    Well, do what you have to Ms. Brown. If it’s his, she will be taken care of.

  • It's Me

    another tramp looking for a pay day. Trick get a job and support your granny….

    • Well Alright....

      WTH are you talking about? The child is 8 years old, and the granny was the one who filed the lawsuit.

  • jasmin

    I can’t believe I’m commenting on a lil wayne post. All I have to say to this is birth control. I’m not a fan, but I’m not mad at him. These women know his occupation & his rep. They don’t see being a single mom or STDS, only $$$$

  • mj4va

    That why Weezy keeps working on music. He can’t sleep becuz he has to pay support for all these babies. He needs to get a vasectomy today.

    • QueenyBean


  • Courtney

    ever though he wants half a baseball team by the time he’s 40. too dumb to use protection or get a vesectomy eh. and for the poster that mentioned gremlins that is based on the writtings of Roald Dahl as are Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory and Mathilda


    Lil wayne gonna f.uck around and end up like Eazy E mark my words

  • Bri

    I hear it’s his charm. A very charismatic guy that Weezy is suppose to be. LOL

  • MissPerfect

    hes a walking STD case waiting to happen thats if he doesnt already have something ! smh

  • just me

    These women think that just cus he’s a celeb he is immune to HIV and other STD’s…..WAKE DA F UP!!!!!

  • MizASterling

    I mean, I get that he has status, but ladies, do we really find this Leprechaun attractive by any means?
    I mean, this dude has black gums…Clearly his character should be questioned, not to mention his P E N I S.

    **Shudders at the thought**

    Ugh. That picture is a PaintbyNumbers Mess.

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    LMAO @ Mutant Muskrat

  • I think

    he did say he wished he could f*ck every girl in the world so be weary he’s doing the rounds and coming to a town near u! It could be u! Lols

    • Pisces82

      Hide ya wife, hide ya daughters and hide your niece cuz he’s fugging everybody out here!!

  • !!!!!



    Disgrace to the race.

  • http://gmail lawal afeez

    lil wayne has money.so it is a free world. let him do what he likes

    • Pisces82

      Money is not a replacement for spending time with your children and aiding their development into productive citizens.

  • Pisces82

    Is he trying to beat Bizzy Bone’s record as the rapper with the most children???

  • chaka1

    Why on earth would this surprise anyone? There are more babies coming…

  • Moby

    Maybe the daughter didn’t want to press the issue because if she came forth it may air out her dirty laundry There could be a possibility she may be roller/groupie who got hit by the whole clique plus the entourage and doesn’t want to be exposed. She probably don’t even know who the father is.

    • Pisces82

      LOL@”roller.” By any chance, are you from the DC Area?

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