W’s Revenge: The Today Show Makes Kanye Cry On Twitter And Quit The Press

- By Bossip Staff

George Bush’s “Woe Is Me, Yeezy Hurt My Feelings” campaign is doing more than just selling his new book. Yesterday it gave him a chance to embarrass Kanye on national TV too.

And Ye’s emo behind cried about it via tweets.

Oh brother! Someone give this man some midol!

Read the rest of Kanye’s impromptu therapy session at BossipTwitter.com

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  • MizASterling


    We care about this because..?

  • Lucy

    LOL bullshit… Chattin bout he dont do press no more. Purlease.. spear me.

  • Too through

    UMMMMMMM….sure??? :-/

  • jayluv

    Did he think that Matt and him had some form of friendship? Just put in work from now on and keep your mouth shut. So, he won’t be tweeting anymore either?

  • New (Nihala)

    That picture of him is priceless…

  • whenigetmymoneyright

    what ever happened to “dont ever fix your lips like collagen to say something where you gon end up apologizing”…..

  • mango

    lol at George Bush calling him “Conway West”

    • Omg @ the haters!


  • champhf

    kanye is wrong for apologizing… bush crapped on new orleans and then get mad because a black guy with access to the press called a spade a spade..!!! im questioning his judgment because it is bush that ows the apologies.

    • chaka1

      This is why Kanye is an immature false prophet. He should have nailed Bush to the wall on the Hurricane Katrina response. However, Kanye never stands behind anything substantive or requires critical thinking.



  • http://Bossip.com Sexy Lexy!

    They need to leave kanye alone.. He is trying to compare his situration to Michael Jackson.. But MJ had it far more worst than he does. And he still does till this day.. After his death smh.. I think one day if they keep trying to mess with him he gonna kill himself mark my world.. Kanye needs a new life maybe a wife and kids to give him something to live for. Bless him.

    • chaka1

      No woman will marry him. His is too self absorbed to have children.

  • http://Bossip.com Sexy Lexy!

    Btw he needs sum carmex asap his lips are chapped.. My god yezzy

  • RMEs

    LMAOROTL!!!…but seriously, Yeezy needs an intervention. His rants CAN’T be calculated to garner more publicity. They just can’t!! This dude he is heading for self destruction and I know its not funny, but…Conway West. LOL!!!!

  • othello

    Of course it’s a set up. GENERAL ELECTRIC (donated 1.1 million to GW Bush for his 2000 election campaign) owns NBC, NBC Network News (which contains the Today Show), and CNBC.

  • othello

    All media is controlled by 6 corporations that have their own agenda and control the media; that controls the people to facilitate that agenda. Yes, it’s that deep.

  • othello

    Never apologize for speaking the truth.

  • Injera70

    Kanye is right. They are trying to make him look bad and he spoke the truth. Bush is full of crap.

  • B-BoyStance

    Bush is looking like a genius for this. Throw an entertainer of color you know middle America despises under the bus and you have instant sympathy. Get said entertainer (having been forced to mellow out) to “apologize” & state that you “forgive” him to make it appear as if you are someone whose forgiveness is something that is actually desirable or of any value. If there was ever a time for Ye to spaz on someone & open his mouth with an opinion it was now. Call that idiot out for saying your words were the worst moment of a colossally failed administration.
    Bush will sell millions of copies of his book now & Yeezy’s album will flop. Bush is a marketing genius.


    I don’t think Kanye was wrong for what he said Bush Mama was wrong for saying them black folks use to living like that ! Now that was wrong!

  • hmmm...

    maybe he should follow his own advice “Dont ever fix your lips like collagen,then say something where you gon end up apologin”

  • Kai Eliot

    So what, Kanye said what he felt and what the rest of us felt at the time of the hurricane.. Bush don’t like black people!! Stand on what you said, forget W!

  • Mz_Blaze

    Thank you!

  • Where are the believers?

    The nicca’s CRAZY. Why can’t anybody see that?

  • http://bossip.com dc city star

    a talented artist once said “i can’t be responsible for how you interpret my art, i can only be responsible for my intentions”. stop explaining urself and just make ur art.

  • Alphabet people gon get your azz

    Mmmhuh anything not to be black balled by the alphabet people. This entire situation is pathetic!

  • The Bear

    If he had some INTELLECT he would be able to handle these situations better.

    • too many idiots

      But that’s just the thing, Bear…he IS intelligent, he just REFUSES to act intelligently. He uses being an “ar-teest” as an excuse for his blatant stupidity and lack of self-awareness. I used to think that because some of his lyrics were so introspective that he had some clarity regarding who he was and what the business he’s in is all about, but I think that may have been his mother’s influence. Now he’s just lost.

      He’s not dumb…he’s pathetic.

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