Swizz Beak And Alicia Keys Get Their Post-Baby Party On In Celebration Of His GQ Feature

- By Bossip Staff

The Homewrecker Alicia Keys and her Hubby, Swizz Beatz, the perpetual philanderer, went out last night to celebrate his being featured by GQ at a “Fancy” shindig thrown by Hennessy at the Soho Trump hotel. From what we can recall this was the couple’s first night out on the town since ‘Licia birthed baby Egypt and the newlyweds really cut loose with dancing and lots of PDA’s. Check out more photos below:

Uh-Oh Swizzy, what you done did now?

Aside from this shot, they’re lookin’ lovey dovey as hell. If they keep this up Egypt will have (ANOTHER) sibling in no time. Y’all know Swizz got that super sperm.

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  • nana

    Alicia loves her some Swizzy! Beautiful couple

    • greatelect

      I agree

    • FaReelDoe

      GQ Spread? Wow!!! Whatev…. Main street wasn’t thinkin bout no damn Beek til he got with Alicia. I REALLY don’t like how they got together either, but we need to get over it. They do look happy – for now. FaReelDoe.

  • Miss tahbee

    Besides the way they got together, these two look great together. Im sure baby egypt is cute too.

  • Miss tahbee

    Besides the way they got together, these two look great together. Im sure baby egypt is cute too. I honestly prefer them to beybey and hova. They’re seem more real.

  • Mizz 337

    Party whenever you can because a baby is a handful.

  • omg

    people you do not know what really happen just what gossip sites tell you for all we know mashonda could have been trifflin we dont know

    • jayluv

      I don’t know him and Mashonda personally , but if one of my children was with their father and I can’t go visit him and spend time with him like how a mother should, because it’s a problem with my son coming to visit at the house…Oh best believe the relationship between us is dead. Something about her just seemed selfish.

  • jayluv

    Where is my Swizzy? in the second pic…he seemed to be feeling the lyrics singing them to her…awww they look so playful together…real love…cute couple. So much love and respect there…she sure does love her some Swizzy…nice.

    • YokoDMV

      i agree! I initially got on here to hate a lil bit – but they look SOOOOOOO in love – cute : )

  • jasmin

    They seem really into one another. I do believe they’re in love, but there was a BETTER way to handle their situation. And I’m not a “hater”, but true love waits…

  • OMG

    Homewrecker stay home and have some bonding with the baby You ho

    • whatsittoyou

      Hey, you sound a wee bit jealous. Glad they’re having fun and I hope HE doesn’t wreck this home. Why always blame it on the woman? You could even blame it on the ex. Something must have made him not want to be home. For all we know ex was getting some on the side too. Things are not always the way they seem.

  • http://bossip mike

    Damn she is looking at him like ” I seen you looking at her butt, want me to slap you” He is looking like ” calm down baby, you know it’s over !flatscreen no, “countdown” tick, tock, this clock keeps ticking my roley ain’t real so bish handle yo buissiness lol” !

  • Tcity

    We let everything slide as long as it look good smh

    • MaryJane

      I agree with you, thats sad the way people just overlook what they did. If it was someone else people would fry them alive but, thats okay they are going to get whats coming. That doesn’t mean he will cheat but, still it’s coming for them.

  • tb (The Rent Too Damn High!!!)

    You know what they say…when ppl keep on throwing thier happiness in your face, its not always what it seems.

    I can’t stand AK’s azz.

    AK is the only reason Swizz got that cover. Seriously, was any of those white ppl mags checking for Swizz before he cheated on his wife with AK?

    Didn’t he cheat on AK and get that chick in London preggers too? Boy, this is one dumb chick. In 2 years Swizz will be on to the next and AK will be on twitter like Moshonda.

    • !!!!!

      REAL TALK.

    • rain

      agreed,, there both narcissist

  • proudzimbabwean

    Hmm yeah they look good together I suppose, but yeah whatever, it will catch up with them!

  • tb (The Rent Too Damn High!!!)

    The wonders of a good makeup artist. We all know, without the makeup, AK ain’t ish. Pizza face and all.

    • ldl

      You’re an idiot. Her skin is beautiful. Everyone has a bad day sometimes. It’s NORMAL. YOU need to get over it. A few little imperfections on your skin is absolutely nothing compared to you’re imperfect attitude about it.

  • Tcity

    This is what they been waiting for so they can be the next it couple trying to take Jay and Bey spot.

  • It's Me

    Bruh, you are so right. The cat is one lucky dude. God bless him.

  • Cairo

    AWW I’m so happy for them

  • Lisa

    LOL at the haters. Ak and Swizz, doing their thing, you can’t break them people, let it go. All the judging and hating in the world is not going to get int he way of this one. You can see the way that they feel about each other and stop the crap about throwing your happiness in peoples face, they are out and there are pictures, what the hell do you expect for them to look sad and miserable because your lives are? Please!! You people are unreal. So happy for this couple, if this is Karma then pour me some, because they continue to be blessed overflowing and the more you hate the more the blessings will pour. Got to love it when you make your haters spin.

    • sisiouatt

      what we see in this photo it s two people tryin to play the best couple of the planet…. but we know the best couple of the planet!

  • XO

    Yuck, they look like brother and sister. He is ugly and so is she, highly overrated for looks. Saw AK in an African magazine, she looked terrible. I guess that pic never made it to the US.

    • anita

      Well too bad we all can’t look beautiful all the time. We are ALL human. Alicia is beautiful inside and out. Get over it. She is just more down to earth than most celebrities. Doesn’t matter, gotta love her on her bad days too. I think we all have them, we just don’t have a camera in our face to show it all the time.

  • soulsista

    Alicia looks absolutely gorgeous with that new wife/mommy glow. Beautiful couple.

  • Maria Miiz

    Mrs. Keys are you serious! Your son should be at least two to three months old, so little:

    Right now you remind me of a young ghetto girl that gives birth and is out in a club that same weekend. You know what i’m talking about:

    Motherhood is a full time job : Get to it! Karma is a B!tch :

    • Trish

      Are you serious? I mean really? I know you can’t possibly be saying that a couple cannot go out and enjoy a night out after they have a baby? You are a simple idiot and it looks like you are the one with the ghetto mentality!! smdh!!

    • ldl

      You sound absolutely ridiculous. Just because you go out once in a while does not mean you’re neglectful of your child. Everyone needs to think of theirself sometimes. This only helps the relationship with the child and family. Mom does not need to be over that baby every single minute. I feel Alicia probably loves that baby more or as much as any mother ever could, but sometimes you just need to take a break for your own sanity. I think every good mother knows that. It’s amazing what people can come up with to complain about.

  • reaching

    LOVE is all over these two, so happy so BLESSED, I wish these them nothing but the best, can’t wait to see the baby 🙂 YALL FANCY HUH

  • reaching


  • Mock Rock Star

    I don’t think that I would enjoy myself too much because I would be wondering what my son is doing

  • Iguessso

    These comments are funny…granted, the circumstances by which they got together were not favorable ones, but what’s done is done. They’re married now, and yes they have a child. I understand he’s a newborn, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a night out on the town together. Parents must bond with their children, but they also needed to maintain the relationship they have with each other and sometimes that means enjoy time together by themselves. They also have to be careful not to lose themselves in their children. I don’t think it’s like she’s leaving the baby every night to go partying. As long as they’re balanced about it, that’s cool. But then again, why should they give a f*** what I think? They’re going to do them anyway.

  • soulsista

    lol people are too funny. I guess since she looks so gorgeous they cant insult her looks so they try to paint her as a bad or neglectful mother for going out 1 night. smdh.

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