When T.I. Gets Out The Big House He Won’t Even Be Able To Take A Sh*t Outside Georgia Without Asking For Permission First!

- By Bossip Staff

Dayuuum… The State of Georgia must be sick of T.I.’s probation violating azz! The terms of “The Inmate”‘s year-long post release probation forbid him from driving a car, owning anything destructive and leaving the state for more than a week!

T.I.’s probation terms were recently drawn up in court documents and it’s looking like once he’s a “free” man, his actual freedom will be seriously limited!

According to TMZ reports:

According to the docs, T.I. won’t be allowed to leave the Northern District of Georgia — Atlanta, Gainesville, Rome and Newnan — unless he can prove it’s for “verified employment within the United States.” That means he can’t leave the country.

T.I. is also banned from leaving northern Georgia for more than seven calendar days per month or for more than seven days in a row.

And that’s not all … as long as T.I. is on probation, he can’t drive a vehicle, can’t own “any firearm, dangerous weapon, or other destructive device,” and must participate in a drug/alcohol testing and treatment program.

We gotta ask the same question we asked about Weezy — are these terms setting him up for yet another violation? We already know he has a hard time passing these drug tests!

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  • Peppa

    Those terms are not setting hyim up for anything. If his a$$ want to stay out of jail OBEY THE LAW. Plain and simple…Point Blank..THE END!

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    that picture…DEAD WRONG lmfao!!!

    • that damn sh#$ disturber

      but seriously though they are setting him up. how does he go on tour??

  • jayluv

    Well, at least now he will write more, put out music, and spend time with his family.

  • oVa

    Its not a set up! They gave him a chance…several times. He has mulitiple felony convictions and if he was a normal black male would have seen 13 years alone for having a silencer and many more for being a felon in possession of military issued fierarms. What else are they supposed to do for him? In the song “Rubberband man” TI says he aint scared of no time. So whats the problem TIP?

    • that damn sh#$ disturber

      very true. it’s common knowledge celebrities get away with murder but think of cases that much worse than his and the outcome wasn’t even close to being the same.

  • williedynamite

    *DEAD* @ that picture


  • JohnnyB

    This is a TOTAL Set-up !!! Ti Can’t stay off the Sluzzzurp so you best keep him in the clank for the duration of his probation. I know my Drug addicted A$$ could’nt do it either… Just lock me up too please 🙂

  • Tm30

    If he isn’t ready to lead a straight life, he will be back in there. I personally never understood why people, especially BM, carried drugs and/or illegal firearms on them like that. IMO, you are looking for trouble.

  • the 254 all day

    lol, oh the poor District Attorney’s office must be so sick of dealing with this guy…why don’t they just keep in him prison longer so they don’t have to deal with him….i mean really, just KEEP him…

  • xclusive


  • WhoUFeelin

    I really like the artwork on the cover of this mixtape, its very visual and accurate, one mans pursuit of living freely and as he pleases all while escaping a conviction of Life behind bars, the laws often interfer in what we leisurely consider a lifestyle.

  • SexyBlack81

    We all know he can’t abide by these probation terms. Probation has and always will be a TRAP! He might as well do about 5 years and get it over with instead of taking these small sentences and Violate Probation.

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