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Yesterday’s “For Discussion” story on the recent news that 72% of black children are born to unwed mothers sparked quite the debate in the comments section, so we are returning to the topic again today — this time looking for solutions.

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Within the Bossip offices the story was received with more than a little skepticism — we all know plenty of children born to unwed mothers of ALL races — not just black. We also know plenty of MARRIED black women whose husbands or ex-husbands offer less support and involvement than friends who chose their baby daddies well, but just did not want to marry them.

Here are some of the solutions offered by our Bossip Readers:

Black adult women need to start training their daughters and young black girls in there sphere of influence “THAT BIRTH CONTROL IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND NO ONE ELSE’S”.

Women need to stop having unprotected sex, with men, before they know that this man is the type of man, who is not ging t allow his child go without a father. Also women need to realize that giving it up to a man to keep him is not going to work, because if you give it up, without birth control or protection, you WILL KEEP HIM, until you invite a bun in the oven. There does need to be some analyzing alright, but not by SOCIETY, it needs to be done by women, before they spread their legs to men without some type of protection.

Aim higher! Stop fawking with these no good thugs, they shouldn’t dictate your future- you control your destiny.

Once you 25 and have 5 to 6 kids come on someone should step in at number 2 and sterilize like they do animals, thats how bad it is out here

Black Men have to do better and Black Women have to choose better.

I think the problem would be solved if women would stop sleeping with guys outside of marriage. There’s a solution right there. This would also help the issues with black men not wanting to get married.

we as Americans need to step up and stop taking care of these people who keep having kids and can’t take care of them. If you can have a kid and tax payers support your kids while you lay with your legs up, then why not.

There are no consequences to actions anymore. STOP BAILING PEOPLE OUT AND HOLD PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE. You want to have a baby then good~ take care of them with your own damn money, without your section 8 housing, medicaid, welfare, food stamps~ and then these women got the nerve to talk about they independent.

1. Women need to stop sleeping with men who they KNOW cannot provide financially for them if they were to have a child. Aim higher or keep your legs closed

2. Women need to stop sleeping with the kind of men who they KNOW will not man up to their fatherly responsibilities. Again I say aim higher

3. Use CONTRACEPTION if you do not want to get pregnant (same goes for men)

4. Men need to accept their fatherly responsibilities when they get a girl pregnant

5. Men need to stop sleeping with hoodrat chicks who are more than likely having unprotected sex with other guys making it harder for you to know if the child is really yours without a paternity test. Aim higher or wrap it up

1.Accountability and self love/respect 2.We need to start promoting positive black images and strong family archetypes more “Cosby show” and less For the love of ray jay 2.Tell Opera, Tyler Perry and other closet basket cases to miss us with the melladrama and end their crusade on the black male encourage them to refocus their energies on positive portrayals of black the family 4. Black people need to start creating and owning their own businesses in order to provide opportunity and gainful employment 5.promote values

There were a lot of good suggestions made — promoting abstinence, more education about the consequences of single motherhood, making better choices about our sexual partners and providing better role models/positive models in entertainment and the community overall seem seem like the very basics in building a solution.

How do we start to take these steps in the right direction? What are you doing personally toward making a difference. Also, is it more important to MARRY before giving birth or is too much emphasis being put on marriage. Can black women and black men successfully co-parent without walking down the aisle?



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