Sister2Sister Magazine Celebrates 22nd Anniversary, Honors Matthew Knowles

- By Bossip Staff

Last night, Sister 2 Sister Magazine celebrated their 22nd Anniversary at a star-studded party in Atlanta honoring Mathew Knowles, Roger Bobb, Will Packer, Stephen Hill, and Paxton Baker.

Check out the star studded highlights, pics, and performers at Hip Hop Wired.

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  • H formerly known as...


    • candy

      sorry but the woman more looks like tina =/ unless ur gay and think everywoman looks like that is a drag only then u cant make a diffrence.

  • L

    I like this:
    ___________mixedmatching.c-/0-m ____________

    you can not refuse a person stay here to listen to what you say !there is no difference between race and color!!!

  • nana

    He deserves it!

  • nana

    I think Mathew knowles is the one on the left! Bwhaahahahahahhahahaaa

    • H formerly known as...



    Hypocrisy. A man who has an extramarital affair and a baby with the woman now is honored by a magazine that is supposed to support and uplift women? May Sister2Sister be the next defunct magazine.

    • mosiane

      I was thinking the same thing!

  • sepia830

    Sure we all love it when the editor is in every other celebrity photo. Low budget a$$ magazine!!


    I put Jamie Foster Brown in the same category as Wendy Williams. Two hatchet faces who look waaay too old to be doing what they do for a living. Reporting on Hip-Hop and wanting to still rub elbows with trendy kids a third their age. Grow up already.

  • Baby Jane

    Dang! I thought I was the only one who finds Jamie Foster Brown hella annoying. The articles would be great if she would just report from the outside looking in. Sadly, she inserts herself into every story. I do however have to give her credit for profiling Black artist who would otherwise receive no attention from the mainstream media.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    I love Ms.Jamie,but she made me mad when i saw the photos of her all up on El Debarge at T.I.&tiny wedding reception.

  • S.a.s.s.y24

    why is matthew being honored, for what exactly? Making millions off his daughter.

    • Hannibal is the ULTIMATE douche!

      Where I’m from, they call that pimpin, pimpin, pimpin! Cleon in getting the award for 2011–I’m claiming that!

  • xclusive

    Honor him for what….for being the new Joe Jackson….lol

  • xclusive

    Joe Jackson Jr….lmao

  • XO


  • RMEs

    Did his daughters show up?

  • Cutesmurf

    WTF are they honoring him for, BEING A BASTARD?!

  • Cha T

    Congratulations Jaime!!!

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