Which ‘Football Wife’ Is Already Done With The Celebreality Bullsh*t???

- By Bossip Staff

VH1’s “Football Wives” is only three episodes into the first season, and one of the actual wives is already saying she’s had it with the ratchetness? Can you guess which one? Here’s a hint: she didn’t need VH1 for TV fame or money.

According to TMZ, Pilar Sanders is telling her friends it’s a wrap for her VH1 Hood Life Sundays career.

Sources close to the reality star tell us … Pilar is sick of being “made to look like the villain” on the show and does not want to subject herself to another round of drama.

But that’s not all Pilar is telling friends … we’re told she’s unhappy with her castmates … even telling one person, “Would they still call it “Football Wives” if their husbands aren’t playing or are affiliated with NFL any longer?”

We’re guessing this won’t be Pilar’s last fling with reality TV — word on the street is that she and Deion are shopping around a new show … but so far, it’s unclear what it will be about.

Who else on the cast does anyone really care about? Is anyone even really watching this show?

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  • escape

    I don’t like the vibe of the show.

    • nikemy

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      ummm 20’s she looks good but…

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    • lga

      i wonder why some even like being in a show like this u cant do shizz whithout a camera in ur face u cant even live ur live to the fullist i would be tired of that crap too her man is famous so no really a need to do a show like this.

  • blkqueen39

    The show was wack anyway but pilar gone it’s a wrap. Sorry Bo but your no way in your twenties now early thirties ….but I ain’t mad at you boo if you can get away with it work it.

  • RAW

    Late thirties at the very least!! Count back, when did she get married? and how old was she then? She’s a a goldiggin ho anyway and wears too much makeup!

  • RAW

    the white one in front has fat flabby thighs! why is she showing them ???

    • Curveball

      And thick ankles. She really needs to be in the back hiding all that.

  • LuVn_liFe

    This show is so ridiculous”Chanita,shenitra or whatever her name is,gives me way to much ghettoNess’i dont understand why all these reality shows have to have a loud,obnoxious,ghetto acting chic.She’s stated IM FROM DETROIt.I Wanna Punch Her in the Face,i’LL walk The dog on Her,AAAAugh,grow up and raise your kids to have a mother to look up too!”

  • http://u bklynlady

    She’s the baddest and I’m sure the richest! You can’t blame her for rising above the fckkery….I never caught the show…

  • It's Me

    20 my azz. I give her 32 – 34. Deon loves stroking that thang. He says the doctor said he needs coochie 4 – 5 times a week.

  • Pilar ain't in her 20's

    I googled Pilar Sanders (formerly Pilar Biggers) and this chick is not telling the truth about her age. But why lie about that? She’s a pretty girl, so why lie about your age? The article I found said that she was 34. Back in 2008. So that would make her 36, 37 now, not 28.

    • jayluv

      I thought she was 42 years old…ok…she does look good though…wonder if she still uses that fitness by Jake all in one abs workout bench?

  • Gstands4

    She is my favorite one on that show. I am a black girl and I am not hating on her. She is very beautiful. Do you girl.

  • Cally

    Pilar is my fav! Love her or hate her, she is that one!!! Go P!!!

  • Pilar is funny

    The show is a failure!!! A ratings bust. Pilar is setting up a way to distance herself.Odds are Football Wives will not be renewed.

  • imsuchaeffinladii

    Im pretty sure she was being sarcastic about the age thing…people move on

  • Michael

    Pilar sanders is so fine. I don’t give a damn what her age is lol

  • Mama Mila

    Plus, she looks the best and she’s the richest……get away from the trash Pilar….

    eeew at the white girl’s thighs…..go work out.

    love u pilar!!!!!!!!!

  • shut the fu*ck up

    who’s the wolf up front in the knee hi boots, nice boots btw but dayum???

    • shut the fu*ck up



    Good for Pilar. She should’ve never did that show with a bunch of hoodrats who’s husbands have either been cut, warming the bench, or are kickers. SMH She is truly in a league of her own on that show. They do need to bring back a show for her an Deion it would be more entertaining.

  • BEBE

    20’s LOL! T you mean 40’s !!! Come on Piliar


    Yeah. 20’s I don’t think so. Im in my early 20’s and she looks like she could be my mother.

  • jaime

    Who cares? Shes not even really on it anyway!

  • I_saw_this_one_coming

    What next “Down-Low Wives”, the spouses of men tho take it up the a$$, but won’t divorce them, because the damn pre-nup is air tight, and they love that money too damn much?

    • Tonia

      LMBAO!!!!! That is a good one!! I have to remember that!!!!

  • Cheeky

    I don’t blame her. It may sound like she’s coming off stuck up, but she’s right. None of those girls husbands are even in the league,two of them play for the UFL, one is a well know groupie, two “date” kickers/punters. The only one who’s husband is a real player is the chubby white lady married to the black guy from the Cowboys.

    And I too don’t understand why Pilar lies about her age. There’s no way in hell she’s 28. She looks great so I don’t see why she would be insecure about it.

  • iBillz

    She’s sickening anyway… her and Deon both, or however you spell that sh*t.

  • AlxAlxdr

    I don’t think they mean 20s as in age….. They wrote it as the other females are broke…and she don’t want to waste time with them not making money.

    • exclusivemo

      They meant”20″ as in age, on the show last week she told them she was only 28 years old.

  • it is what it is.....

    The white housewives shows have housewives……the shows with black housewives have baby mommas…..always pushing that stereotype…..wonder how long it’ll take for real black housewives in Atlanta to mount a protest against these frauds who come off so badly.

    • goldenmink

      I am a black female, and i so glad that people like you were born.Life would be so boring with people like you

    • goldenmink

      Are you a house wife?

  • Truth Hurts

    I can’t stomach this show after seeing the ghetto chick from Detroit always acting a monkey about everything. I hope it gets cancelled and get people like her off of TV making black people look worse.

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