For Discussion: Should You Expect Your Man To Cheat If You Make More Money Than Him???

- By Bossip Staff

In Tyler Perry’s film “For Colored Girls” Janet Jackson plays the very wealthy, very successful, publishing exec Jo — who out-earns her pretty-boy husband. And he cheats on her BIG TIME. The storyline isn’t far-fetched.

A recent study released by Cornell University this year found that male partners of women who out-earned them were more likely to cheat on them. In fact, the study says men who earn less than their wives or girlfriends are FIVE times more likely to cheat than men with more equal earning partners.

SMH. Talk about adding insult to injury.

But the new issue of Glamour Magazine sheds light on the subject. According to study author Christin Munsch, the statistic only applies when the man is completely financially dependent
on the woman for a year or more.

Sorry but um, in this economy, that’s actually a very common scenario. So while women are out earning the bacon, why would men go out and bang someone else???

“Some may feel insecure and turn to hyper-masculine behavior like being promiscuous,” explains Munsch.

Is that any excuse???

Munsch does say that the majority of men, dependent or not, don’t have affairs — but the study is still very unsettling…

Should working women be worried? How can women keep their low-earning or unemployed partners from becoming insecure? How does this news affect your relationship???

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