Birdman Jumps Into The Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj Beef: “Kim Did It To Herself”

- By Bossip Staff

It seems the Nicki Minaj & Lil Kim drama continues, as Minaj’s label boss Birdman said some words addressing the rumor that Nicki’s new song with Eminem “Roman’s Revenge” was directed towards Lil Kim.

In a recent interview with Vibe, Baby said: “Real talk, but maybe Kim asked for it. Usually we don’t try to make money like that…that’s not our theory. We make great music…”

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  • Hannibal


    • YokoDMV

      kim is the original!!! – she should have known better tho – bc anyone with that much surgery is an easy mark. remy ma? better rapper but not as attractive as nicki so…u know how ppl are.

    • Pink Friday Nov 22

      Couldnt have said it better myself… Granny Kim need to make a song and stop performing 15 year old songs and running her mouth on the radio and in clubs.. WHERE’S THE MUSIC? I guess Biggie would have to come back from the dead and write the songs for her in order for that to happen. Shout out to Nikki yo

    • lga

      kim was her best in the past en nicki just in the present and birdman off all people needs to learn to edicate his youngmoney youngsters and that respect will get u far and for the kim and nicki beef they just need to stop acting childish just put all the energy in making music not in cat fights that wont lead anywhere having beef in the 90 was probly a hype to do but nicki if she is a woman that gives respect and if shes the barbie that she is just walk away and let the haters talk dont put more things in the flame to make it bigger or make u as a person more relevant in this game and to let people take sides, grow the F up and make music this isnt highschool.

  • mzfabulous1

    i love me some nicki

  • devils advocate

    nicki minaj better enjoy her time while Rema Ma is locked down…cuz when she gets out its ova for her.

    • nikki88


  • Ivan V

    Wow this ish is blowing out of proportion. Wtf? That is why female hip hop dead. People only want one female to be on top, on the contrary male hip hop makes sure every one gets a seat at table. Mankind:1 Female empowerment:0

  • Ivan V

    Wow this ish is blowing out of proportion. Wtf? That is why female hip hop dead. People only want one female to be on top, on the contrary male hip hop makes sure every one gets a seat at the table. Mankind:1 Female empowerment:0

  • Alicia Jones

    @devils advocate U got that rite..Remy ma is a beast..But I must say Lil kim is a beast also I love lil kim..Nicki Minaj who?????? when lil kim got out of prison she should have went in the studio instead of getting plastic sugery..but who cares I love lil kim..its funny to me how all these “gangsta Rappers” have a lot to say about women beef, but when somebody going in on them they dont wanna say anything

    • jayluv

      when kim got out, she had to think quick on her feet what her next move was going to be…she was about to lose property left right and center…so she had hit up her Daddies, which are all white to get the bills paid. Then she came out with some dead azz single, when she should have come hard….I hope she’s done seeing all her “peoples.”

  • nikki88

    “we make great music”….did he say that with a straight face?

    • chanicani

      Co-sign and LMBAO.

    • shan

      yes he did!! he has to be joking!!

  • jayluv


  • jayluv

    right now we need Ms. Hill, lil kim and remy back in the game and then it would really be a show!!!!

  • Real Talk

    U can’t b serious, if thy had 2 battle in freestyle one on one Lil Kim would win. Nicki has copied Lil Kim style (da colored wigs) and can not touch Lil Kim lyrically. Nicki Minaj raps make no sense and reminds me of nursery rhymes. Da only thng tht saves sme of her songs r da hooks, and thy r stll hrrble. Nicki needs 2 say thnks instead of trying to diss Lil Kim whch Lil Kim is da best hands down.

  • jayluv

    All four bring something different to table and I don’t have preference and since Ms. Kim dropped the mic in Queens ( which i didn’t expect at all from her)really makes me wonder if she has the stamina to battle.

    • jayluv

      seriously, i would love to hear a battle between all four women.

  • Hanibal

    can not wait to hear the song. I hope Nikki is going in hard and not talking bout some third grade bullshyt..

  • always knew

    both these females are stupid.. Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj..

  • what_am_iDoing

    Can these ppl just STFU & make music. Can kim n minaj just do their thing like nas & jay did & let it be..

  • Tiffany Says

    Nicki is my girl for life, but she is really making me mad because I think she can go as hard as Kim, but she keeps letting Lil Wayne talk her into doing the nursery rhyme type ish. I like Kim, but damn Kim give her a break and show her the ropes instead of getting mad that she did a few of your styles.

  • latrice

    Nicki Minaj is a pretty girl and all but when it come to rap Lil Kim goes hard… Lil Kim just lost her way trying to look like a white Barbie…

  • jj

    What are yall talkin about if remy was out she would most likely do a diss track with nicki on Kim bubble face azz
    Destroying the little career she still has
    Remy hates Kim and nicki always shouting out remy
    They cool
    So you Kim stans need to careful with what you wish for cuz I know for a fact the only reason she hadn’t murder Kim already is because she in jail

  • Tink

    I can’t believe some of you honestly feel that Nicki is better when she is a carbon copy of Kim! Imo I think Kim shouldn’t even waste her time responding to it unless she’s working on an album, Nicki is beneath her and Kim has already made a mark in the game! Nicki couldn’t light a candle to Kim in a freestyle battle. Dat hoe is nothing but a gimmick, Wayne is her ghostwriter! All of you rooting for her are gullible as hell smh. You all let the media sell you anything.

  • Thook

    What difference does it make….both of em’ have ghostwriters anyway so, none of em’ have any “REAL” talent!

  • shake em

    kim and nicki aside from clothing have two completely different styles.
    kim’s style is big’s style or whoever is writing for her these days…
    nicki’s style is wayne’s style with funny voices and pronunciations. she tried the “go hard” route and it was only enough to get noticed. to become popular she became barbie.

  • shake em

    Any female rapper to have become as popular as nicki would have ended up in a beef with kim. homage my a$$

  • jj

    Shake em
    You ain’t neva lie nicki was doin all those gutter back alley raps on her play time is over and beam me up scotty mixtapes but she realized that was only going to her so far she took the missy/lady gaga route by being crossover pop instead some hood chick idol
    Yall wonder why everything going pop??
    Because those the only people who selling records right now those the people with real buzz
    Look at all these female rappers who tried to keep it street
    They fell off cuz they only appeal to one audience and the record companies don’t fund one audience type of artist
    Just look at her mtv gigs..people eating that shyt up
    Can’t blame nicki somebody obviously skooled her about the game and she took the advice

  • shake em

    uh…jj are you posting under “eh” as well. the icon’s or whatever they are called look pretty similar.
    …but thanks

  • jj

    Yea one is ma initials the other ones I just make up in response

  • Dimensions Marketing

    Nicki has a unique reason of why she raps the way she does. She always wanted to be an actress…she even went to performing arts school for acting. That’s why she is loud and different, colorful and dramatic, then soft and feminine. Kim was great in her day, but Nicki got her beat

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