Google Is Gettin Drug Dealers Pinched! Aint That About A B*tch!

- By Bossip Staff

This sh*t is a story that you might think is straight out of ‘The Wire’, but the picture you are looking at was taken from a Google Street View car as it rode around Brooklyn getting images for the search engines map/world imaging service.

Today in Google Street View crime: Cops say this brazen drug ring dealt heroin openly on the streets of Williamsburg. Police busted it after their surveillance cameras caught members stuffing heroin packages into a lock-box hidden behind a store’s sign.

When the Google Street View car cruised by, these guys were hanging outside one of two bodegas in North Williamsburg, at the corner of Kingsland and Jackson, where they peddled their drugs. The guy in the red coat is 32 year-old Shaundell Dade, to the right is Jamel Pringle, 22, and to his left is Jonathan Paulino, 20, according to police.

We don’t condone selling drugs in any way, shape, or form, BUT, this is a helluva way to get caught. Be easy on the internet people, the tweets is watchin…


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    DUM A?SS


    • lga


  • It Is What It Is!

    Why is it only blacks that sit on the corners sellin drugs? you dont see Asians, Whites, Mexicans…Well, mexican might be on some corners, but 90% it will be a black guy. Go to school, get and education, and make money the right way or you will end up a criminal black man like majority of them cooons.

    • Dottie

      The whites and Asians are too busy getting the product into the country. You want them to hold the corners down too?

    • williedynamite

      @ Dottie


  • me

    I’m glad they got caught, however, I’m wary of “big brother”.

    • noluvforthestupid

      Public streets are free range. If your not doing anything you shouldn’t be then there’s no need to worry about big brother.

  • her?yeahher

    lol – cosign @ Dottie!
    but seriously dudes be snitchin on they damn selves! time for a new hustle niccas – get a dirty white boy to run for you….they’re all over williamsburg selling weed anyhow – cops don’t even see them!

  • her?yeahher

    and another thing – how come you never see the full name, age , address, etc of any other criminal cept for the black ones? i’m just sayin….

  • God hates black women


    • noluvforthestupid

      yea, caus the white dope dealers keep low profiles.

    • Starr B*tch

      Nah, the white men just get to hide behind badges or pay off the judges, ask your boy Bush Sr., he’ll tell ya.

  • Honut Sinti

    Let see Google shots of peeps going to church or having a picnic.

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  • Toy

    Shouldve gotten a job i dont care if its mcdonalds. Its legal. I got family member hwo locked up for it we cant get mad its life. You know the consequences.

  • leecipher

    i guess its really jus 2010.expect mo from this world of quickly advancing technology (^^,)

  • williedynamite

    AND? okay theres about 15 more corner boys waiting to take their spot.

    Them getting locked up is going to leave a demand in their market. so somebody else crew is gonna cash in with the supply. please believe.

    • williedynamite

      I said that to say this:

      demand drives supply, supply does not drive demand…if you want to stop drugs you have to stop the demand for it…which will NEVER happen in

  • I_saw_this_one_coming

    bust dey a$$, 1-time, bust dey sorry, poison peddlin’ monkey a$$es.

    (ain’t science wonderful ???!!)

  • Ray

    Hooray for Google! I applaud this technique. It’s flawless, and foolproof, because with 101% certainly, blacks will always loiter in front of properties and draw attention to themselves either with flashy obnoxious loud radios in their vehicles with gaudy rims, starving for attention – while depleting the values of real estate in every which way. I am not racist, although my comment sounds that way – but it’s their own faults for embedding this culture onto the public-at-large decade after decade.

  • my two cents


    just hush! please. negroes are at the bottom all over the world. just because folks are bringing poison into the country doesn’t mean ignorant negroes need to sell and buy it.

    i hope the police rounds up ALL of them that are SO stupid at this point in history, that they think it a good idea to ruin their own people. these negroes are a menace and should be put to work in the corporatized privatized prison industrial complex since they like making other groups of people so dang rich. WISE UP BLACK FOLKS AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR BEHAVIOR!

    american justice is NOT blind! she sees your black behind(s). ACT ACCORDINGLY!!!! stop making excuses. make a change and progress. NO ONE is coming to save you!!!

  • mrsblackvoices

    Stop Drinkin the Kool Aid:
    It’s not just US! Their are nigazz everywhere, Little Hati, Little Havana, and Coral Springs for the Jamaicans, and the Trailor Parks and sneeky White suburb areas and the Indian Reservasions all here in Fort Lauderdale and Miami FL. It’s not just US!

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