SMH: Woman Checks Into Hospital For Diabetes Treatment, Leaves Damn Near Paralyzed

- By Bossip Staff

If this Brooklyn woman’s allegations are true, she’s about to be super paid.

A Brooklyn woman not only suffered horrific skin damage in a city hospital screw-up, but has to suffer the insult of a paltry offer that the city won’t budge from, the woman’s lawyer said yesterday.

Marie Louis-Jeune went to Coney Island Hospital for treatment for her diabetes in April 2008 when emergency room personnel hooked her up to intravenous solutions in both her arms – but missed the veins, leaving the calcium chloride solution to eat away the skin around her elbows and the underlying tissue, the lawyer said.

“It [the solution] ate away her skin as if it were a piranha,” said Jeune’s lawyer, Richard Mogg of Frekhtman & Associates.

She was left with debilitating scars and limited motion in one arm after the 4-inch round wounds healed.

The 55-year-old home health aide still suffers pain in both arms and works every day in pain, Mogg said.

“I went to the hospital for them to help me and I came out scarred for life,” said Louis-Jeune, a Sheepshead Bay resident who came to the US from Haiti in 1982.

Mogg wouldn’t divulge how much the city offered in a conference at Brooklyn Supreme Court yesterday, but did say Louis-Jeune suffered damages “in the millions.”

SMH. It’s really scary how often “care givers” make these kinds of mistakes.


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  • Hannibal

    SHE’S 55, WHO CARES…

    • Greeneyez

      Hannibal who are you?!?!? Where u not hugged as child….do u have mommie issues….lol




    • Greeneyez

      Wow!!!! This is so Horrific!!! My son just got diagnosed with Type 1 (rare for black ppl and he is athletic). Too bad she went to a facility where some ppl are lacking in their field and innocent ppl suffer… Lawsuit?!?!?

  • RN from Louisiana

    So sad & unfortunate

    You have to be careful where you go & who you entrust your life with

    The nursing shortage is to blame. Who started the I.V.? A nurse or a tech? What did the MD do after the I.V. infiltration?

    • texas


    • AlterEgo


      There’s a BIG A$$ difference between accidents and negligence. True, hopitals overwork their docs and nurses to death.

      But I’ve seen so many nurses “burn out” and treat their patients carelessly.

      Poor woman. SMH

    • RN from Louisiana

      @ Texas,

      Yes, common human errors occur in healthcare/medicine, but how did techs, nurses, AND an MD miss the WOUNDS on both of her arms?!!

      And, if it were your mtr/dtr/husband would you want to her “Mrs. Texas, Im sorry, I made a mistake.” No, you would not.

  • coldt7

    America has the worst health care system in the whole civilized world.It’s all about MONEY.

  • divalious

    @Real Real Talk Lmao thats a good one.

  • Tessa

    This is terrible,
    they give anybody a nursing degree.

  • Im just saying

    Am I the only 1 that finds it a little strange that they missed the veins in both arms? Or that as an in home aide she didn’t see the telling signs of an improperly placed IV?

    I’m not saying she is making it up but….

    • RN from Louisiana

      U make a valid point. It makes you want to ask alot of questions

      My only thought is that some diabetic patients have nerve damage from the diabetes, so maybe she could not feel the calcium chloride killing the tissue in her upper extremities

  • Love Me

    I had cussed out some dumb nurse that tried that sh!+ with me (missing veins on BOTH arms)– then she was trynna say my shin too thick. I was in labor and she was REALLY making my blood boil under my skin with her dumbness.

  • Love Me


  • CClark1

    From someone who has been hospitalized with Diabetes, i have noticed that with certain nurses or techs they may not be as skilled when inserting IV’s. But as a patient, I would only give you one chance to stick me and as a patient you can tell when its inserted wrong.

  • Whatever

    Go fall in a ditch you’d do us all a favor Thanks 😀 lmao

  • Toy

    This happen to my newborn nephew. My sister had diabetes when she gave birth. They missed his vein. I was sitting right there the baby was screaming at first i thought it was the needle but it was actually the burning of whatever the medicine was his skin started to bubble i went off on those nurses.

  • JayJay


  • M.D. just playn

    This is common. But at no point do everyone overlook inflammation of skin on both arms. 1. The nurse should know when it is threaded. Did they not do a flush and pull back? This is all common knowledge for skilled nurses. 2. Was the patient in a diabetic coma, and not feel no pain. Maybe they ignored her. And the end result is a law suit. This is like clock work. 3. Or, did the patient reinsert her I.V. to make these claims. It’s all crazy being that she is a healthcare provider. They all have some blame in this!!!!

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