Uncle BDR Says We’re All To Blame For These Rappers Constantly Getting Arrested

- By Bossip Staff

During an interview last week, Hip-Hop’s resident old wise man, Uncle Russell, was asked to weigh in on the constant back and forth of rappers to jail.

Russell, who co-founded Def Jam Records and has had a hand in Hip-Hop since it started turning a profit, says believes that Hip-Hop culture is to blame for these guys and their lack of judgement, because the culture has made it “more acceptable.”

He told Atlanta’s V-103:

We got these images out of the streets. The violence, the things they talk about are topics we chose. They’re not bad people; T.I is very insightful. He’s a good person. These guys are learning their lesson in front of the world. And it’s a good thing they’re growing up before us. Otherwise, they might not have grown up at all.

Do you agree? Are “we” to blame for these predicate felons and they’re “untouchable immortal” mentality?

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  • nana

    Dead at that picture! I don’t care wat anyone says I really like T.I and I wish him well..

  • http://WWW.DIRTYGURL.NET dirtygurl

    you got it wrong russell, take your yoga practicing meditating blood diamond supporting azz somewhere and sit the hell down, it’s not us who got these celebs feeling their untouchable, it’s the industry, the lawyers,and a failed judicial system that wants to treat them like newborn pups gtfoh

  • bighead girl

    They believe it so they live it. Hip hop used to be about the party and a vocal outlet from the hood. Now its spewing hateful nonsense and our kids view it to be true

  • Tiffany Says





  • Mrs. Rance

    He’s right about some of them growing up in front of us and I do believe T.I. is one of them. But there are others that we see whose growth is hindered by the money and attention being thrown at them. But its not my fault. I’ve never cosigned the bullsh*t. It his fault. He’s the one always sticking up for the lunacy.

  • krusherkronkite@gmail.com


  • sandra

    And how about the million other young black men who are not T.I. and worship this music. They don’t have the chance to “grow up in front of everyone” They will never make it in this society. Russell is a moron.

  • Lawd da Mercy

    I blame the drugs, most of the rappers that are in and out of jail are on drugs heavily.

    I don’t expect Hustle Simmons to speak out against any of them. We love their ignorant @$$e$ apparently.

  • PRB~

    ~thought~ FLOAT ON THAT!!

  • PrincessD.I.E

    lol..These rappers are called “enchanters” and “witches” because they have to do certain rituals to obtain success. They practice The Art of War n another book I forget the name but they are definitely doing it bcuz it is glorified going jail just to hold on to an image

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