So, What Chilli REALLY Wanted Was A White Chocolate Choco Stick???

- By Bossip Staff

Chilli showed up at the Soul Train Awards showing off a new piece of arm candy. And him looked like he didn’t see anything but his Nubian princess.

Glad Chilli finally figured out what she wanted. This might be the real thing too: there were no VH1 cameras around.

More pics below.

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  • E

    I ain’t mad at her. Love is Love color doesn’t matter

  • nana

    Its simple “we’re quick 2 give our black women away but not our Black men!

  • Dr Black

    HypocritesRUS, come on bruh you can’t be serious. Look at how we’ve been trating sistas for years, while they have continued to stick in there with us. Now that you see a few of the sistas venturing out, you ready to cry fowl. Where were you when we were saying to them, that they were obsolete…bigging up white women, saying they are not drama, and they take care of their physique and stuff like that bruh. Come on, you gotta come better than that. We act like we don’t want them, and then when they gop to white men, we got ish to say.

    • mona

      Thanks so much for this. We NEVER abandoned our men, no matter how hard or tough it got. Alot of black women still only choose black men even though black men don’t choose them….that’s why they are sitting home single and lonely. At the end of the day a black woman is still a woman. Show me a woman that doesn’t need love and affection from someone. That creature doesn’t exist, so if our men gave up on us even though we NEVER gave up on them and a White or Hispanic man says he is willing to love us, well hey what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander…right?

    • Hypocrites R Us

      My first reply to you is in moderation.

      Bro quit fishing for female approval.

      All this bs you typed aint got nothing to do with what I said.

      Look up the meaning of hypocrisy. Also look up comprehension while your at it.

    • Karri D

      I agree with Dr. Black. The only thing with Chilli is that she is kinda stuck up with an unrealisitic look on the man of her dreams. I am with other people though when they say-does he measure up to all that she was asking for and does she??

  • mona

    It seems these black men don’t care much for us, so what are we supposed to do, lay down and die. If a white like it, I love it! We all need love when you get right down to the heart of the matter. Why should it even matter anymore, everyone has drawn the line in the sand now. The whole world will be made up of “mixed” people soon anyway. Then what color boundaries will there be? Maybe it’s genocide? Maybe it’s the way God intended it… the human race not race by color? Chilli is beaming in these pics, that can’t be denied. I am happy she is happy, hope it last for them, if not at least she is getting out there and enjoyng life.

    • Hypocrites R Us


      Shut your woe is me azz right on up.

      Black men are out here dating black women.

      You ladies just cry foul when its some rich azz dude with a white woman. Kill that noise.

      Go ahead and date a white man. If your looking for love find it where you can.

      But dont try to justify getting with a white dude by saying Black Men dont want you.

      Thats a cop out and fkn lie.

  • bouyant

    what she really want is mayweather. but he is a player and she’s not getting younger. so there.

  • BOONDOCKS Disciple

    Another Billy Bob, Monster’s Ball, loving Black Woman. What else is new?!

  • wecare000

    They look very nice together…Can’t deny that.

  • California Love

    Well, it’s about time! Chilli you go girl! I was hoping she would- and he is fine too!

  • Hypocrites R Us

    If your looking for love then go find it. Wherever.

    But if you need a reason to date a White man other than because he treats you good and you love him.

    Your a racist.

    Dont blame the black man for dating outside the race. Just go do it, and stfu about it.

  • 7lady


    Can you tell the millions of black men that come on here bashin black women and blaming black women for the reason they date outside their race to STFU! too?

    Cuz that’s racist.

  • http://derrifrancis derri

    Hey screw the brothas I want a white man too. CHILLI HOOK ME UP GIRL

  • StayTrue

    Theyr cute. Pics look a lil fixed and stiff tho. Like its for PR. No real chemistry. Kinda lame compared 2 wat she had with Usher. Jus sayin’.

  • xclusive

    Birds chirping….lol

  • ms.kelly

    She looks good minus the sleeve but he’s quite the accessory , go chili.

  • tbone

    variety is the spice of life…

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