Revisiting The Injustice of The Justice System: The Case of Mumia

- By Bossip Staff

On December 9, 1981, in Philadelphia, near the intersection of 13th and Locust Streets, police officer Daniel Faulkner was shot and murdered and Mumia Abu-Jamal was shot and injured.

Albert Magilton, a pedestrian, said he didn’t see the murder but witnessed Faulker pull over Mumia Abu-Jamal’s brother, William Cook, who reportedly told police at the crime scene “ I ain’t got nothing to do with this.”

A drunken cab driver who said he’d been parked behind the officer’s vehicle fingered Mumia Abu Jamal as the shooter, begging the question; how many cab drivers with D.U.I.s voluntary roll up on the police?

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    • RedB0ne

      I’m with dat!!

    • realityWRECKER


  • God's Child

    One day Folks, these devils will burn in hell. How many innocent people the USA is putting behind bars for life, I know that one day, hell will be filled with these burning devils.

    One day!

  • Lovely

    Sadly, THIS is the kind of story that will only get about 8 or 15 comments because everyone is so concerned about those broads Rihanna, Nicki MiNAW, and Beyonce. FREE MUMIA!

    • God's Child

      You are so right. People have lost their identity and some of them, their soul.

  • Nut Sack

    I know this guy is a political prisoner, I just found out about him two week ago.

  • Loves Love



    Who killed the officer?

  • E$

    you see mumia gets 6 comments, but if this was Lil’ Wayne it would be 600 comments…..Get it together black people


  • MaryJane

    If he didn’t kill the officer then who did. I ain’t saying he shouldn’t be free cause the whie man been killing us and still killing us. More than likely it was a him or me situation, the cop lost. He should of left them alone.

    • God's Child

      Prosecutors build evidence to get as much people in jail as they can, whether they are guilty or innocent.


      Then, they get a 99% conviction rate and they appear as being “great prosecutors”.

      Later on, these devils run for politics. They have more than blood on their hand and no one even notice.

      Black people are we ever gonna wake up in this country??

  • MyReason

    This man was caught in the last vestige of the campaign launched by the FBI to destroy the black panther party via drugs, false imprisonment and blantant murder. They won’t put him to death, but I fear he may live the rest of his life in prison. There is still a war on awareness going on in this country-black people need to educate themselves.

  • mosiane


  • Taylor

    I never heard of him until now. I know stories like this do not get any airtime. The media is not geared toward helping people, mainly african americans, hispanics, and other minorities. They just want us to be seen in a negative light. It’s not right for him to just sit in prison without a new trial to confirm that he is innocent.

  • densure

    when is he going to be free and be paid his compensation, the man is free?

  • jojo

    Throughout history, there have been numerous cases of individuals being wrongly convicted of a heinous crime due to their race and/or political affiliations. Mumia’s case is likely not one of these. For whatever odd reason, many have latched on to Abu Jamal’s plight and advocated for his right to a fair trial and release. I believe that Mumia has been unfairly treated in the courts. However, there is a substantial amount of evidence that is linked to Abu Jamal, from his own brother’s confession to the gun found on the scene that was registered under his name. Perhaps it is his charisma or his defiance of white superiority and his political affiliations, but the community needs to lead efforts to help those who are wrongly accused; Not those who are bamboozling whoever will listen.

    • DR.FUNK


    • end time gloom news

      Exactly, who are these numerous people wrongly convicted of a henious crime only for their political affiliations?

  • white male

    So this guy executed a cop and all of you want him free? uh ok

  • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil


  • We"Blacks"AreTheREALHebrewIsraelites

    “They” have so much blood on their hands that it is not advisable to be standing anywhere in their vicinity come Judgment Day. May Yah keep this brothers spirit strong and whole.

  • For Real

    This man is a cold bloodied killer. I live in Philly and don’t be fooled by the need to a face to the Injustice of The Justice System. Research before you react! The Truth is keeping him in prison. P.S. His own brother will not stand up, for him, because he knows the truth.

  • Iyan

    I have been follwing this case for years. The little evidence they did have was kind of bogus. At one time someone else actually admitted to killing the cop, and they would not listen. I thought it was kind of weird that they didn’t want to re-try the case based on the confession alone. I really do believe that this case was tried based on Mumia’s beliefs.

    • end time gloom news

      Before his arrest Mumia was an activist, part-time cab driver, journalist, radio personality, news commentator and broadcaster. He was a member of the Black Panther Party until October 1970.

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