Camel And BeyBey Welcome Erykah Badu’s Baby Daddy To The RocNation Family

- By Bossip Staff

BeyBey and Camel hosted a Illuminati initiation soiree in honor of Jay Electronica aka Erykah Badu’s Baby Daddy #3 last night at The Box in NYC. The Experience The Turn event was held to celebrate Jay Electronica signing to RocNation.

Jay Electronica’s songs “Exhibit C” and “Ghost of Christopher Wallace” were two of the most celebrated tracks of 2010, but he’s been criticized for being inconsistent and unpredictable. Hovvie Baby is gonna have his hands full with this one!

Hmmm…. Wonder why Camel didn’t throw a party for Sean Garrett?

Lots of shots from the event below…

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  • jfizzle

    Yo the dude Jay Elect is one of the best MC out, he will kill all of these bums.

  • meka d

    Beyonce looks pregnant

  • nana

    Hottest CHIC in the Game! Jay Electronica is the truth!!!!

  • KIKI

    DAMN! Why da hell beyonce cousin angiee (watevah her name is) always be looking busted. Like seriously I know beyonce paying her major bucks plus I know she can use beyonce styling team. Just dont get it.

  • http://bossip niah

    Someone please tell me that Beyonce does not look the same age as Jay smh ? Beyonce boo get some rest honey. Stop looking so stressed and beat !

  • nada

    All dat money and no Heir to the throne wtf are they waiting for….have a family already





  • nana

    Really? Like Seriously? Its almost 2011 and yall r STILL talkin bout ILLUMINATi???

  • Sex = Weight Loss World Wide Reviews

    Illuminati is just a bad stereotype of mystery schools and secret organizations, like the Masons and Eastern Stars. Since before Moses there was Illuminati and after 2011 (but not forever) there will Illuminati. Doesn’t mean we should fear them, because they only have the power we give them.

    Congrats to Jay Elec, if he applies the lessons Jay gives him to a tee, he’ll have success and little spiritual unrest. 😉

  • Say What!

    Beyonce looks good. I have respect for her to go out in public being the celebrity she is with a fresh face and no make up. Instead of peudo celebrity walking around with ten pounds of make up, false lashes, to cover up her ageing reconstructed face. Bey looks young and fresh

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    I saw the vid for this @ wshh & Jay Electronica sounded good IMO….He’s handsome too hehe
    Bey’s nails stay looking hot! Loves em 🙂

  • Sabrina The Teenage Bytch

    Beyonce is starting to age, she better take a nap and get herself together.

    I wish jay electronica well though, this is a good opportunity for him.

  • babyme

    what is wrong with jay face

    • The General Public

      What’s right with his face?

  • !!!!!


    • The General Public

      He doesn’t have to make any, he has an overstock.

  • ciara

    bey look like she wouldv’e been some where else but, was bugged the hell out of.

  • danniii

    I’m confused. Is melanie fiona signed to roc nation..cuz they never promote her..

  • anyways!!!

    Beyonce looks good and beautiful. Young black love can’t go wrong with it. I love these two together. Beyonce maybe pregnant?!! She is glowing and looking bright.

  • HeartBreak

    Bey farted. Jays face tells it all….


    • ciara

      you don’t know that

    • HeartBreak


      Its a joke! Relax!

      She does have that serene “I just farted” look.


    • KenyaTheGreat

      Lmaoooooooooo he does look like he smelled poop

  • Lani

    She aint preggers, she doesn’t even look it to me. Some of you all want her to be so bad that yall are seeing things,lol.

  • Gurlz

    I wish I was rich like Bey and Jay…I wouldn’t give a damn what y’all said abt me….

    • I Run E

      but you’re not, and you’re stupid, so shut up


    Omarion looks like he’s trying to convince us that he’s gayer than we thought he was!!!

  • Lawd da Mercy

    Can’t help but wonder do the Carter’s care about anything besides money and partying?

    • Truth

      thats his job. while some spend 8 hrs flipping burgers, he spends that time investing and making 100 million out of 1 million. its called investing. And im sure he cares about alot more than work

    • Lawd da Mercy

      Well with what he has he should be doing more to help those that are less fortunate and don’t even have basic human necessities like food, education, clean water, and medicine. Instead of at a basketball game or party. When you have certain resources, you have responsibilities. It’s called charitable contributions, it’s even tax deductible. Help the world, I’m sick of hearing about how he used to sell drugs anyway…And I don’t flip burgers I have a career and volunteer my money and time because I have to answer to God with why I was blessed with so much and did so little for others. We all do.

  • 90's Baby

    Funny, when I read the title, I was thinking to myself “Erykah’s baby daddy? Which one???” lol

  • Diva

    Congrats to Jay Electronica. I just hope he doesn’t change his flow. He is mad talented. Surprised Omarion is there.

  • real Ness

    Goodbye positive and thought provoking music. Hello partying, non-sensical and “machine” music. Smh

    • Truth

      or hello to getting positive and thought provoking music to more ppl and forcing the Will I ams of the world to follow suit.

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