Homosexual Pastor Of A Georgia Megachurch Comes Out Of The Closet: “My Position Is Not About Gaying Up The Church”

- By Bossip Staff

“Bishop” Jim Swilley of the Now inter-donominational megachurch in Georgia finally decided to let folks know that he likes to play butt-darts:

The founder and pastor of a Georgia megachurch said Saturday that the September suicide of a Rutgers University student was the tipping point for his decision to come out of the closet to his congregation.

“For some reason, his situation was kind of the tipping point with me,” said Jim Swilley, who calls himself a bishop. “There comes a point in your life where you say – how much time do we have left in our lives? Are we going to be authentic or not?” Rutgers student Tyler Clementi, 18, jumped off a bridge after a secretly-taped sexual encounter between him and another man was posted on the internet.

Swilley, 52, said that he has known he is gay since childhood, but that he never thought he would live openly. He came out recently after more than 20 years of marriage to his former wife, who continues to work at their church. “At a certain point, you are who you are,” said Swilley, who has four children from two marriages.

He ministers at the Church in the Now, an inter-donominational Christian church in Conyers, Georgia, about 25 miles east of Atlanta. “What I told my church is that I was given two things in my life that I didn’t ask for… one is the call of God in my life and the other is my orientation. I didn’t ever think that those two things could be compatible,” Swilley said.

On the whole, he said his congregation has been supportive of his coming out, though some people have cut ties with him over the decision. Homosexuality is a hotly contested issue by many faith traditions.

Earlier this month, Gene Robinson – the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church – said that death threats and the continued controversy around his selection contributed to his decision to announce his retirement. Speaking specifically about evangelicals, Swilley said gay people are sometimes seen as trying to build a movement, or “recruiting” – views he took serious issue with. “My position is not about gaying up the church,” he said. “It’s about people being who they are.”

Damn, sounds like Bishop Eddie Long Stroke needs to take a quick drive and have a chat with this dude so he can come on out of the closet as well. SMH.


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  • E

    LOL @butt darts everyone needs to just be who they are and stop BS’ing

  • nana

    @E I agree! BUT DAAAYum….. Hmmm everybody shld be allowed 2 b who they wonna B!

  • Whitney

    Good for him.

  • DetBallah

    “who calls himself a Bishop” Whats up with that line? There are more than Black bishops. Where do you think we got it from? stupid!

    • The Bear

      Because there are very specific qualifications spelled out very clearly in the bible that someone who wants to be a Bishop must meet.

  • nikemy

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  • Mock Rock Star

    Good for him

  • Honut Sinti

    He has that no BS with an undertone of caring look. Good for him!

  • mixed bad chick

    I’m new to this site but I do notice a lot of gay this and gay that. I don’t believe on it , not because of a religion but I don’t care about what I are. I’m tired of this ish being posted every other thread. I do think in my opinion tht a bishop should not serve if he is gay mainly because its against what’s natural and second because it places them around to many young vulnerable boys. Let’s be honest, church or not these men still get aroused by other men and young boys. So your going to tell me they won’t jump at a chance if they get one?

    • mike

      @ mixed bad chick

      Regardless if you disagree or agree do some research before you make ignorant statements implying that all gay men get arouse by young boys. You the same dumb hoe that will move your straight boyfriend in the house around your kids because you think pedophilia is only done by gay people right. Damn! Black people (not all) are the only race that are so dumb and don’t educate themselves but just follow the hype of the media or what the next person says. Believe what you want but damn education people! It’s not hard to read a book or look up statistics.

  • missmiss7

    sorry couldnt read beyond butt darts! lmao

  • the37queen

    Let he without sin cast the first stone..we r so quick to judge an so slow to pray…

  • Ana

    Mixed bad chick ur an idiot.

  • soldier2010

    These gay preachers r bout to bust hell wide open…how can u go from preaching against it to sayin that God still loves me da way i am…Plain n simple God hates sin..homosexuality is a sin…u can either b for God r against him…u can’t ride da fence but as a preacher i would like to think he knows all this

    • The Bear

      This is the way that the world is heading. Many people are gonna be led astray by these preachers teaching doctines contrary to what god said in the bible.

    • CutieReppinNY

      The Bible says this would begin happening in the end times. Those claiming to be of GOD will teach false doctrines. It’s sad, there’s no such thing as a gay Christian, that is just too contradictory. Sorry, but that’s just how it is. Don’t try to say being gay is a sin one minutes, and then the next minute you’re marching at pride. “hide ya kids, hide ya wife” (lol)

  • yvonne

    I saw this on CNN last nite and all i kept thinking was wth? I mean, God is very patient, I would have struck him with something to get his head straight, is he serious?


    Where are they recruiting ministers these days, at the gay bars?

  • ignoranceisbliss

    There is room for homosexual human beings in heaven…

  • jj

    This “Bishop” needs to read Leviticus… then pray and seek the Lord for real. To build a church or false doctrine is just wrong, be gay if you want but don’t say Jesus will accept that


    Chuch folk are some heathens. Quick to gossip, spread lies, sleep with anybody with a nice suit and a car. Plus they are gay. I’ll read the bible myself thank you very much.

  • nicole

    This man decieved a whole congregation people looked up to him for his their family’s , marriage and life and he lied about all of it shame on him and his wife for trying to teach us about unity and marriage and they never had any of it.Good for him for being true to his self but in the process he lied. Churches like this make you never want to be involved in one. shame on them

  • Lyoness

    I find it interesting that he was married for over 20 years with children. I think the original article stated he had been married twice and had children too. This seems a little common for men in this pastor’s age group. My mother has told me about a few family friends who went through the expected motions of marrying HS or college sweetheart, have a few kids a realize 15,20,30 years in that they’re coming out as gay. It wasn’t as culturally acceptable then to be gay.

    Basically, I feel bad for his family that he lied to. This right here is why I get angry at people saying, “Oh. They just need counseling to NOT be gay.” or “They don’t need to live a gay lifestyle.” You know what… YOU can marry one of the “former” gays…I don’t want to marry a man that “used to be gay” Just saying…

  • mixed bad chick

    I don’t have kids and I’m married, but you still did not change my opinion. The only education I need is the one I paid for six years ago. Sorry dear your just going to have to except the fact tht some ppl feel the way I do about this particular issue, but nice try though.

    • sunshine

      Apparently, the education you paid for six years ago neglected to teach you the difference between “except” and “accept.” Just an observation. If you’re going to come riding in on your high horse, you may want to work on your vocabulary first… Oh, and you may want to request a refund from whatever educational institution stole your money from you.

  • Mabel

    All these church affairs is sending a message that ppl need to get back to true Abrahamic spirituality and oneness with the Creator. Churches have been deified and now we are seeing the result of when religion is worshiped and not the Creator. God is not in any Church He is already in you. Seek within and you shall find.

    • Lyoness

      Well said. I completely agree.

  • ettolabunny

    @truthbetold I co-sign with your statement

  • Michele-Are people born GAY

    I don’t think so. If there’s a gay gene causing homosexuality then why aren’t other animals, species born GAY. This is an honest question, I am not being a smarta**. I really think it’s a life choice, one a person should be able to make and be respected for. I am not GAY but if so I’d want to be respected for who I am. At the same time, I wouldn’t expect the rest of the world to be GAY because I am.

    • KreoleKing

      There have been countless studies proving that animals are found to be gay as well, Lions buffalo, sheep, deer, Oxen bulls and dogs.

  • Kill all gays

    I ain’t got a problem with gays all I ask is you stay the f ck away from me

    • tyr

      LMAO! You don’t have a problem with gays but ur nick name is kill all gays lol. Sound like a DL 2 me. It’s super suspect when so call straight males go out of their way to argue against homosexuality

  • djames

    Some people have been knowing they was gay since being kids, its not anything u can help. You like what you like. I see you all would rather have a gay man live a straight lifestyle while hiding who he truly is…my black people are too caught up with judgng others instead of understanding smh…

    • Harris

      I totally agree some people don’t understand so they rather make judgements.

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