Look Who Remembered He Wants His Kids..Lamar Odom “All Of A Sudden” Suing Baby Moms For “Parental Access And Reasonable Child Support”

- By Bossip Staff

After a little over a year of hearing his ex bump her gums about his unfit-fatherhood, Lamar Odom has finally taken a stand to stop this broad from talking sh*t to the media…

So he’s suing the BM for not letting him take care of his kids? WTF?

Lamar Odom, has sparked a baby-mama drama of his own — suing his ex-lover over the two kids he’s allegedly ignored for years. Odom wants a judge to make a “parental access schedule” and set “reasonable child support” for his daughter, Destiny, 12, and son, L.J., 9, who live with their mom, Liza Morales, in Manhattan. The legal attack stunned Morales, 31, who insists she’s had to beg Odom to pay attention to their kids.

“Lamar basically checked out as a father four years ago,” she told The Post. “They [Destiny and L.J.] haven’t had quality time in a long time.” Odom’s Nov. 5 Manhattan Supreme Court petition comes as he and Kardashian, 26, publicly gush about the names they’ve picked for the babies they haven’t conceived yet. They are reportedly about to star in a reality show — spun off from the E! series “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” — that will follow them as they try to put a bun in Kardashian’s oven. But the show will not show Khloe’s step-mothering skills, because Morales won’t allow Destiny or L.J. on TV.

(Sidenote on this Khlomar Spin-off: we just threw up in our mouth a little)

Liza on Lamar and the kids:

“I always had to be the one to ask him: ‘Lamar, do you want the kids?’ ” she said. The hoopster, who signed a $33 million, four-year deal last year, has made frequent trips to New York but never tried to see his kids, Morales claims.

“This whole going to the court thing — people, my neighbors — I don’t want them to think this is the kind of mother I am, that he has to go to court for visitation,” Morales said. “It’s just really shocking, because Lamar knows the truth.”

Who looks crazier in this situation? Doesn’t it almost make you question what Liza’s been saying all this time?


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  • von

    i thank the mother is doing the right thing and not letting her kids be on tv just to benefit klhoe and her husband.klhoe needs to have her own kids and put them on tv.and lamar he is just sad why do men met a women then start acting funny towards the mother of there kids.its sad that he dont go visit his kids.

    • Lady A

      If you actually read the article you would have read that his babymama said he ain’t been physically around his kids in 4 years. Him and Khloe have bearly been together 1 1/2 years. It seems to me like Khloe is actually bringing out his good side. Making him want to be a father and in his kids life. However I do agree with her for not wanting her kids on T.V. like that. Let them be normal kids with normal lifestyles.

      I also agree with Lamar taking her to court. When it comes to baby mama’s and millions of dollars you always need whatever is being discussed in writing.

    • Lilika

      That’s a very good answer Khloé, I agree with you! ; )

    • Toni

      I don’t think anyone looks crazy. He’s correct in going the legal way of establishing the rights he has with his children. I personally, as a mother, wouldn’t complain about this because he his now doing what she wanted him to do, spend time with his kids. It’s just possible that his marriage to Khloe is a good thing, seems she is teaching him about house and home and family. I like this look! Congrats to the famil!

    • jasmine

      I for one believe that liza keeping the kids off TV is actually hindering them. Baby moma needs to realize that her holding the kids back will in the end result in Khloe’s kids with Lamar being the glamorous and business savvy ones while hers will be left behind ones. Additionally, the facts on the ground are that when Destiny visits Lamar, her friends are Khloe’s little sisters with modelling contracts. I am sure baby girl will eventually start feeling left out if she has MY sensibilities at the very least.

    • http://perryone779@yahoo.com rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

      @likka… i think you are right… get out of here khloe!!LOL!!!

  • hmm_BAPS

    I’m with the mother … Lamar is being sneaky and has something up his sleeve to now all of a sudden wanting to go to court to have visitation, when it can be done with a mediator outside of court …. the things ppl will do for “show” .. smh, he should be ashamed of himself

    • starlite

      Cosign!!! Liza has been telling the same story for the longest time that Lamar does not care for nor does he see his children, and I believe her! It’s a shame how some men just walk away from their responsibilites. And Khloe could care less if Lamar takes care of his children or not.

  • jfizzle

    I think Lamar is doing the right thing, with the court establishing a visitation schedule and child support, shorty can’t trip in the future

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)


  • nana

    You Can’t tell me Lamar don’t CARE for his kids…baby Momma *side_eye*

    • mich

      how would u know? she(khloe) jus wan+ ex+ra monee 4 +he fam. i+’s a hus+le. remember Kris is his manager now. KARDASHIAN HUS+LE


    I don’t know what to believe and she appears to be the baby momma that if he was NOT doing his part, he would be in court in a heartbeat. The story reads – his side, her side and then there is the truth somewhere in the middle. She was upset that he dropped her after so many years of just being the BABY MOMMA, she lost to a no-name Khloe K, finally she has realized she didn’t have any hold over the man. Lamar needs to establish his parental rights and child support. Handle your business Lamar.

    • Mrs.Showoff


  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Khlamar are getting a reality show to chronicle him getting Khloe pregnant?! GROSSSSSSSS

    As far as Lamar, i bet he did it 4 the publicity, to show Whites he is a good parent

    I feel sorry for Liza, cuz she was with him from the beginning, but she has been DOGGED every since Lamar proposed to Khloe

    • hmm_BAPS

      I agree, I think its for publicity but I also think he’s doing it to cover himself so people won’t ask why his he trying to have a baby with Khloe and doesn’t even see the kids he already has.

    • JECCA111

      I agree 1000%. When it comes to Lamar and the hulk everything they do is for publicity. As for this new show, please believe that’s why he married her. He has no interest in basketball at this point. He’s only interested in being a SOCIALITE THAT’S WHY HE HIRED KRIS-H0E TO MANAGE HIM. he married her for publicity and she married him for money. I hope his kids mother expose both their low-life a$$es for what they are. He’s only interested in making babies with the she-hulk, but has to sue his ex to make this “i love Kids crap” stick. I doubt she-hulk has any interest in having babies with him. The day a K-h0e (any of them) give birth to a black baby is the day the world comes to an end…WON’T HAPPEN!

    • New (Nihala)

      Totally agree. Definitely for publicity. People can say what they want, but this is a grown man. It shouldn’t take a woman, T.V. show, etc… to make him “man up” and be a father to his children. D Wade didn’t wait four years, a t.v. show, and a wife to tell the courts he wanted his children. He’s doing it the way it should be done: at the end of his relationship with his wife. This is all so that Lamar and Khloe will not be asked (when they’re doing promotional tours for their new show) “Lamar what about your other kids?” Anyone who believes otherwise is plain naive.

    • mich

      EXAC+LEE!!! +ha+’s wha+ kris (shadee hus+le hus+LE manager), +old him 2do…o.k mrs.kris i’ll ge+ on i+.



    • JECCA111


  • dejay

    If this is true it is disgusting to me…hes to worried about being a kardashian than to pay attention to his own kids.

  • xo

    Crazy black man = Self Hater!

  • Toys

    Believe it or not some women are like that. My husband is suing his bm to be able to see their kids and to have phone calls he pays child support and send clothes and gifts she wont answer the phone unless she needs something she has her family thinking hes a dead beat she doesnt even answer on their birthdays and wont give him her address he has to send things to her parents house. I dont understand women like this who dont allow fathers to be fathers just because the relationship didnt work out

    • lisa

      I can understand that but why is he just suing now? Why not before he got with this publicity crazy family.

  • lovely libra

    i think this is soley for the show.

    • LynnS

      I agree with you lovely libra. This is strictly for his “possible” new show. I think that if he had been making any kind of effort to physically see his children in those 4 years and was denied visitation by Liza then he would have gone to court a long time ago. Any real man that wants to see his kids and spend time with them usually doesn’t have any objections by the baby mama. He just doesn’t want to look bad as someone stated earlier; trying to have kids with Khloe and not taking care of his own.

  • lady t

    i think its more to the story. your baby father is a basketball player and you never took him to court for child support? i think he should have his kids maybe being married has made him realize he should have his kids more and when he is not around khloe will be for the kids. i think its just something fishy about the baby mother story.

  • Tina

    @ Lisa the same thing can be said of her, why did she just now start bad mouthing him in the press since he got married. She was fine with everything until he got married.

    • Zaaquir

      Why didn’t he sue her then when she was bad mouthing him. She hasn’t said anything about them in a while. It seemed that she had moved on. Now, he wants to sue her for visitation and reasonable child support on the eve of a new reality show. He wasn’t worried about visitation before and it seems that the child support was reasonable to him because he wasn’t complaining before about it. Why all of sudden it is unreasonable now? Something is wrong with both sides of this story.

  • Zaaquir

    The Kardashian’s are really rubbing off on Lamar because it appears he has become an opportunist just like them. The way his marriage went down and everything about him since then appears to be for publicity. Lets be honest. The media didn’t pay him any attention and people didn’t either until he hooked up with a fame *****. Now this lawsuit is coming in the mist of another crappy show about his wife. His children are 12 and 9. If the BM was behaving salty with the children why did he wait so long to seek visitation rights and an amendment to child support? For those that want to say that the BM started behaving this way with the children because he married Khloe…..well the BM stated over a year ago that Lamar checked out of his children’s lives 4 years ago. That was 3 years before Fatty, so I know she is not the reason for him not visiting his children. However, she is most definitely one of the reason for him sueing his BM now. I don’t think her influence on this is out of being concern for his children or wanting what is best for her husband. The Kardashians are selfish people. Everything they do is to benefit them and only them. Lamar has started behaving just like them. I think this push for visitation is for publicity for the new show. I also think him seeking to amend the child support is more about Khloe. Maybe he needs the money now because she probably spends his money left and right or maybe she wants him to do this so it can be more spending money for her.

    • Tina

      But that’s just it, this news about the reality show is old news. This was discussed last summer. There is no eve of a show. I do think that Khloe and Lamar will eventually get a show in the future. The other point of him and Khloe talking about baby names is also from this past summer. None of this is new news. I think she’s mad that he is suing her for schedule visits and she’s bringing up all this other stuff to make him look bad. Clearly, she has been saying she wanted him to step up and be a father. He is doing that, so why is she rehashing old stuff.

    • Cheeky

      Very well said. The Kardashians don’t do anything unless there’s something in it for them. Khloe could give two sh*ts about his kids or whether they see their dad, so I don’t think she’s pushing him to become a better parent. I don’t think it’s a case of Liza being bitter because she lost her man to a famewh*re and I respect her for not wanting her children pimped out on tv just so Kris Jenner can collect another paycheck from a new reality show.

  • Mrs. Rance

    I’m gonna give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Maybe Lamar was not the father he should have been. Maybe Khloe has been talking to him about being a more responsible parent. Maybe he’s starting to realize he needs to tie up loose ends and stop being lazy about his kids. If the show is what has motivated him then so be it. Whatever it takes to turn a deabeat into a hands on paent is all good.

    • Tina

      Good point! Because the kids welfare is the main thing.

      And @Zaaquir going through the courts makes his child support offical and documented.

    • jasmine

      I co-sign to this point too. Lamar has actually stepped it up regarding fatherhood. It is however, unfortunate that instead of being appreciative of this positive move by Lamar, baby momma as usual has decided to hate on him further. Get over it Liza and let the man take care of his kids as per court arrangements.

  • sportstalk23

    He wants to sue now? As mentioned the kids mom did some interviews where Lamar was shown in the best light its been quiet on that front so now he wants go legal,and again it doesn’t matter if somebody is in new relationships or single,their either going to be a good parent or not,rather Khloe is in the picture or not,no excuses for lack of being around rather its Lamar fault or the kids mother, and yeah the kids should be no where near that show,that family wants to exploit each other let them go ahead,but those kids still have a mother who has the right to have concerns about the influences that are around the kids

  • yvonne

    SMH, i dont whom to believe.

  • Jay32

    Wow I can’t believe there are so many negative comments towards Lamar.I don’t like him and I’m sick of the Kardashians but I applaud any man especially an athlete when he’s trying to be a father.We don’t know what Lamar’s relationship is like with his children or their mother,all we know is what she says and whats posted on the blogs.If he is taking her to court over visitation then its obvious that something is wrong and Lamar isn’t the only person that hasn’t been doing completely right by his children.

  • Rebecca

    Granted we don’t know the whole story, I know from experience that even when you have” the ring” in situations when you’re now a single parent….that’s exactly what you are. A lot of men don’t support their kids emotionally when the relationship is over, so he should be put on blast if that’s the case!

  • QB

    Team Liza all the way. As soon as he made Kris his main manager he has been acting stupid.I think it is Kris pulling the strings with this one. She knows that if anything happens to Lamar, Liza and their kids together will get something.

  • It is what it is.....

    I doubt anyone here knows what frame of mind either of the have as to their kids. She could have had them to secure a check, she could have loved him and thought they had a future together and is now scorned. He may have been in their lives and she was the angry defiant baby momma, he could have been a deadbeat dad and just now realizes what he should have been doing…..WHO KNOWS certainly not anyone up in here…..so quick to toss out the typical black man ish not taking care of his kids while over looking the fact that they both may have contributed to the situation if there actually is one concerning him and his kids…lets not forget some women think that by controlling the kids they control the man…..I’ll wait for the actual details on TMZ…



  • Ms. Cheeks

    Why are people applauding Lamar for trying to be a father? That’s his damn job you don’t praise someone for doing something that they were suppose to be doing from the get go. Like are you kidding me that like giving praises to a doctor for a doing a job that they went to school for. People kill me always trying to make excuses for some no good man.

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