Making It Rain On These Boxer Hoes: Lil Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao Beat The Bloody Snot Out Of Antonio Margarito Last Night

- By Bossip Staff

This guy weighs like 145 soaking wet, but still put a brutal beating on Antonio Margarito last night at Cowboys Stadium:

Manny Pacquiao more than made up with speed what he lacked in size. Giving away both pounds and inches, boxing’s little superstar turned Antonio Margarito into a bloody and nearly blind fighter with a dizzying array of punches Saturday night in a lopsided decision victory that wasn’t close from the opening rounds on.

In a spectacular performance before a delighted crowd of 41,734 at Cowboys Stadium, Pacquiao cemented his claim to being the best fighter in the world by dominating the bigger but slower Margarito almost from the opening bell. Pacquiao won round after round, opening a cut on Margarito’s cheek, closing his right eye, and turning his face into a bloody mess. The punches came quickly, and they came often. Margarito was plenty game as he tried to stalk Pacquiao around the ring, but every time he got close Pacquiao would land a four- or five-punch combination that snapped his head back and stopped him in his tracks.

The beating was so thorough that the congressman from the Philippines turned to referee Laurence Cole several times in the 11th round, imploring him to stop the fight. It went on, though, even though Margarito had no chance to win.

“I can’t believe that I beat someone this big and this strong,” Pacquiao said. “It’s hard. I really do my best to win the fight.” Pacquiao moved up in weight yet again to take on Margarito, a natural welterweight with a reputation for ruggedness in the ring. And rugged he was, though he took a beating all night long at the hands of a faster and seemingly more powerful opponent.

“There was no way I was going to quit. I’m a Mexican, we fight until the end,” Margarito said. Pacquiao won every round on one scorecard, 120-108, and was ahead 119-109 and 118-110 on the other two. The Associated Press had it a 120-108 shutout. The fight was for the WBC 154-pound title even though the contract weight was 150 pounds. Margarito weighed 150 at Friday’s weigh-in, but was 165 on the unofficial HBO scale before the fight while Pacquiao, who had been 144.6, was 148 pounds.

Pacquiao also gave away 4½ inches in height and was at a six-inch reach disadvantage, but that didn’t matter either. Pacquiao earned a guaranteed $15 million, though he is likely to make millions more on his cut of the television revenues. He planned to give a concert at Lake Tahoe on Tuesday and then return to his political duties in the Philippines.

“I have another job after this,” Pacquiao said. “I’m going back to the Philippines to do my other job and be a public servant.”

What about Floyd Money??? Who do y’all think would win between Pacman And Pretty Boy???


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  • J.Reezy

    Floyd would rather beat on women than take on Pac..he don’t want it..

    • !!!!!




  • coldt7

    Shane Mosley knocked Margarita out.

  • nana

    Pacquiao is a Beast! Floyd is not a joke either! They should fight and get it over wit already

  • hmm_BAPS

    “I’m going back to the Philippines to do my other job and be a public servant.”

    Thats whats up!



  • wwwfella71

    he beat the will out of dude. he was hitting him at will.have you ever been in a fight where someone was hitting you whenever they wanted to?

  • rye

    5 to 10 years from now, floyd will eventually call out pacquiao. by the time, pacquiao is already retired and is a full time politician (he can also be a part time promoter/manager). Floyd will be 39 or so and pacquiao will be about 38 or so. Since pacquiao is already inactive by that time, floyd will call out his name. Pacquiao will obviously decline the fight because he’s not into active fighting anymore, then media people and bloggers (who by then slightly forget the magnitude of what pacquiao is doing today – unlike today that everything is fresh and everyone is in awe of his prowess) and all pac-haters will cry “pacman is scared of floyd!”. That’s just boxing. Remember, pacquiao’s strengths are speed and power and as you grow old, these attributes will fade away – that’s the natural course of human body. And floyd’s (THAT COWARD THING) style is defense and outpointing opponents (boring! he can win by just connecting 10 powerless punches in a fight which as long as he only receive 9 punches – how the hell he’s called a boxer?! He should be a runner or create a new sport that’s called “defensive games”).

    During that time, the future that i am talking about, style wise, floyd will have the advantage simply because speed and power will go away as pacquiao gets old but defence is not an age factor. With that, grandpa floyd will be more efficient, skills or strength-wise than grandpa pacquiao. So if pacquiao accepts the challenge succumbing to the pressure that if he doesnt fight floyd, people/media might think he’s scared, he might lose simply because of their styles and age (the whole 12 rd fight, floyd might hit paquiao 2 times, and pacquiao-speed diminished- might just only hit mayweather 1 power punch, but still mayweather outpoints pacquiao 2-1, and that’s considered a win). Add to that is the fact that pacquiao, because of his aggressive style while his on the top, might have the weaker body by that time because of the accumulation of punches he received from big opponents during his career.

    And then floyd wins and declare that he’s defeated the greatest fighter in pacquiao and therefore he’s greater.

    So if the fight happens it should be now, or else, it should not ever happen. In the future, pacquiao has nothing to gain while ducking floyd has everything to gain. It;s like giving the most coward person on earth the chance that he doesnt deserve.

    • mango

      floyd mayweather peed on himself last night, somewhere in Chilli’s backyard.

      PacMan no longer needs Mayweather, and should ignore him for the rest of his life. Mayweather is sad.

  • jy

    mayweather is scare little b. He talks so much crap but is scared.

  • wowzers

    Ummmm rye please don’t take this the wrong way but you have extremely too much time on your hands


    You got knocked the F*CK out by a wee-size Filipino.

  • http://bossip Pimp4ADay

    Pacman will give money all he can handle.

  • rye

    wowzers – i got carried away

  • Cali

    No wonder Floyd running lol

  • coldt7

    Take away his steroids and see what he can do then.

    • The Truth

      Prove it.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Pacman uses steroids right before the fights. Pretty Boy doesn’t and is willing to do random drug tests.


    • floyd

      there is no steroid that has a shorter half life than three days so it would be impossible for mayweathers claims to be true, sorry tell Floyd to just admit he is scared

  • Ladyfee

    Just becuz Manny is beating on all these other fighters, don’t mean he will do the same to Floyd. I bet you Floyd have and can beat those other fighters too! Why would you wanna fight a guy who takes steroids?? Would you wanna fight a guy who takes steroids?? Floyd wants a fair fight and I don’t blame him. How good would Manny be without those drugs?? Floyd is not scared, he’s smart and yall just haters!

  • WB

    Floyd is a running coward, if you think Floyd can beat Manny, you obviously don’t know boxing. Floyd has had hand picked opponents that were past there prime (meaning wore out, no matter there age). Manny has lost 3 fights and he fought his heart out in those fights. So what if Manny doesn’t want a drug test, different countries and religions have different beliefs. Case and Point-Floyd is afraid that he might actually lose. Floyd doesnt have enough faith in himself to know he can beat Manny, so Manny would when off of sheer confidence alone. But lets be honest everyone can form there own opinions but actions speak louder than words. Until Floyd and Manny meet face to face in the ring, nobody really knows who will win. But for heart, guts, and various other body parts(lol), my vote is on Manny, so Floyd take a look a Margaritos face and see your future buddy.

    • WB

      I meant “their primes”, and “Manny would win”

  • CooCooKitty

    Looks like i missed a good azz beating !!!! From the look of it Manny rearranged that dudes face !!!

  • f@ck mayweather

    Floyd “Gayweather’s” a punk b*tch & if he was all that good he would boss up & fight Manny & shut the f*ck up w/ all his steriod accusations! He’s a scared pu$$y point blank, bottom line, simply put!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • peter illyich

    To all those Mayweather fans with the steroid BS, Manny agreed to unrestricted drug testing over the summer. Guess what- your boy Floyd still wont sign. Everyone who knows boxing has drawn their own conclusions from that.

  • xclusive

    B*tch floyd is the Champ…so whomp whomp….lol

  • Cali

    The whole steroids mess was a DECOY because Floyd was scared and is still scared. Even after Manny agreed to all these ridiculous terms of “Pretty Boy’s” he still came up with a reason to run!!! COWARD!!!!!!

  • xclusive

    Yep Pretty BoY Floyd is What they Call Him….haha Haters

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