In White Folks News: Jessica Simpson Is Engaged To “NFL Free Agent” Eric Johnson

- By Bossip Staff

Good for her:

Jessica Simpson and free agent NFL player Eric Johnson are getting married, a rep confirms to PEOPLE. “Yes, we are excited to confirm that they are engaged!” says the rep. The couple began dating in May, after being introduced by friends. Ever since, they have been spotted getting cozy across the U.S. and overseas – even celebrating her 30th birthday together in Italy. Simpson recently told PEOPLE she and Johnson, 31, were planning to spend Thanksgiving together.

“We’re all gonna be in New York,” said the entertainer and fashion designer. “I’m gonna be on a [Macy’s parade] float. It’s not always the best way to spend a Thanksgiving, but it’s a great way to celebrate. So, maybe I’ll just have all families on the float.” Explaining how well their relationship was working, Simpson told PEOPLE last month, “This is just normal, thank God. He’s very, very supportive. [I] couldn’t ask for a better man in my life right now.”

Asked if Johnson were the one, she replied: “I never go to that because I already went there, so, I’m not gonna jinx my own self. He’s the one for me right now! I’m very happy, I’m in a great place and if right now could last forever, I’d take it.” As for Johnson, who’s played for the San Francisco 49ers and the New Orleans Saints, the 6′ 3″ Needham, Mass., native has excelled at sports since he was a kid. At 13, he hit a hole in one on the golf course, and he broke 11 school records while playing wide receiver for Yale University. He’s also a former academic All-American.


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  • nana

    I like the way she has kept her life Private after her 1st marraige faileĂ°!

  • Felecia

    Funny how she annouced her engagement to a dude she has only known for six months right after her ex-husband announced his engagement. It seems to me that she is in competition with Nick.

    • VirgoJewel

      Exactly!!! Nick announced his engagement a good 3 seconds ago!

      Well, at least the guy is hotter than Nick…..

    • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators


      That’s what I was thinking and was planning on saying…

      SMH @ her actions…

      What a coincidence huh, LOL…

  • Baby Jane

    This announcement right on the heels of Nick Lache and Vanessa Minello’s engagement news. Hmmmmm. How convenient.

    • The Ugly Truth


      Maybe her bf could tell it was bothering her, so he proposed. If this is the case, her engagement or marriage might not work

      I think it is TACKY tho. For the bf to propose AND for her to announce it. They couldnt wait ’til 1/1/11?!!!!

      I even listened to her do a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest & she wished Nick the best. Then, 3d later u r engaged?!!! GTFOHWTBS


    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      ^^^^^Is that so??^^^ SMDH @ Jessica..Girl,this is the beginning of the end then,damn!

  • yvonne

    Hmmm jess, this is a little suspect.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    I like Jessica Simpson but ever since she divorced Nick Lachey,her love life has been rather questionable *shrugs*…As far as this new engagement goes,she just had to land her some sort of “baller” or NFL affiliated dude huh? LOL..Go ahead,hope it takes off,makes her happy & last.

  • The Ugly Truth

    Well, Ill h8 4 u

    Nick & Vanessa’a engagement werew ALL OVER E! nwa, E.T., & Access Hollywood.

    Why couldnt Nick AND Vanessa get their shine 4 ONE WEEK?!!!

    Like i said b4, very tacky & tasteless
    And word on the street is tht Jessica cheated on Nick with Dane Cook. No wonder her relationships have tanked (John Mayer, Tony Romo, etc). The universe gets it revenge!

  • prissa

    I hope it works 4 her. She’s really dumb but she keeps trying and stays positive. I like her and wish her the best. I hope it doesn’t turn in2 another Romo fiasco.

  • Mabel

    Trying too hard Jessica!!! At least Nick and Vanessa has been together for years

  • JECCA111

    Wasn’t this guy married? If so, Jessica’s nothing more than a trashy homewrecker…nuff said.

  • yeahIsaidit

    There must be a time-warp in Hollyweird ’cause fools get to jumpin’ the broom way too soon! They’ve only been dating 6 months and it’s off to the alter? I give them a year before their in divorce court.

  • SouthernBelle

    Eric filed for divorce from his wife in January 2010

    Now he has proposed to Jessica after 6mos of dating

    Where was Eric’s time to heal & get himself 2getha emotionally/mentally?!!

    Can u say REBOUND?!!!

  • SouthernBelle

    Is the paper even dry on the divorce papers?!! SMMFH

  • Clark

    How long have they been dating, five months? They barely know eachother! I highly doubt it’s going to last. And they had to do it a few days after Nick and Vanessa announced their engagement? They couldn’t let them have their moment? That’s ridiculous.

  • CooCooKitty



    love is beauty ful coungrulation to the happy couple!thanks forreadin,kool guy

  • LaDiva

    Oh Jessica, u had a good man who u gave up (u should thank papa joe for that one) and now the one u gave up is engaged, u wanna steal some of his thunder… Lol ever since you let Nick go, your love life along with your career has been in the dumps. Good luck.

  • nikemy

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  • Shady Jessie

    The girl is clearly mental.I predict that she won’t even reach the aisle, because in a couple of months the dude is going to realise he F’d up. Take a look at the pic above of them kissing she posted it on twitter some days after Nick announced he was engaged. The dude is clearly into it his eyes closed; but her eyes are open like she checking the camera angle.Hahah the ho is bananas.

  • keema

    Jessica Simpson gets on my last nerve! And i mean last! she dated nick for 8 years… fought tooth and nail to divorce Nick..and ever since she’s been trying to hook up to every man under the sun, trying to get married. She was trying to marry Tony Romo earlier this year! Before that she wanted to marry John Mayer!! She needs to keep her a$$ still!

  • Avadarling

    Totally tactless . She just sabotages herself by leeching on to men . She blew it years ago by being self absorbed and she thought her rand a was the shiznit . Now everyones had apiece and we are tired of looking at it.
    She is so dumb , I mean really really dumb.

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