10 Signs You’re Addicted to Your Cell Phone

- By Bossip Staff

In case you haven’t noticed, the latest accessory sweeping the nation is the cell phone.

For the technologically savvy person who can’t put down the Apple iPhone, Blackberry, or Droid, we felt it was time you came to terms with your addiction.

Check out 10 signs you’re addicted to your celly at MadameNoire.com

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  • Real Issh

    Sheesh ,, I’m addicted . Lol . 10/10 .
    Driod Incredible .

  • Gaii Gurl Shaii

    lmao ok 8 out of 10.. i throw this phone away before my bill gets to high.. and i rarely let my phone affect my time with family and friends.. I mean that is who im texting and calling.. LMAO!!!

  • thequeenbb

    I’m at least 3 of those, if i get out of someone’s car i always have to check for my phone i even have them looking sometimes. I do get that empty feeling sometimes too! But i actually paid attention to that and I’m getting better …. lol Samsung vibrant

  • nana

    Shyt I love me fon 2 death! I receive all ma emails on here… And I come on here thru ma fon.. Am guilty

  • SeXXXi 504 Lady

    Well, lol I’m addicted 2 my phone. But I knew that before even reading this lmao. My blackberry is my life line lol. I need my line of communication or I’m lost out here lol.

  • ms. monique

    I am so addicted to my cell phone. I will leave my purse or keys anywhere before I leave my phone!! The only place I don’t take my phone is church!!

  • http://www.whatcellphones.com Squids Cell

    LOL…i’m addicted for my torch blackberry. It never stop ringing…

  • chocolat

    i’m married to my android phone. i inform every guy that i date know right away… trying to avoid any misunderstanding…some days i have internal debates about using my phone all night or sex…tough decision.

  • BelizeanCutie

    We’ll for 1 can yaw put all this mess on 1 page next time? lol and I know I’m guilty of number 6 and 8. I think they actually tie into each other …

  • Blind 2 tha facts

    bytches is what I ment to type…

  • QuaCocoLoco

    I’m addicted to my Droid and iPhone I got a real problem where can I get help lol lol

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