Kimmy Cakes Gets Stuck Between A ‘Nightmare’ And An ‘STD’

- By Bossip Staff

Kim Kardashian and Terius "The Dream" Nash at the 11/14 Knicks/Rockets Game

Kim Kardashian hit up the New York Knicks game yesterday with “her music producer” The Dream SMH that lil shady mf’er has a lot of nerve rockin’ his wedding band now that his divorce from C-Milli is in full swing.

Kim Kardashian and Terius "The Dream" Nash at the 11/14 Knicks/Rockets Game

We’d suspect Teddy Graham Terius of trying to smash Kim’s juicy cakes to smithereens but uh, we remember reading a list of her requirements and his lil teletubby frame doesn’t exactly fit that “athletic” body she is looking for.

But she is kind of an attention whore, so who knows. Anybody want to take bets on whether Terius will chop that down?

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  • Psunny

    This is news because….

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  • Tori

    Lmao, tele-tubby!

    • HeartBreak

      Good one! Fits him exactly!

  • babysis

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  • allergic2suckaz

    Im pretty sure that he already smashed that. She does not seem the type to just hang out with people that dont benefit her “celebrity”

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

    Knicks game? Courtside???

    Yeah, he smashed it.

    Probably peed on her too!

  • piscessnake

    i don’t know why ppl hate on kim so bad. she is no worse that all the regular everyday h0e$ that are in college etc. and at least she was dating ray-j and they happened to film it. other celebrities have publicly dated more ppl than kim so again she is no worse than many other celebs

  • Tah

    Im n the wrong profession i really think i am smh

  • Tiki

    hell if i was him i would smash shes an industry hoe if he didnt he is lame

  • MissPerfect

    the dream looks like he just woke up out of bed somebody get this man a RAZOR to shave please

  • divalious

    lmao look at the woman on desperiate housewife, it look like she sayin u better not look at my man. Her look is priceless.

    • 100milesperhour

      I saw that too! She better hold on even tighter with that screwball face of hers.

  • nana

    Leave the Dream alone Yall! Kim’s boots are the BIZNEss! Love love it

  • Hey!

    Already Choppin

  • !!!!!


  • Guest

    I’m quite sure he already did. We all know Kim is sex-for-hire.





  • lil sexy

    more like teddy grahams and douche bag kimmy kakes be careful he will do worse than reggie bush or ray j combined.

  • *she rocks*

    The Dream actually looks like he’s got gay swagger in these pics… check out the hands!

  • Ti


    They are not saying that his initials are STD. There was a story a while back where some of Scott’s old friends said that he contracted an STD from some girl while he was partying in New York. That is why they called him STD you simple one. Stop being so quick to defend these people and take your own advice and do some fact-checking yourself.

  • Get Real

    I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THE DREAM AS A PRODUCER. All the real singers he could help & he want to waste time with this raggedy bytch.

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