Would You Hit It???

- By Bossip Staff

Fellas, let’s be honest here… although the rest of her body is not visible in this shot.…judging from that tongue of hers, can you deduce whether or not this young lady here is “smash-worthy”???


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  • Psunny

    Oh my ‘gags’ kill it before it mutates!!!!

  • burns

    YES Face Smashed Like Margarito!

    • redlove


  • LaDiva

    Lol it looks like she added an extra piece of tongue… Yuck must leave this post immediately.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Another random individual who most likely had no idea her pic would end up in a gossip blog to get roasted LOL…SMH
    That tongue is indeed very long tho,no doubt.

  • nywoman23...killuminati

    dmnit ya’ll some of us do eat breakfast in the morning.

  • http://bossip.com babysis

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  • Bdot

    Broad got more thrush than a similac child.

    • SimplySummer

      Lmao.. thrush… I’m through

    • redlove


    • journeygirl


  • crazed maniac

    is 1 of her teeth growing out her cheek

    • awesome-o

      i guess she didn’t get her wisdom teeth pulled



  • bbbbb

    Lmao @ “daycare belly”

  • nikemy

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  • Jay

    Daycare belly. LMAO. Just because she has a long tongue doesn’t mean she knows how to use it.

  • Benzoe88

    women would you let this girl eat you out?

    • splsh109988

      yea she can make mhaa cherry pop wid that dam mamie

  • R U Serious

    YIKES…WHAT THE HELL…Poor thing she probably thought this is hot…lol…and clean up your damn skin…geez


    She eats puzzzy.

  • MasterBates

    I would be late for work every morning getting “slowneck” from her.

  • http://thisisnewstome.blogspot.com lani3000


    • Doc.

      she can be my head nurse fa sho

  • Ms..Chevy Ridin High

    Bish look like a damn ant eater. smdh. hell naw.

  • Ms. Thicky

    damn, there’s always someone who can’t wait to be ignorant.

    STFU already…

  • Melissa Lee

    If she has that much acne I’m sure her breath has got to stink too.

  • Melissa Lee

    Signs of poor hygeine

  • Denzel

    typical ghetto gagger

  • Brotherman

    HELL NO! She’s a full blown creature with not an ounce of “girl” in her. She also looks like she reeks for days!

  • kerry

    That white stuff on the sides of her tongue isn’t nut it is thrush.

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