WTF: 16 Years After His Own Death, Dirty Old Man Gets Knocked For Killing A 12-Year-Old

- By Bossip Staff

In 1994, Thomas Steven Sanders’s family had him declared dead. This weekend, he was arrested in Mississippi for killing a little girl who wasn’t born until ’98.

Mississippi man Thomas Steven Sanders was arrested in Mississippi on Sunday in the kidnapping and murder of Las Vegas 12-year-old Lexis Roberts.

According to the AP, a Mississippi court declared Sanders dead at the behest of his family after he abandoned them in 1987. Somehow, he managed to be arrested several times since then—for “possession of drug paraphernalia and a number of traffic and motor vehicle incidents,” as well as “simple battery,” for which he spent two years in a Georgia prison—without ever raising any red flags. According to CNN, he “is thought to be missing most of his teeth”

Police were able to find Sanders after seeing tape of him buying ammunition in Las Vegas consistent with the type that was used to shoot Roberts. Roberts’ body was found in Louisiana in October; her mother (not a suspect, according to police) is still missing.

There’s entirely too much wrong with this story.


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  • didnt wanna say anything

    and ofcourse he is………white

  • nana

    Lmaooooo how can he chew? No teeth at all????

  • Mrs. Rance

    I didn’t know you could declare daddy dead for disappearing. Black folks need to be lining up at the social security office for those checks.

  • http://Gossip REnee

    People in this world are just gettin sicker by the year. why are people targeting these helpless kids? what is the world comin to? God help the family of the 12 year old.

  • ignoranceisbliss

    People are not getting sicker more information is being shared so we know people like this exist…WOW declared dead and still doing dirt…He should have taken his old as+s out the country.

  • tilasmom

    send him to Jamaica.We will surely serve that 12yr old girl some justice…

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!


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