Yeezy Won’t Be Prosecuted for Airport Attack

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

It appears as though Kanye won’t be doing hard time:

Los Angeles County prosecutors have decided not to file felony charges against Kanye West and his manager in regard to a recent arrest at LAX in which a paparazzo’s camera was broken. According to the Associated Press, prosecutors have yet to decide whether or not they will charge West with a misdemeanor. West was arrested on September 11, click here if you haven’t read about it, after he and his manager became involved in an altercation with a paparazzo, resulting in the rapper struggling with the photog before smashing the flash to his camera on the floor.

This should be a notice to all paparazzi, paparazzo, and whatever else they call those stalkers. Sometimes, you just gotta get the f*ck out of the way and let a brother be. If you don’t, you are at risk for getting your ass whooped, and having the judge say, “you deserved it!” Don’t stop there, Yeezy, push the limits of the law even further…


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  • Nurse GiGi

    Haha. Kanye Wildin’

  • DDub

    I don’t know, you don’t wild out in the friggin’ airport, he got to get something for that.

  • mrz. jeezy

    fourth…i think…i hope…lol but real tlk, dem damn paparazzi’s will drive a person crazy but at the same time, it comes with the “celeb” territory!

  • BeReal

    @JJJ – I agree he got away with this shove but let us not make this a habit!

    The Pap has to know their limits also!

  • jime

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  • anonymous

    Go Kanye!

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Well if Kelz got off, then you know Kanye would too.

  • anonymous

    Sorry i only date my own race but thanks for the info!

  • Savvy

    his clothing always looks so small on him. like the sleeves to that jacket should not fit like that…

  • Crustbetweenmytoes

    I think he should sue the camera man. Cant stand em. Always trying to take my picture.

  • shockwave

    Is it me or are in some of these pictures, Yeezy is lookin kinda gayish…

  • boo boo

    I think he shoud be charged. these celebs would not be famous if it were not for the paps, I don’t care how creative you are. If no one is there to catalog it, you don’t exist. the dominoe effect would be that you tube, and websites such as this would not be interesting without pics. also, these so called celebs need to understand that they cannot have the celebrity without all that comes with it….including having yr picture taken when you don’t want to. without the paps, they are nobody just like us. He forgot they made him famous. no one should take his pic for a year and what his gay azz act up for attention.

  • GSB


  • noelle

    Yeezy I ate some brocolli and now my stomach is queezy

  • jihua

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  • Puzzled

    I don’t get it…why would you call out paparazzi like they’re stalkers and terrible people when a key part of your business is talking about and showing the pictures they take?

  • always knew

    I’m glad that he got off. They should make more laws to protect the stars. You souldn’t be able to be in their face every 5 minutes. Yes, they do have a responsibility to their public, but this has gone to a whole new level..I’m glad Ye stays felony free…Make sure you take your bodyguard, or try to stay out of the pulic eye, if you don;t watched to be snapped..Stay out his face maybe you won’t get hurt. He definitely needs to hurry up and file a suit gainst them, before they get ANY ideas….Good luck Kanye! Don’t break no more cameras!….

  • Sho-Mo

    So glad he won’t be a felon so he can vote and thangs but really he needs to chill with the acting out. I can’t imagine how his Ma’s death has impacted continues to impact this only child but try therapy or working out or something. Call Jesus but don’t end up in jail or another “example” for the rest of us

  • Rob

    A model name Baje did Kanye’s last video (love lock down). its ironic that he sings “Gold Digger” and she wrote the book “A Gold Digger’s Guide” Coincidence?

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