Diddy Says You Just Don’t Understand… Then Gives Kim Porter Hope

- By Bossip Staff

Oh wait. Y’all thought Diddy was really hurt? Just cuz Jay Electronica’s Bromance with Jigga Man is gonna actually make them some bread? Diddy tricked you!

This morning he started out the day by stealing Jay Electronica’s moment some more.

And when that didn’t get him enough twitter love, Diddy threw in these little announcements.

Before you get as hyped as Kim Porter did when she read that, head over to BossipTwitter.com for the rest of Diddy’s apology and the big reveal about his nuptials.

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  • nana

    “I also became a vegan today”???!!! PAUSE* that’s that mean he’s not eatin cooch anymore??? Nicca bye

    • cellie

      Liar, Liar, he meant what he said in the first tweet, tweets don’t lie.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    i love how people throw that word around (vegan). there are very few TRUE vegans out there. it’s not just giving up meat, it’s a whole lifestyle! further proof that he is a dumba$$!! and he wonders why his boy didn’t want to sign with him…

    • oh my god

      man pull the stick out ya as- it is not that serious . any fool should have know diddy was just lieing.

    • that damn sh#$ disturber

      that’s all he does is lie. no stick up my a$$. so get off his d!ck groupie!

  • Pleeezzz

    I love his new song!

  • MyReason

    We’ve heard this from Diddy before-Kim needs to dump his a**…he says he’s gonna marry her every other year, then has a new baby every time..

  • Joey

    it’s clearly a joke… being vegan means you don’t eat any animal byproducts … eggs, milk, meat, and anything made with eggs, milk, or meat is completely deleted from you’re diet.

  • http://Bossip Tiki Barber

    That sound you hear is Kim Porter being pulled off a ledge and all sharp objects being taken away from her ! Now back to your regular schedule program of ” DIDDY bull sheet and di*cking around !

    • the truth is.....


  • Jayonce

    Kim…don’t hold your breath!

  • nikemy

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  • !!!!!


  • Candid Canuck

    thought kim was dating that young actor? ahh. that explains Diddy’s rant. certified Bia right atcha doe. lol

  • A Mess

    Over diddy and his harem of concubines. Pathetic.

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  • mstexaz

    I’ll believe it when I see it…

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com/ Attorneymom

    Congrats…. I think? Blank stare.

  • bsly6

    Why are vegans acting as if they are better because they don’t eat meat.Something still has to die in order for you to live herbivor.I am an omnivor myself.

  • http://u bklynlady

    diddy is lame. Period. End of story.

  • Brooks

    Sick of this stupid 40 year old boy he needs to act like a man for once in his life.


    P Shytti is a Black Boule Puppet for TPTB. He doesn’t give a damn about our struggle! “


    TRYNA ACT LIKE HE STILL POSSESS A SOUL. Ni@@a you been let the industry infiltrate yo azz. But Shytti if your reading this I would like to inform you that NIBIRU IS HERE. TPTB know this also, that’s why they’re doing everything in their power to stop THE ASCENSION. MY PEOPLE LISTEN UP, research Planet X.

  • Miss c

    I heard he has been on the down low since the Mace days he likes the boys and the girls
    sean John is not the business

  • bb

    At least he dates and have kids w/black women… Got to give him credit for that.

  • @mandi


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