Where Are Our Parents? Two Of Kate Gosselin’s Bad Azz 6-Year-Olds Get Kicked Out Of School

- By Bossip Staff

So it turns out all this being on T.V. all their lives, retarded father, more retarded divorce and having mommy fly back and forth to dance with the stars hasn’t left all of the Gosselin sextuplets well adjusted. Please try not to let the shock disrupt your afternoon too much.

Two of the six little cash cows that got Kate Gosselin caked up are now being home-schooled, because their behavior was a bit more than their school wanted to deal with.

According to People and In Touch magazines, two of Jon and Kate Gosselin’s eight children have been expelled from their private school in Pennsylvania.

Both magazines cited unnamed sources.

The reports say Collin and Alexis Gosselin, both 6, are now being home-schooled. The pair’s “rage issues” at school stemmed from filming the family’s TLC reality series “Kate Plus 8,” the In Touch source said.

“They’ve fought with their peers, called them nasty names and made fun of other kids,” the source said.

People’s source, however, said “The situation is being grossly overstated.”

“The kids are going through a challenging time, but Kate doesn’t feel this is something that should be discussed publicly. It is a private matter,” the People source said.

Since when does this woman consider anything about her kids to be a private matter?


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  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    This doesn’t surprise me, when there are mulitple children of same/similar ages, there’s bound to be at least one in the group with problems of aggression.

  • ladytroublesome

    Somehow I knew Alexis would be one of them.

  • sh

    I am so tired of people dogging this chick out. So unless someone wants to give her money to take care of all those damn kids, since her man is trying his best to stop her from doing, then please send her some, I am sure she would gladly stay home and take care of them.

    • whatever

      if this skank hasn’t saved money from what she has made to raise these kids then she more effed up than we thought

    • BBabi

      I agree with you. Even with the “best” parents you’re going to have issues with a child or two. This is a waste of print. And people will grow up to do what they do. There are privileged kids who are addicts and kids of addicts who are amazing people. Ugh! Shame on you folks.

    • tommykimon

      No one told her to have all them damn kids either. She already had twins before she went back and got knocked up with six more kids. Because of that she deserves a TV show? Come on.

  • nana

    @RHONYC u crack me UP wit ur comments! Love it

    • RHONYC

      tee-hee. 🙂

  • if anything be noble

    EXPELLED? From SCHOOL? And your butt is 6?! Da HECK do you have to do to be expelled from first grade? That’s some heavy duty coloring outside the lines action. Oh. They made fun of the other kids? Well, ok… but only 2 of them were expelled so like 900 of them are left in school. Go Rest of the Gosselin 900! Get your first grade on. #folkhaveentirelytoomanychillun

  • Matix B

    Can’t stand her little ching chong babies, they RUDE as faqing hell. I dare one of them to come in my house talking like that; Kate is a waste of space too, with her OCD azz. Faq you have 8 kids, you must be stressed but simmer the faq down, before your deranged kids turn on you. I like the new Hispanic couple with 6 kids I believe; they are so loving and happy!

    • RHONYC

      ‘ch**g ch**g’…really?

      that wack a*z slur went out with stealin’ Lee patches & gazellee frames.

      boo. 😦

  • MissMelly

    This is what happens when the father is not present. It’s bad enough trying to raise one on your own, but 8 would try anybody.

    • Delight23

      Actually they had TWO dads. She kept his nads in her purse. 🙄

      For the longest she left the kids with “handlers” while she was out shopping her book and doing appearances.

      These little buggers were as much of a meal ticket for her as they were for their other Dad. 😐

  • !!!!!


  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Those kids have SEEN too much, EXPERIENCED 2 much, HEARD 2 much, been EXPOSED to too much. Their dad is a major DOUCHEBAG.

  • rosshell

    first thing is she knows nothing they do will be private that show have never came out of her mouth. secondly when they get in there 20’s on up if they do something bad it will be told

  • missme!!!!!!!!!

    She didn’t choose to have 8 kids, it’s something that happened, what was she supposed to do, she said they were trying for 1 more child and found out they were pregnant with 6……should she have aborted them since there were too many….people and there stupid comments, u know nothing about the struggle of raising children. If u could get a reality show to make money, u probably would!

  • http://www.zooped.com/2010/12/05/those-bad-a-gosselin-bebe-kids-are-killing-christmas-for-everybody/ Zooped.com - Those Bad A** Gosselin Bebe Kids Are Killing Christmas For Everybody

    […] You don’t have to be a child psychologist to know that Kate & Jon Gosselin kids aren’t well adjusted. Shoot, we saw that when two of the sextuplets got kicked out of school. […]

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