Random Ridiculousness: Crazy Broad Tries To Slice Tattoo Of Her Name Off Her Boyfriend’s Neck

- By Bossip Staff

This is comedy:

Following an argument with her boyfriend, a knife-wielding Nebraska woman allegedly attempted to cut off a tattoo of her name from the man’s neck, cops charge.

Tressa Amerson, 19, was jailed Friday night on a domestic assault charge following an altercation with Ronald Miner at his residence in Lincoln. Miner, 30, suffered “minor scratches” during the incident, according to a police report. Amerson is pictured in the mug shot at right.

A probable cause affidavit notes that Miner told officers that he and Amerson “had been having ongoing relationship problems for the past week.” The incident Friday, he added, was triggered when Amerson became upset because “she believed he ‘broke her car.’”

Miner said Amerson “grabbed a knife and attempted to cut the tattoo of her name off his neck.” A cop reported that Miner had the name “Tressa” inked on the left side of his neck, and that he “observed what appeared to be two scratch marks that ran across the tattoo.” Miner is pictured here in a mug shot snapped last month following his bust for an outstanding bench warrant.

When questioned by police, Amerson denied assaulting Miner, saying that she had “been sleeping all day.” Cops recovered a small paring knife from the living room floor, reporting that “this was believed to be the knife used.”

Amerson was booked into the Lancaster County jail, where she remains in custody pending a court hearing scheduled for this afternoon.

In an interview, Miner told TSG that he got the 2” x 2” “Tressa” tattoo in late-July and has been dating Amerson for about a year. Asked if he considered Amerson his girlfriend, Miner replied, “kinda, sorta, not really,” before adding, “she’s pretty crazy.”

His dumba$s has to be just as crazy for getting her crazy a$s name permanently tatted on his neck!! SMH. For real.


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  • Psunny

    Ppl who actually tattoo their lovers names on themselves are LAME.-it will always end in a break up

  • MissPerfect

    look @ that precious face does she look like she would do such a thing? ..the real crazy one is her boyfriend who has a tattao of her name

  • The Ugly Truth

    How much u wana bet they will be back togetha by Xmas?!!!

    (I woulda said Thanksgiving, but im not sure she will make the bond by then)

  • nana

    @The Ugly Truth ur sooo right! I was thinking thanksgivin weekend

  • E.C. from D.C.

    Damn girl I’ve wanted to do that too (off his chest) but I didn’t do it, it’s okay sometimes to think crazy just don’t do it.

  • Nia

    My ex wanted 2 get my name tatted on his neck 🙂 haha

  • Illuminate Truth "the strong rule the weak but the wise rule the strong"

    Those are the stats you never hear….and a little over 70% of drug users of any kind are white also…90% of people locked up for drug posession are black or latino. I feel where you going with it brah.


    It’s her name she just wanted it back..

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