Are You Feelin’ Ruby Red RihRih’s Longer Locks?

- By Bossip Staff

RihRih continues to stubbornly stick with red hair, but at least she’s been switching it up. The singer debuted a longer look today. It kind of reminds us of Marilyn Manson. Do you think it’s better or worse than how she looked before?

RihRih also performed live for MTV’s “The Seven” this afternoon. Check out more performance and candid shots below:

Fame Pictures/SplashNews

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  • Mieshalover

    She looks like one of the X-men, but it’s funky i like!

    • kalifa

      i’m not particularly fond of ri-ri but i like this weave waaay better than the other nappy one. this one still looks cheap but maybe its the color.

      i like 🙂

  • nikki88

    and it just got worse.
    like i said in the other post..the darker red was better..not great, but better, and the length is just too much, maybe if it wasnt pin straight and had some wave it would be better..but nah this hair is not cute.

  • what?

    Why do people make randomly negative comments that have nothing to do with anything is ur life that empty and sad what makes someone a tramp having two or three PROOVEN boyfriends at 22 years old??? Smfh ppl are sad… The hair is weirdly cute imo btw

  • ProudBajanGem

    she is making money and living it up she does care what you or I think so stop hating life goes on

  • ProudBajanGem

    ppl RiRi does not care what anyone say ,and if she does it will fade as soon as the cheque arrives, she is still blowing it up Big Hail RiRi don’t hate ppl

    • kalifa

      she does care what haters think and say. she writes songs addressing us to “prove” that she doesnt care ….but she does.

      if we hadn’t hated there would be no “Hard” for you to waste your money on.

      in fact she cares more about her haters than her fans. we inspire her. i’ve never heard her write a song saying anything about her fans 😦 she only addresses the people who mean something to her. the haters 🙂

    • PLUNTa

      she thinks she the *it* right now and acts like she dont care but what will hapen when the checks stop coming they usual beg the public an ask 4 attention i’ve seen it with sooo many past famous artist

  • I love love an Asian Man

    Loving it … her styles is evolution!!!

    • Tired of Bossip

      She’s doing the same thing Charlie Baltimore did years ago. What the hell are you talking about? what evolution?

    • PLUNTa

      yall idoits act like rih is the 1st trick to dye her hair red, like yall never seen b1tchez with a red wig?? WTF is evolution jarkrase

    • I love love an Asian Man

      Correction!!! … I can name countless 70s, 80s and 90s Rock & Roll Goddess who rock the ‘RED’ hair color way before Charlie Baltimore [… like Steven Nicks of Fleetwood Mac (who Beyonce sample the beat to Bootylicious) the Runaways – the first all female rock band].

      Rhianna is evolution this present in time, because other artist is stuck in the norm. Her sense of styles is a breath of fresh air.

  • purple love

    Lmao this bish is sittin back laughn at haters somewhere cuz the more they hate the more extreme she go with it do u N make u happy rih f*ck erbody else

  • kay

    i like it. those boots r hot

  • Enigma

    Her hair really takes away from her attractive face. Dislike!

    • mskim59

      THANK U!!! she looks so much better when it’s short!

  • joyrptr

    The wig itself looks better longer, not as Bozo-ish as the short and curly one. That particular do just doesn’t work with Ri Ri, though. Makes her forehead look twice as big.

  • MissPerfect

    the hair looks way better ..

  • L.A.

    Rihanna looks cute. She started off with long girl but not that color.

  • Pooperscooper

    No No No. Rihanna you know i love you girl but this hair is not the bizzness..She just wants to wear this red in every possible imaginable way, she’s done it all with the medium length, now she’s moving on to long. I was just getting used to the short one…Not cool Rhi

  • Pooperscooper

    And I think her hair is kinda damaged, I mean what hair wouldn’t be after all that processing. But you can kinda tell that her natural hair is sparse. 😦

    • nikki88

      kinda damaged?
      a few years ago i put in a handful of red streaks in my hair..and the up keep to keep the bright killed my hair…i cant only imagine what the hell shes done to her natural hair.

  • Allie

    I knew it wouldn’t be long before she went back to long hair, i felt like the short hair was just a phase

  • leah

    i like it better this way, at least she doesnt look like raggedy anne anymore

  • Jessie

    Lol at the haters!! Let’s see Ri is 22 and living her dreams and living her life to the fullest. Typical hater!! Sitting in the hood somewhere trying to figure out how to pay the light bill but hating on someone else and wonder why THEIR life is so miserable. SMDH!!

  • Angelface

    Did anybody notice her necklace says “f*** you”? That’s what she has to say to your comments! LMBO

  • Brandi

    Ok I’m liking the straight red hair on Rih Rih. I noticed the necklace. LMAO. This broad is crazy.

  • BreezyBeEasy

    Cute. I rocked a similar look in HS so I fuggs w/ it, but I do think short hair compliments her more.

  • http://facebook Armani Summer

    She looks like Roger Rabbit’s wife

    • tommykimon

      Roger that, Lol

  • Lawd da Mercy

    I’m not really diggin the red too much but I see why she let the short haircut go…everybody and their 8year old jacked that style.

  • kitty kat

    I like it not everyone can pull it off sheis not a wall flower it fits her image and style! !!!!

  • siyt

    reminds me of Ariel….the little mermaid. and shes a Pisces so its convient. its just doesnt look healthy . but she can do what ever she want. she gives a fu<k what anyone thinks. so more power to her. lol

  • Nathan Lake


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