Bolitics: Clarence Thomas’ Wife Swirling Ginnie Resigns Her Position With Shady Tea Party Activist Group

- By Bossip Staff

Virginia Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has officially decided to remove herself from the organization which she created. Liberty Central is a conservative group that has aligned itself with the crazy-a** Tea Party, and has come under intense scrutiny over the past months due to conflict of interest as well as questions in regards to generous anonymous contributions.

Funded primarily by two secret donors, whose identities were concealed by new practices set forth in the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, Thomas’s group was immediately injected with more than half-a-million dollars, which propelled it to the forefront of conservative activism, but not without significant concern that the anonymous status of Liberty Central’s benefactors could potentially complicate future rulings by Justice Thomas.

And if you missed it the first time, peep game, not only is this lil heffa practicing some suspect political behavior, she had the NERVE to hit up Anita Hill and ask her to APOLOGIZE for accusing her husband of sexual harrassment back in 1991.

B*TCH PLEASE! Why the hell would Anita apologize to your triflin-a** husband and make it seem like she was just making all those accuastions up??? Go sit ‘cho silly a** down somewhere!

Stepping down from the group was definitely the right thing to do, but somebody better keep an eye on Shady a*s Virginia and Uncle Clarence Thomas because we have a feeling they know good and well who made the anonymous donations and that they were dead wrong doing so — after all if she wasn’t up to treachery why is she so nervous about the attention that she’d step down from her own organization?

Just sayin’!


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  • Butterscotch™

    It’s about time she sat her a.s.s. down. Bye, heffa!

  • God's Angel

    Things that make you go…HHMMM

  • Keira

    Never Really Understood the anger towards Clarence Thomas. What is it?

    • Mic

      Honey, you need to get at least one clue. If you don’t know the issue people have with Uncle Thomas you must have been living under a rock, and not seen or read any political analysis at all. It’s a wrap.

  • nikemy

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