Nick Cannon Wants Us To Believe He’s A Big Boy Who Makes His Own Money And Isn’t Suckling Mariah’s Teat

- By Bossip Staff

Ever since Goof Troop Cannon and Mariah were wed we had the sneaky suspicion that perhaps the young bol was siphoning money out of the ol head. Nonetheless, Nick tries to convince us otherwise in this interview with the Wall Street Journal where he discusses his “investment strategy”.

“…I would always say, always invest in land. That’s what I was always taught, and that is a great investment, especially in a time of recession.”

Oh yeah? Try telling that to the people who invested in real estate to “flip” houses and ended up flat broke! This clown goes on to say:

“…it’s almost better to invest in yourself, and invest in your passions, uh, and that’s what I started to do. I started investing into my own company. And when you do that, and when you invest in your own passions, OTHER people will invest into your passions”

Translation: “I had figured sheeeeeeeeit, why spend my money when I can just find me a lonely cougar who will break bread wit a n*gga in exchange for some of this Cannon”

In regards to keeping his brand authentic, and unique Nick says:

“The buying market and the public, the consumer, they know when something’s phony…”

This guy is making this WAY too easy. Yeah, Nick we DEFINITELY know when “somethings phony” i.e. Your acting, rapping, producing, your wife’s breasts, and the delusional idea that she’s still 25, all seem to be a little bit how you saaaay…fugazi.

Ok, maybe he had something with “Wild’n Out”, but what qualifies Mr. Carey to be giving out advice about what to do with your money? We wouldn’t exactly call THIS a good use of funds, nor THIS.


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