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Obama did his first interview since the Friday night debate with MTV:

Friday night’s often-testy debate with Republican nominee John McCain, specifically McCain’s repeated assertions that his experience makes him the stronger candidate and that Obama “just doesn’t understand” the complexities of issues like foreign policy and the economy.

“I don’t get taken aback by that kind of stuff. The problem was, every time he said it, when he tried to follow it up with an actual statement about policy or his positions about what it was he presumably understood or did ‘get,’ it didn’t make much sense,” Obama told MTV News’ Sway Calloway. “If you look at Iraq, for example, the question was asked, ‘What lessons have you learned?’ and his lesson was ‘Well, we should just stay.’ Well, that’s not a policy. … The question was ‘Should we have gone?’ He says that because he doesn’t have a record to defend himself. We’ve become accustomed in our politics to folks just being able to make stuff up — it’s one of the few areas of public life where the standards somehow are lowered in terms of what you say about other people,” he continued. “For example, he suggested that I’m talking about raising everybody’s taxes, when every analyst has shown I’m actually calling for a tax cut for 95 percent of [American] families.”

“I am talking cutting the taxes for Nurses, Bus Drivers, Cops….not for big time MTV host.”

We thought McCain was trying to mask his true beliefs, knowing that the general public will say “F*ck you”. His decrepit pasty ass did not deal with the questions, and he can lie like a rug. Our next President does not go for manipulation, and fabricated lies on where he stands with his policies.

“F*ck McCain!”

Go here to read the full article, and see the Vidwhere Obama talks about how proud he is of Hip Hop….




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